[Alliance] Chapter Four: Session Twelve

Appearing Characters: Aramar Thorne, Baine Bloodhoof, Belysra Starbreeze, Broll Bearmantle, Doru Thunderhorn, Elissa Cross, Li Li Stormstout, Magatha Grimtotem, Makasa Flintwill, Mera Mistrunner, Remnii, Reno Jackson, Riff, Samaara, Seria, Syeori Sunwalker, Tae'shara Sunwatcher, Tol'vas Moonshadow, Uther Menethil, Velameestra Windrunner, Wulf

June 7th

As the group prepares to return to Camp Taurajo, Vel looks back to the corpse of the dragon after some consideration.

Velameestra Windrunner says: We should destroy her skull as a precaution. That way if her body is found information can’t be retrieved in the same way we did.
Uther Menethil says: You’ll find no argument from me.

Vel looks over to Wulf.

Velameestra Windrunner says: If you would like to do the honors.
Wulf says: Gladly.

Wulf approaches Uther and holds his hand out for his hammer.

Wulf says: Let me see that for a second.
Uther Menethil says: By all means!

Uther hands it over, and Wulf hefts it around, and then brings it down on the dragon’s skull, shattering it. He takes a few other swings and pulverizes it even further. Wulf looks at it, nods, and then hands the hammer back to Uther.

Wulf says: Not bad.
Uther Menethil says: I would hope so. It has served my family well.

Elissa had turned away from the violent display, and the group goes back to finish up other business before beginning their journey to Dalsh-Beran.

June 8th

The next morning, Vel had awoken from her rest to further analyze one of the vials of blood she had acquired. She looks at it with some degree of focus, but as the spell finishes, her eyes widen, and she looks up from the vial of Wulf’s blood she was analyzing, her eyes still containing traces of the magenta hue, and she looks first at Wulf, then to Uther, and then back to Wulf again.

Velameestra Windrunner says: ...You’ve got to be kidding me.
Uther Menethil says: What’s the matter?

Vel looks to Uther, and then back to Wulf again.

Velameestra Windrunner says: Your true name is Arthas Menethil.
Uther Menethil says: That’s not possible.
Velameestra Windrunner says: It’s what the spell said.
Wulf says: Is that supposed to mean something?
Uther Menethil says: Something had to have gone wrong. The blood must have been contaminated. The spell must have… misfired. That’s not possible.
Velameestra Windrunner says: If you want me to do another trial, I can, but I assure you I did it correctly.
Uther Menethil says: Of... course you did. H… how? How could this be?

Vel looks at Uther, and then to ‘’’Arthas’’’, who looks whopping confused as he has no idea what this name means.

Velameestra Windrunner says: The… Arthas we rescued may not have been the actual Arthas.
Uther Menethil says: B… but how? Unless… a simulacrum?

Vel’s eyes flicker back and forth for a moment.

Velameestra Windrunner says: It could have been a simulacrum, it could have been… Seria, you were healing him, weren’t you?

Seria nods.

Velameestra Windrunner says: Did the healing take? Did you see?
Seria says: From what I could tell it was working.
Velameestra Windrunner says: Riff, did you remember anything off? I know there was a lot going on, but did you see anything strange about the other man that looked like Uther?
Riff says: Um… dere was a lot going on. I didn’t see anything…
Velameestra Windrunner says: Simulacrums can’t be healed. Not that way...

Uther stares intently at Wulf, but it’s hard to say. There’s a lot of grime in his hair, and his has a beard. But his eyes are the right color. Vel also looks for specific features she recalls, but she couldn’t say for certain unless Wulf cleaned up.

Wulf says: Will someone catch me up on this? Who the hell is Arthas?
Velameestra Windrunner says: Arthas Menethil is the king of the human kingdom of Lordaeron--
Uther Menethil says: And my father.

Wulf’s mouth opens for a moment, and his brow furrows.

Wulf says: … You’re kidding me.
Uther Menethil says: If only.
Wulf says: So you’re trying to tell me I was some sort of king? Before all of this?
Remnii says: Arthas was taken prisoner by black dragons…
Uther Menethil says: Not just a king. An incredible king. And an even better father.
Wulf says: ...shit. What the hell.
Velameestra Windrunner says: ...and now also a worgen.
Wulf says: Yeah. Getting all sorts of good news, aren’t I? This is a lot to take in. And you’ll forgive me for being a bit skeptical. We sure this is the right Arthas?
Tol'vas Moonshadow says: Couldn’t someone else have the same name?
Velameestra Windrunner says: ….There’s a very easy way to confirm that if you’re receptive to shaving the beard off.
Wulf says: Not like I’ve had much opportunity to do so. I was on the run until I was captive, then ran into all of you. Sure. If we find a stream or something in this Mulgore place. If it’ll give you peace of mind, it’s the least I can do. But seems more likely to me your magic got messed up, Vel. I don’t seem the kingly type.
Velameestra Windrunner says: No, but your memories also got wiped.

Wulf grits his teeth, unable to refute her completely rational point.

Wulf says: Well… I guess we’ll just have to see about that, won’t we?

Vel subconsciously puts her hand on Uther’s arm. He responds by placing his hand over hers and giving it a small squeeze.

Uther Menethil says: I have to go clear my head.

He walks a distance away from camp, and then drops to his knees, screams, and starts crying.

Elissa goes over to Vel, looking after Uther.

Elissa Cross says: Do you think he’ll be alright?
Velameestra Windrunner says: ...It’s a lot to process.

Elissa glances back over to Wulf, who is packing up his stuff with a sort of mindless quality. He almost seems to be triple-checking his things, which is something he has not done before.

Elissa Cross says: Is that really him?
Velameestra Windrunner says: It’s less impossible than I’d like to say. Unless I… made a major error, but I don’t think I did.

Elissa puts a hand on Vel’s shoulder and looks out after Uther, and there is an unspoken question of “but what does this mean for back home?” The lower half of Vel’s face had disappeared beneath her hand, as the same question is clearly on her mind.

Velameestra Windrunner says: ...um.

Vel also looks after Uther, seemingly considering for a moment.

Velameestra Windrunner says: Shit.

She breaks away from Elissa to go after Uther. He was alone for a few minutes, but as Vel approaches from behind, she puts a hand on his back. At this point, it seems that Uther had calmed down a bit.

Uther Menethil says: It feels like we keep losing. I thought at least we had saved my father, but all we did was succeed in putting an imposter on the throne.
Velameestra Windrunner says: But we found him. On another continent. One we otherwise wouldn’t have been on. We’ll figure this out.
Uther Menethil says: I don’t like being angry, Vel… I have spent my life learning what it means to be a servant of the Light, and I have done everything I can to uphold those virtues, and in this moment, I would gladly see my soul torn asunder if it would wipe the black dragons from the face of our world. I would laugh as it happened. And I know that mother, and my father, and Uther, and the rest of my family would be ashamed of that, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting it.
Velameestra Windrunner says: There’s… an astute difference between what you think, and what you want, and what you do. And I don’t see you as someone that will go on a black dragon genocide, no matter how much you want it. You won’t let yourself.
Uther Menethil says: By the time such a thing becomes possible, you’re probably right. But all I feel right now is despair and hatred.

Vel walks around in front of Uther and crouches down.

Velameestra Windrunner says: I… don’t know if this will help you like it helps me… but…

She holds up her hand and she starts making rhythmic, practiced motions, almost as if she was casting a spell, or doing some sort of sign language. Uther had seen her do it before, normally when she was stressed, and it was frequently accompanied with illusory runes that she seemed to be manipulating, but now it was simply the motions.

Velameestra Windrunner says: Sometimes, just going through patterns… it can help focus on the familiar. Until your mind can catch up. Maybe it’ll help…

Uther sniffles and holds up his hand to mimic the gestures.

Velameestra Windrunner says: Just focus on what you’re doing.

Uther gets through a repetition or two before the tears come back and he just reaches out and pulls Vel into a big, tight hug as he starts to cry again. Vel hugs him back, just running her hand over his back as she allows him to hold onto her for as long as he needs.

After a few moments, Uther lets go and pulls back.

Uther Menethil says: Thank you, Vel.
Velameestra Windrunner says: We’ll figure this out.
Uther Menethil says: We will. We always do.

Vel offers a humorless smile and stands up, offering Uther a hand to help him up as well. He takes it and stands with her, and the two start to head back to camp.

As the duo returns to the group, the rest of the party gathers up their things and starts to head into the grasslands. Uther is very quiet, and Wulf, similarly, is traveling a small distance from the group.

They pass tauren on the road, astride kodo beasts and the like. They look at the group curiously, and some offer them a friendly greeting.

The cliffs open into the broad plains of Mulgore, and they hear a trickle of water along a small waterfall that goes from the cliffs and mesas above into a small stream. The group opt to take their lunch here so Wulf can shave, and without a word, Wulf does go off to ride closer to the stream. He dives into the water.

Tol’vas goes into some detail explaining to Remnii how to tell if someone is infected with the worgen curse, as well as the window of time it can be treated.

Remnii takes the information in and thinks hard about the wound she had seen on Wulf. In the meanwhile, Vel had joined them at the urging of Remnii.

Remnii says: I simply think that I have gotten so used to warrior types that don’t wish to be touched… I wish I had known how potent the curse was. I know we spoke of it.
Tol'vas Moonshadow says: I didn’t know I was infectious in that form.
Velameestra Windrunner says: Well. I’m glad we discovered that, at least.
Remnii says: Bit late, I’m afraid.
Tol'vas Moonshadow says: I apologize for that.
Remnii says: We are not the ones we need to apologize to.

Remnii’s eyes shift over to the weary Uther and also Wulf in the distance.

Velameestra Windrunner says: Forgive me as I wasn’t present for the actual combat, but why was it deemed a good idea to take that form in the first place if it isn’t something that can be controlled?
Tol'vas Moonshadow says: I wasn’t trying to.
Velameestra Windrunner says: You… weren’t trying to take the form of the pack?

Tol’vas shakes his head and Vel runs a hand down her face.

Velameestra Windrunner says: So… is that something we need to be concerned with then? That you’ll just… take that form and attack? Unprovoked? From how you were talking it was something you chose to take...just uncontrollable once taken.
Tol'vas Moonshadow says: You realize he was swinging an axe, right?
Velameestra Windrunner says: And I was under the impression that the arena fights weren’t meant to be lethal in the first place.
Tol'vas Moonshadow says: They were still fights and he was still swinging a weapon. Everything was still potentially lethal.
Velameestra Windrunner says: So any fight we get into. Any whatsoever. This is now a concern we have, then?

Tol’vas sighs.

Tol'vas Moonshadow says: Yes, anytime I push too far I could potentially lose control.

Vel sighs in exasperation.

Velameestra Windrunner says: Fantastic!
Tol'vas Moonshadow says: Which is why I’m working on it.
Velameestra Windrunner says: What specifically triggers it then? There’s a lot that can encompass being pushed too far. What specifically does it?
Tol'vas Moonshadow says: The biggest emotional trigger is rage.
Velameestra Windrunner says: So whenever you get angry, there’s a chance you may become a giant wolf.

Vel looks over to Remnii, as if gauging if Remnii is going to say anything, but Remnii just silently looks back to Vel.

Velameestra Windrunner says: Then I guess the first step is to control tempers.
Tol'vas Moonshadow says: Yeah, and that’s a 700 year old lesson for me.
Velameestra Windrunner says: ...And it’s still a problem after 700 years?

Tol’vas grits his teeth hard, as if snarling.

Tol'vas Moonshadow says: Yes. Some people are built different.

Vel’s lips tighten.

Velameestra Windrunner says: Frankly, Tol’vas, after everything that has gone on here, beyond the fact that we are for the most part unanimously good people, what is actually preventing us from just leaving you somewhere so we don’t need to deal with this?
Tol'vas Moonshadow says: Nothing. If that is your conclusion, then leave. Or I will leave.

Vel glances at Remnii again, who continues to watch carefully.

Velameestra Windrunner says: It’s not just my decision. But as it stands, the balance of merit over risk is rapidly tilting one way over the other. Kilnar said you were the best guide we had, but we have another one now too.
Tol'vas Moonshadow says: Then what exactly would you have me do?
Velameestra Windrunner says: Frankly, I don’t know. But at this point, this entire situation has now infected the king of a foreign nation. And Uther’s father. Not to mention the political ramifications of having you with us that we are going to need to deal with with your own people if we are protecting you. Ramifications on top of those we already need to deal with. Why did you pursue this form in the first place? I was under the impression that was a choice. One that your people warned you against.
Tol'vas Moonshadow says: Because we, like so many others, were arrogant enough to think we could control it where no one else could. And it got me imprisoned for 9000 years.
Remnii says: I think that’s enough for now. Accountability is important. The deeper we go north, Tol’vas we will need you to be able to hold yourself accountable for what happens. If that comes with anger management, very well, I will be happy to try and help you. We are already here. And also, now, we will need you to be able to help him--

She points off in the direction Wulf had disappeared into.

Remnii says: In whatever capacity you can.

Tol’vas nods.

Tol'vas Moonshadow says: Control isn’t easy, but it’s possible.
Remnii says: Then, in that case, we push forward. Vel has her research from before, and even if you wish to distance yourself, you are now irrevocably involved with this group. Thus the first step is, even if you are built different, that is not an excuse. It will not be perfect, but we have to try.
Tol'vas Moonshadow says: I did not say it was an excuse.
Remnii says: I don’t know how you take it, thus I am going to cover my bases. There are two worgen in the group now, thus tempers are going to flare. He is as volatile as you at points, it seems. So, learning to walk away--my apologies if I came off that way, being built differently may not be an excuse, but that does not mean we can’t work on it and be better.
Tol'vas Moonshadow says: Like I said, 700 year old lesson.
Remnii says: Well. Now we can be on day one of a new string of attempts. If the old ways did not work, we can look at other solutions. That is my thought for now. Tol’vas, later on, either today or tomorrow, will you speak with me more in-depth on what has been done with the pack form in the past?
Tol'vas Moonshadow says: I can tell you everything I remember.
Remnii says: We have to start somewhere. Vel, if you need space, go take a walk.
Velameestra Windrunner says: ...Right.

Vel turns to leave.

Tol'vas Moonshadow says: Vel, I have one question for you.

Vel’s ears flick faintly in tired acknowledgement.

Velameestra Windrunner says: By all means, Tol’vas.
Tol'vas Moonshadow says: Would you have cared this deeply if it wasn’t your friend’s father or a king?

Vel stops and turns again, looking quite irritated.

Velameestra Windrunner says: Honestly, probably not. The fact of the matter is, a wild man in the woods has a lot fewer repercussions than a king, and a father. Everyone prioritizes. I’m allowed to do the same.

Vel turns again and leaves to take a walk.

As Tol’vas and Remnii come back to the group, Seria catches Riff looking at Tol’vas, and he tilts his head to the side.

Riff is looking at Tol’vas and he tilts his head to the side.

Seria says: What are you looking at?
Riff says: Don’t you see it mada?
Seria says: See what?
Riff says: There’s a little thing. It looks like a little light. It’s following him around and things.

Seria doesn’t see anything, but she grabs her staff and uses truesight. She feels her eyes adjust and become almost draconic for a moment.

Lo-and-behold, she sees a small mote of light following behind Tol’vas. She recognizes it as a scrying censor.

Seria approaches.

Seria says: I don’t want to alarm you, but you’re being watched.

Tol’vas sighs.

Tol'vas Moonshadow says: In what way is that alarming?
Seria says: I mean you’re being scryed on.

Tol’vas sighs again.

Tol'vas Moonshadow says: Can you get rid of it?

Seria looks at it and uses dispel magic, and the sensor vanishes. Seria then looks to Riff.

Seria says: Let me know if you see any more of those.

Riff nods.

Riff says: Okay! I can do that!

He starts to look around at everyone rather conspicuously. He then gives Seria a thumbs up and goes back to looking around the area for other weird things.

Remnii tugs at her amulet of proof against detection.

Remnii says: Well, that was to be expected after they had an official run in with us. I wager that priestess of the moon?
Tol'vas Moonshadow says: Elune.
Remnii says: The priestess, given what I know, it’s likely she could scry. Not that I know that for sure.
Tol'vas Moonshadow says: I think you would know more than me.
Remnii says: I am a priestess of Aldor, it turns out. That being said, because we have been seen, I doubt this will be the last time this happens. There are two eredar, a highborne, and also you in one party, nonetheless a bunch of strangers. I am protected, and I believe Vel is too--or can be--but not everyone else is. Having official contact drawn to us has put us all at risk, so we must be prepared to deal with the ramifications of what happened. Including scrying.
Tol'vas Moonshadow says: I was afraid you would say that.
Remnii says: Between that, and Wulf… from the black dragons. Nonetheless me, we are a high priority group in a strange land with a lot of troubles. Thus we must try to work together, even with the tension. Things never get better immediately.
Tol'vas Moonshadow says: Tomorrow after we leave, I think I’ll talk to Wulf and get started on control.
Remnii says: I’ll be there if you need me. I always prepare calm emotions, though I hope I don’t need to use it. You and I should also talk about control as well. I don’t know what I can do, but I can try. Does that sound okay?
Tol'vas Moonshadow says: Yeah. Perhaps your people have a better technique than mine.
Remnii says: I cannot say. No harm in trying our best.

Remnii looks to Seria and Riff.

Remnii says: Thank you. I wager that will not be the last of those, but for now, we should figure out what is next.

Wulf then comes back, and he scratches at the back of his neck. He tosses a partially used bar of soap back at Elissa.

Wulf says: This stuff stinks, but I can’t deny it’s effective.

He had shaved off most of his beard. Though his skin is darker and covered with more calluses and dirt that might take more scrubbings, his hair is golden in the sunlight. If there were any doubts before, they were dispelled. He is clearly Arthas Menethil.

Wulf approaches Uther and sighs.

Wulf says: Judging from your reaction… I’m guessing I look like your father too, don’t I?

Uther sets his jaw and nods his head.

Wulf says: Huh.

Wulf shrugs.

Wulf says: I don’t know what that means. To be a father. Let alone a king. But seems I don’t know much.
Uther Menethil says: I understand.
Wulf says: But… we’ve got a few more hours until we reach this village, right? Why don’t you… I dunno. Tell me about it. Or something. If he’s so great, and if he’s supposed to be me, maybe it’ll jog something.
Uther Menethil says:I would be happy to.

The group heads off again towards Dalsh-Beran. Wulf is mostly quiet as Uther tells him stories about Arthas Menethil, and his family and loved ones, and he seems more attentive than he had ever been. There does not seem to be any recognition, but he occasionally chimes in.

Wulf says: So you’re telling me your mother is a powerful mage?
Uther Menethil says: Among the most powerful in the world.

There is a certain ‘you gotta be kidding me’ vibe to Wulf given he distrusts magic of any sort. Other key things Uther mentioned were the time he had saved Uther from wolves when he was younger (which Wulf found quite ironic), and what Arthas told him about Invincible, and the fact that when Uther took his own vows, he almost flubbed in the same spot Arthas had.

Wulf says: On top of all that… your father… is a knight?
Uther Menethil says: Not just a knight, but a paladin of the Silver Hand. This libram and hammer actually belonged to you.

There is something nice about talking to a man wearing Arthas’s face. Because he can brag about him to him directly, but it’s also simultaneously sad.

Before too long, they are within view of Dalsh-Beran.

Elissa Cross says: There it is!

They see some fishing boats on the horizon on a wider stream, and the settlement itself is surrounded by sharpened wooden palisades. Each of them seem to be a mural depicting a story of one of the clans.

Elissa’s eyes are wide in amazement.

Elissa Cross says: This is all amazing! It probably took them so long to do all this!

They see a gate as they approach, depicted with a single rolling meadow. They hear tauren calling back and forth to each other through taur-ahe.

Tauren Peacekeeper says [taur-ahe]: Open the gates! They have been deemed safe by the outrunners!

Thick hempen ropes strain, and the massive tree-like pillars of wood are lifted rather quickly. They see some other braves that appear to be on watch, and they have shoulder pads with colorful feathers, as well as a matching armband. It’s almost like a uniform.

Within the gates is a bustling bazaar of tents and stalls that are of dozens of different colors and designs. There are tauren walking between all of them, and there is a circle that goes off in each direction where tauren seem to live. They hear laughter and music, and there are different tribes and families coming together and sharing their culture. There are children with different painted markings on their faces, all running together.

And the largest structure in the center is a massive wooden totem that towers far above the palisades. There are smaller totems in each of the four corners of the settlement.

The guards look at the group curiously, as their group is the only non-tauren individuals in the place.

But they are welcomed in passable Darnassian and broken common.

Remnii says [tongues]: Thank you for opening your gates to us.

One of the tauren blinks, surprised and not understanding the intricacies of her magic.

Tauren Peacekeeper says [taur-ahe]: Of course! All are welcome in our gates as long as they come with peace in their hearts.
Remnii says [tongues]: Which we most certainly do.

They continue into the busy paths, and they see more of the tauren with multi-colored armbands which seem to be peacekeepers of sorts.

Broll bumps into a few people accidentally.

Broll Bearmantle says: I’ll find us somewhere safe to meet. Somewhere. Meet on the eastern end. I’ll try to carve a place to look for a meeting place. Sorry!

He apologizes as he bumps into someone else.

Broll Bearmantle says: But we can try to stay out of their way.
Remnii says: If anyone wants tongues, I can maybe offer a casting or two.
Tol'vas Moonshadow says: I know their language. I’m good.
Makasa Flintwill says: If anyone wants to come with me, I’ve picked up enough of their language I can maybe be a passable translator.
Velameestra Windrunner says: As long as they can speak Darnassian, I should be alright.

Tol’vas explains that most tauren do in fact speak Darnassian as it’s effectively the common of the continent before he goes off on his own.

Vel and Uther go off together, and Remnii uses tongues on Uther so he can understand as well.

Remnii says: Seria, would you wish to come, or are you going to go off on your own?

Seria opts to go after Broll and wait for the group to reconvene.

Aramar Thorne says: Lets try to find Broll in an hour! Once we’re done here, we can come together with what we found out.

The group disperses.

Remnii and Samaara allow themselves to be washed with the crowd, and she also notes some non-tauren. Namely, some goblins who are trying to trade with some tauren. Eventually, she is pointed towards a supplier who is a bit of a drop-off point for a lot of different supplies. His name was Doru of the Thunderhorn tribe.

He had dark chocolate-colored hair, and slightly lighter fur. Remnii and Samaara wait a short while before approaching.

Doru Thunderhorn says [taur-ahe]: Greetings! Strangers! I don’t think I’ve seen any like you before!
Remnii says [tongues]: Well, that answers one of my questions. Good evening.
Doru Thunderhorn says [taur-ahe]: Good evening as well! What can I help you with?
Remnii says [tongues]: We are new in the area and are looking to travel into Mulgore.
Doru Thunderhorn says [taur-ahe]: Is that so? I’m glad to be one of the first to welcome you to the rolling plains. I’m not exactly well known for knowing information, but I do know almost every face that comes here.
Remnii says [tongues]: That sounds perfect!

She sidles further into the tent and she sees all sorts of supplies.

Doru Thunderhorn says [taur-ahe]: Please! I would be glad to help you.
Remnii says [tongues]: In truth, I was wondering you have ever heard the name Jarod Shadowong?
Doru Thunderhorn says [taur-ahe]: I don’t know many shu’halo that don’t know Jarod Shadowsong! But he does frequent Dalsh-Beran at times! He was here less than a week ago.
Remnii says [tongues]: We are looking for him.
Doru Thunderhorn says [taur-ahe]: Oh? He’s fairly quiet, all told. Real strange being company to a living legend, but he’s a quiet and humble man. I know he makes his dwelling somewhere in the Bravewind Mesa.
Remnii says [tongues]: Even that is incredibly valuable!
Doru Thunderhorn says [taur-ahe]: Of course! What are you trying to find him for?
Remnii says [tongues]: An advanced game of hide and seek! I spoke with him and he wishes us to find him.

Doru scratches his chin.

Doru Thunderhorn says [taur-ahe]: You know, after being in this business so long, I may have been more suspicious. But you don’t look that dangerous… I don’t think you’d have ill meanings for Jarod.

He looks to Samaara.

Doru Thunderhorn says [taur-ahe]: You? You could probably do some damage.

Remnii translates for Samaara and the tauren belly laughs.

Doru Thunderhorn says [taur-ahe]: But I wish you luck! It’ll be hard to find him.
Remnii says [tongues]: I’m looking forward to the challenge.

Doru snaps two of his fingers.

Doru Thunderhorn says [taur-ahe]: Oh! He was looking for something. If you are going to find him, would you do something for me?
Remnii says [tongues]: Of course. Anything to pay you back.

Doru goes behind his counter and starts to dig around.

Doru Thunderhorn says [taur-ahe]: Nothing to it! He said he was looking for a sheet of cloth pure of white and made of finest material! OW! Sorry, just pinched my finger. Here! I found it.

Doru returns with a beautiful sheet of pure white cloth.

Doru Thunderhorn says [taur-ahe]: Here you go! It’s the finest cloth I could find! Spun from silk from the kaldorei in Ashenvale. Be real careful with it. You seem gentle, so make sure it doesn’t tear or get stained. I don’t know what he needed it for, but…

Remnii smiles and runs a gentle hand over the cloth.

Remnii says [tongues]: It’s beautiful. I will take expert care of it.
Doru Thunderhorn says [taur-ahe]: Excellent! I’m glad to have trusted it with you because, well, I don’t know when he’ll be back here. Sometimes he shows up multiple times a month, other times he doesn’t show up for three years! Would you believe I had a son since the last time he was here!
Remnii says [tongues]: Congratulations!
Doru Thunderhorn says [taur-ahe]: Thanks! Well, anything else I can help with?
Remnii says [tongues]: Well, anyone else who may be able to tell us more?
Doru Thunderhorn says [taur-ahe]: About Jarod? Hard to say. But if you want information, you can head to the center of town. One of the leaders of Dalsh-Beran may be able to point you in the right direction. Runok Wildmane is the peacekeeper here, but he may be busy. There have been some high profile visitors.
Remnii says [tongues]: Oh! Speaking of high profile, I am looking for Magatha Grimtotem of the Earthen Ring? Is she still here? Or any other members of the Ring?
Doru Thunderhorn says [taur-ahe]: I’m unsure about the Ring, but Magatha is slated to leave tomorrow. There is a pretty good chance that she’s still being entertained at the peacekeeper’s totem at the center. Come to thing of it! There’s a pretty good chance Runok is a member too. He does hear the spirits call. I assume all of them are a part of it, right?

Doru shrugs with a laugh.

Remnii says [tongues]: Well, thank you so much!

Remnii beams up at him and gentle folds the sheet and puts it carefully into her belongings with her most precious possessions.

Doru Thunderhorn says [taur-ahe]: If you need anything else, I’ll be here as soon as the sun is up tomorrow! It was great to be able to help you, and welcome you here!

Doru clasps Remnii’s hand in his massive hands.

Doru Thunderhorn says [taur-ahe]: I’ve got a few things to take care of, but good luck! I hope you can track down the mysterious hero! And thanks again for bringing the cloth!
Remnii says [tongues]: It’s the least I can do! And enjoy the night with your family!
Doru Thunderhorn says [taur-ahe]: Thanks!

Doru gets a dumb grin on his face, and Remnii and Samaara leave. However, Samaara looks to Remnii.

Samaara says: Do not be alarmed and don’t look, but I believe we are being followed.

Remnii sighs and doesn’t look.

Samaara says: A young tauren. Black fur with white spots under his arms.
Remnii says: Well, let us keep moving and find the others.
Samaara says: He was following us for a moment and I thought it coincidence, but he began again.
Remnii says: Well, it does not surprise me we will get attention.

The duo manage to arrive at the base camp, and they don’t see Riff--here, he had gone and turned into a tauren child to go play with the tauren children nearby. Samaara glances back.

Samaara says: It seems our friend has left.
Remnii says: If it was anything significant, I’m sure we’ll hear of it.

Meanwhile, Vel and Uther navigate on their own. Vel notes another grave space near the massive totem in the heart of the town. It is well patrolled.

As they go about, they come to some similar pieces of information. Unfortunately, no one has heard of the Shrine of Dormant Flame, but it sounds like something shamans would know of.

However, as they are speaking to one of the stall owners, an old, old tauren man approaches.

Tauren Elder says [taur-ahe]: If you seek something that is unknown to you, I would perhaps recommend you seek the Oracle.
Uther Menethil says [tongues]: The oracle?
Tauren Shopkeeper says [taur-ahe]: Come father, don’t fill the outsiders’ heads with drivels.
Tauren Elder says [taur-ahe]: I have spoken with her! It would be best to believe me, child!

Uther is listening with rapt attention and the elder tauren stands and is scolded by the younger shopkeeper for straining himself, however the elder tells him to not tell him how to live his life. After all the, oracle had told him he would outlive his mate by 50 years, and he still had 10 to go.

Uther Menethil says [tongues]: Do you know where I can find them?
Tauren Elder says [taur-ahe]: Of course! Well. It’s said she moves around, but you can find her in the highest mountains of the Southfury Headland! That is where I found her. She looked like you! Or at least, kind of. My eyes aren’t what they used to be. Or maybe she looked more like you.

He points at Vel.

Tauren Elder says [taur-ahe]: I don’t remember!
Tauren Shopkeeper says [taur-ahe]: Elder, please, if you don’t remember, why are you telling them about this?
Tauren Elder says [taur-ahe]: She’s real! I have spoken with her! Young Bloodhoof has sought her as well!
Tauren Shopkeeper says [taur-ahe]: Yet, he has not found her.
Tauren Elder says [taur-ahe]: He will eventually! And when he does, I’m sure he’ll get the answers he seeks! But, what were we talking about? I’m sorry. My thoughts aren’t as keep as they were.
Uther Menethil says [tongues]: Seeking the oracle myself, I suppose.
Tauren Elder says [taur-ahe]: Yes! You should! She will answer your questions, and she can grant you eternal life if you earn her favor and unravel the secrets of this world! It’s said she has broken bread with the Earth Mother herself!
Uther Menethil says [tongues]: In the highest peaks of the Southfury Headland?
Tauren Elder says [taur-ahe]: Yes! Tucked away! Deep! I would show you how to find her, but I can’t move around like I used to!
Uther Menethil says [tongues]: Fret not, your bones are venerable enough.
Tauren Elder says [taur-ahe]: Find the scorched basin, and you will find your way. The path will open if you are worthy and your need is at its greatest. You will find others who have spoken with her! Many have made the trek, and those that return changed… fort he better! For the better. But be careful! It is wild and untamed! It has fearsome creatures. You must be very cautious, or you will be swept under by its danger. ...Where was I?
Tauren Shopkeeper says [taur-ahe]: I’m terribly sorry. My great-grandfather can get a bit excited in his advanced age.
Uther Menethil says [tongues]: He was a joy to talk to. Thank you both.
Tauren Shopkeeper says [taur-ahe]: Of course. Be careful if you head to that untamed land… few of our people head to that land. I don’t believe this oracle is real, but many swear she is. Be cautious travelers, I don’t want our tribes’ stories to get you killed.
Uther Menethil says [tongues]: A harder task than some would believe. But the Southfury Headland is northeast from here?
Tauren Shopkeeper says [taur-ahe]: Roughly, yes. If you follow the Gold Road for about 400 or 500 miles north, it’ll branch east. If you cross the Southfury River, you’ll find the Southfury Headland. I can’t say I know where the scorched basin is…
Tauren Elder says [taur-ahe]: In the Southfury Headland!
Tauren Shopkeeper says [taur-ahe]: Yes, elder, we know. You can try to cross further south, but you would have to be careful. It’s much more untamed land. Well, unless your strange or small kind has the gift of flight, it would be safer to follow the Gold Road.
Uther Menethil says [tongues]: Thank you again. This information has been much appreciated.
Tauren Shopkeeper says [taur-ahe]: Of course! May the spirits watch over you.
Uther Menethil says [tongues]: And you as well.

The older tauren scratches his chin.

Tauren Elder says [taur-ahe]: Do the small ones have ancestral spirits?
Tauren Shopkeeper says [taur-ahe]: Come, elder, lets get supper.
Tauren Elder says [taur-ahe]: I do love supper!

They head off together, Uther watching them with some degree of endearment. They then also head back to the group.

Tol’vas, meanwhile, is led towards a tauren named Mera of the Mistrunner tribe. She has a fur pattern that is mocha light brown with patches that get more white down her arms and legs. Her upper torso is mostly cream, and she has darker horns that droop off to the side and down. The scent of delicious cooked meat hits his nostrils.

She looks up at Tol’vas.

Mera Mistrunner says [taur-ahe]: Hello! It’s not often we see kaldorei here! Not besides the ones that frequent more often!
Tol'vas Moonshadow says [taur-ahe]: I’m actually looking for someone.
Mera Mistrunner says [taur-ahe]: Is that so? Please come in. Are you hungry? It is said that none are prohibited to see Mu'sha in Dalsh-Beran without a full stomach!
Tol'vas Moonshadow says [taur-ahe]: Is that so?

Tol’vas smiles, and Mera nods eagerly and welcomes him in. She offers him a hearty meat stew with vegetables and the like.

Tol'vas Moonshadow says [taur-ahe]: Thank you. I appreciate it!

Tol’vas offers a brief outline of what he was looking for, specifically wolfsbane.

Mera Mistrunner says [taur-ahe]: Well. I haven’t heard of anything like that. But if it does exist, you may want to speak with a supplier of mine. She isn’t in Dalsh-Beran right now, but perhaps next time she visits I can get you in touch with her.
Tol'vas Moonshadow says [taur-ahe]: I’m not sure how long I’ll be here, unfortunately.
Mera Mistrunner says [taur-ahe]: I’m sorry, I wish I could help you more. It seems many people are seeking the most peculiar of herbs.
Tol'vas Moonshadow says [taur-ahe]: Oh? What else have people been asking about?
Mera Mistrunner says [taur-ahe]: Well, another of your kind had stopped by just a handful of days ago looking for swiftthistle. It’s not found in places like this save the tall cliffs around the Bravewind Mesa. It’s very dangerous. He seemed capable, but I warned him against it. It could be gathered much more safely in your own lands. But if you find my contact, she may have some of those herbs. I cannot say.
Tol'vas Moonshadow says [taur-ahe]: Where would I find her, likely?

Mera thinks for a moment.

Mera Mistrunner says [taur-ahe]: She likes to keep a low profile, so I shouldn’t speak her name, but she too is a kaldorei like yourself. Um...

Mera thinks some more.

Mera Mistrunner says [taur-ahe]: Well. You seem a kind sort, and, um… though she keeps things secret, I have a feeling that you would not be… she might be glad to speak with you, if you could help her. She has so many things going on. Her business takes her in and out faster than I can imagine.
Tol'vas Moonshadow says [taur-ahe]: I’d be willing to help her, especially if she can help me!
Mera Mistrunner says [taur-ahe]: Very well. Her name is Lonika Stillblade. She’s a very kind. But I believe if you find her, she may be able to help you. She may have what you’re seeking. She dabbles in strange herbs, I suppose. I recommended the same to the man that came here a few days ago, but he didn’t seem that he wanted to seek her out.
Tol'vas Moonshadow says [taur-ahe]: Also, about that man… did he look like this?

He uses minor illusion to make Jarod Shadowsong’s face.

Mera Mistrunner says [taur-ahe]: Now that you mention it, yes. Is he a friend of yours?
Tol'vas Moonshadow says [taur-ahe]: He is. We’re in a sort of game right now.
Mera Mistrunner says [taur-ahe]: Lovely! He was very kind. He complimented my cooking.
Tol'vas Moonshadow says [taur-ahe]: I can see why.
Mera Mistrunner says [taur-ahe]: You are too kind!
Tol'vas Moonshadow says [taur-ahe]: Do you have any idea where Lonika may be?
Mera Mistrunner says [taur-ahe]: I’m not sure. She’s rather secretive. She may be a member of the Sentinels, or perhaps a merchant or traveler, but I’m not sure. She was here perhaps a moon ago. She’s probably headed back to Ashenvale. I assume that’s where most kaldorei go when they aren’t around here, yes? Or perhaps Feralas. I’m sorry. I don’t know much of the world beyond Mulgore. I spent my life here.
Tol'vas Moonshadow says [taur-ahe]: No need to apologize. I’m also a stranger. I understand if you wish to withhold a bit.
Mera Mistrunner says [taur-ahe]: Graces, no! I wouldn’t want to deceive you. You seem a kind man. I assume Lonika would not mind.
Tol'vas Moonshadow says [taur-ahe]: I appreciate everything.
Mera Mistrunner says [taur-ahe]: Of course! And I wish you luck in your game with your friend!

Tol’vas smiles.

Tol'vas Moonshadow says [taur-ahe]: It should be quite fun.

Tol’vas asks a bit more about the swiftthistle cliff, and she points to a series of mesas to the north. With the setting sun behind it, it’s quite beautiful. It’s called the Bravewind Mesa, and it makes up the northern half of the protecting mountains around Mulgore. It’s said that it is named so because only the bravest of people climb those mesas, as the winds in the area are so dangerous that only the bravest of creatures would possibly wish to fly in the area.

Mera Mistrunner says [taur-ahe]: They do say that many heroes have traveled there! I know tales of young braves seeking to climb the mesa to prove themselves. If you can believe, the great hero of the War of the Ancients--Jarod Shadowsong--have climbed the mesas but was never seen again, so the tails say.

Tol’vas suppresses a laugh.

Tol'vas Moonshadow says [taur-ahe]: Jarod Shadowsong you say?
Mera Mistrunner says [taur-ahe]: Yes! I know he’s a myth, but I believe him alive.
Tol'vas Moonshadow says [taur-ahe]: I can confirm he is alive.
Mera Mistrunner says [taur-ahe]: Truly? Heavens. That is fascinating! So many people claim he still watches over Mulgore.
Tol'vas Moonshadow says [taur-ahe]: I hope that gives you some measure of belief about your hero, then.
Mera Mistrunner says [taur-ahe]: Of course it does!

She smiles and stands up with pride.

Mera Mistrunner says [taur-ahe]: I only hope that him and his mate are still happy even now!
Tol'vas Moonshadow says [taur-ahe]: Well, how far is the mesa exactly?
Mera Mistrunner says [taur-ahe]: You will reach the foot of it in a few miles, but the highest peaks are some distance away. You aren’t thinking of climbing, are you? You seem a strong man, but I urge you to be careful!
Tol'vas Moonshadow says [taur-ahe]: I was thinking flying up there.
Mera Mistrunner says [taur-ahe]: That’s even more dangerous!
Tol'vas Moonshadow says [taur-ahe]: I’ll think about it more carefully.
Mera Mistrunner says [taur-ahe]: If you go, maybe. Wait, no. Don’t worry about it.
Tol'vas Moonshadow says [taur-ahe]: Do you want me to bring back some swiftthistle?
Mera Mistrunner says [taur-ahe]: If you’re willing! It makes a wonderful tea! I can show you how to brew it, but do be careful if you do. I don’t want you to get hurt on my account.
Tol'vas Moonshadow says [taur-ahe]: Thank you for the help.
Mera Mistrunner says [taur-ahe]: Of course. Take some food! If you have companions, please take enough for all of them!

As Tol’vas heads back to the group, he notes he is being followed by a young adult female tauren with cookies-and-cream and deep black fur. She is making an effort to be inconspicuous, but she was definitely following him.

He ducks around a bend, and then catches her.

Tol'vas Moonshadow says [taur-ahe]: Can I help you with anything?
Dark Tauren says [taur-ahe]: Oh! No. Sorry!

She turns and walks away.

Tol'vas Moonshadow says [taur-ahe]: Do you want some food?
Dark Tauren says [taur-ahe]: I’m fine. Thank you for your generosity. I should go.
Tol'vas Moonshadow says [taur-ahe]: Hold on!

The tauren doesn’t stop, and instead moves faster. Tol'vas opts to let her go and continue returning to the group.

He arrives around the same time as the others, though he is laden with a good deal of food. Broll and Seria had unloaded the group’s belongings in a small section near the outer wall.

Makasa also comes back with some alcohol, which she passes around to any interested parties.

Samaara says: Before we speak on what we found, I should mentioned that Remnii and I were followed. Seems we attracted attention.
Velameestra Windrunner says: We didn’t notice anyone, but unfortunately we weren’t really watching for it.
Tol'vas Moonshadow says: I had some younger tauren follow me.
Samaara says: Ours as well. Something to be aware of, at the very least. No doubt they know where we’re camping, so we should still keep watch. I don’t think they will try anything, but we must be careful in the event someone seeks us for one reason or another.
Elissa Cross says: This place is pretty amazing! I didn’t notice if we were being followed though…

A few others, however, did mention they noticed tauren tailing them.

Elissa Cross says: What did you guys find? Anything useful?
Remnii says: I believe we did.

Remnii looks to Samaara.

Remnii says: Jarod Shadowsong makes his home on the Bravewind Mesa.
Tol'vas Moonshadow says: Possibly near where the swiftthistle is.

Tol’vas explains what he found.

Remnii says: I also heard he was here about a week ago.
Elissa Cross says: That matches up with what we had too! Aramar and I went over to the stables, mostly so I could see the animals, but we also wanted to look around. I talked to some of the animals--the kodo beasts are very sweet, by the way--and we talked to the stablemaster. She was very kind! Her name was Anka from the Clawhoof tribe. She didn’t mention Jarod, but we described him, and she said there was a kaldorei here not too long ago who had rented some kodos for some time, and he had a nightsaber. He had one when you scryed on him that one time, right?
Seria says: Yes.
Elissa Cross says: So, that may be him as well. They said he was looking for water blessed by the spirits? I don’t know too much about what that is, but apparently that’s something involved with the mesa as well.
Remnii says: Well done!
Elissa Cross says: Thanks!
Aramar Thorne says: Don’t mention it. It wasn’t too hard. Plus it was pretty fun. Those kodo beasts are huge!
Velameestra Windrunner says: We followed up about that shrine. We got more mentions about that oracle that Tauna mentioned, at the very least.

Tae’shara nods and takes a swig of alcohol.

Tae'shara Sunwatcher says: Well, that might be something to follow up on. If we run around enough, if we don’t find the shrine, we’ll find the oracle, right? It sounds fishy to me, but this place is full of wonders.
Velameestra Windrunner says: The tauren we spoke with was elderly, but he seemed to describe her as looking more like Uther or myself. How reliable that is, I’m not certain.
Tae'shara Sunwatcher says: Might be worth looking into! If this oracle can grant wishes, I’m sure they can help us with something or other, right?
Uther Menethil says: Whether or not we find the oracle, I did promise to help someone there. Given the circumstances, that’s not a promise I intend to go back on.
Tae'shara Sunwatcher says: Plus someone with muscles like her would be a good ally, so I can’t say I blame you, Uther!
Velameestra Windrunner says: At the very least it seems we have our next stop if we’re going to find Jarod.
Broll Bearmantle says: This Bravewind Mesa doesn’t sound safe… it may be wise for us to not all go. Bringing this many people up a dangerous mountain may not be wise.
Reno Jackson says: Well, if the man you’re searching for is in these mesas, chances are pretty good I could probably find some caravan heading toward Thunder Bluff to start making connections. As much as climbing a dangerous mesa sounds real fun, I still got the rest of my team to find. Bran included. So this may not be a bad place to part ways.

He looks over to Remnii.

Reno Jackson says: I know I promised the figurine if you got me to Thunder Bluff, but this is probably close enough, right?

Remnii blinks.

Remnii says: That is… I will not hold you to that if we have not gone the entire way.
Reno Jackson says: Well, you don’t need to pull my leg about it! But I owe you a debt, and I will make it up to you. I’ll get you a diamond worth way more. Or I’ll find another one of these things.

Remnii nods with a smile.

Remnii says: I will hold you to that. These diamonds are… they will be needed.
Reno Jackson says: I will make sure I pay that back tenfold.
Remnii says: Also. Do tell us about your companions. It seems we have a good habit of finding people.
Reno Jackson says: True! There are two you should look for. One is that murloc fellow that you met, Uther. Very well spoken. His name is Sir Finley Murgleton. You’ll know him when you see him. Most can’t talk in our tongue, but Finley is one of the most well-read folk I know. We lost him somewhere in the marshes.
Tol'vas Moonshadow says: With the dragons?
Reno Jackson says: We were running from some. Tried to find him, didn’t work well. But he can take care of himself! The other is Brann Bronzebeard. He’s the best explorer I have ever seen after myself, of course. He and I go way back! Trust me. If you mention my name, it’ll get you real far!

Syeori runs her throat across her throat from behind him, indicating not to do that.

Reno Jackson says: He said he found something, and then he ran off.
Tol'vas Moonshadow says: You don’t… seem like a good group together.
Reno Jackson says: I know! He left us behind. It was very unprofessional!
Syeori Sunwalker says: He was not technically in our group.
Reno Jackson says: But I just know he needs our help. This is pride! Brann is making discoveries and thinks I won’t be a part of it? But no, for real, we found his hat. Just hanging out on the side of a dune.
Tol'vas Moonshadow says: Is he protected against scrying?
Reno Jackson says: I don’t know what that is.
Velameestra Windrunner says: It’s worth a shot, at least.
Tol'vas Moonshadow says: Seria, do you have scrying prepared?
Seria says: Yes.
Tol'vas Moonshadow says: We have his hat.
Li Li Stormstout says: I was just holding on to it until we ran into him again. But if you need it for something, I can give it up! It’s just stylish.

Seria pulls out her bowl and attempts to scry on Brann, but suddenly it shuts off. It seems it failed.

Velameestra Windrunner says: Well. It was worth a shot.
Reno Jackson says: It’s better than I could do! I can’t even do that to water on a good day! But I appreciate your assistance thus far. But I got business to take care of on my own, and I wouldn’t want to hold you back. After all, adventure is out there for all of us!

He looks to Syeori.

Reno Jackson says: We should hit the road in the next few days, right missy?

Syeori actually looks to Vel.

Velameestra Windrunner says: We may head that way eventually. We can meet you there in the future if we do.
Syeori Sunwalker says: Yeah. I guess I should go… this is my expedition too, after all. And I suppose you all can more than take care of yourself.

She looks to Broll and Wulf.

Syeori Sunwalker says: I guess it’s goodbye here, huh?
Broll Bearmantle says: I have a debt to our friends here, one I must repay.

He looks to Wulf.

Broll Bearmantle says: And I believe he would like to stay for reasons of his own. But it was good fighting alongside you, Syeori. I will look forward to seeing you again.

Syeori smiles and gives Broll a big hug, which he returns.

Velameestra Windrunner says: Besides, someone needs to guide him from more silithid hives.
Reno Jackson says: Those things are terrible!
Li Li Stormstout says: I suppose I should travel to this Thunder Bluff as well. Perhaps I can hear more stories of uncle Chen there if he passed through.

Li Li bows her head.

Li Li Stormstout says: It has been a pleasure! I look forward to further opportunities, but I think I will take my leave here with them. I don’t believe I would mind becoming a member of this Explorer’s League. Maybe I can get a hat of my own.
Reno Jackson says: I think we can arrange that! And I don’t know who this Chen is, but you talk about him a lot.
Li Li Stormstout says: And I should keep them out of trouble. But thank you for being kind to friend and foe, and I will enjoy spending one last evening with all of your. And if you ever need anything from me, let me know, and I will run as fast as I can!
'Velameestra Windrunner says: I’m not sure anyone could run faster.
Tol'vas Moonshadow says: I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anything fly that fast.
Li Li Stormstout says: Flattery will not get you anywhere, but you are welcome to continue!
Samaara says: We should also determine who is trying to ascend this mesa. Only people who can do so without putting themselves at risk should join us.
Remnii says: I will need to figure it out, because I will be there when we meet him!

Samaara looks at Remnii.

Samaara says: Are you certain that is wise?
Remnii says: I have no other choice, Samaara. Our people are partially in his hands.

Samaara closes her eyes and sighs.

Samaara says: I promised to tell you if your ideas are terrible. But I will drag you up that cliff myself if I need to.

Tae’shara looks up at the cliffs.

Tae'shara Sunwatcher says: I climbed some derelict buildings and trees, but I don’t think I’ve climbed mountains. If you’re alright with it, I may stay here. I might be able to figure out more stuff here in the next few days. Also less risk of plummeting and dying of blunt force trauma.

Aramar and Makasa look at each other.

Aramar Thorne says: We’re both apt climbers, but if you think we can do more here, we can stay behind. I don’t want to overburden the group.
Elissa Cross says: I’m pretty strong, and I’ve climbed trees. A lot of trees… but I wouldn’t want to slow any of you down. I don’t know.

The group opts to take Broll and Wulf with them while Tae'shara, Elissa, Aramar, and Makasa try to get more of a read on the area.

Elissa Cross says: Are you sure you’ll be alright? I’ll go with you if you need me to.
Uther Menethil says: Your concern is touching. But don’t worry… as has been stated, a smaller group bears a better chance of success.
Elissa Cross says: Be careful, okay? I don’t know what queen Jaina would say if you fell off the mountain and broke your leg! But I trust you.

Elissa offers a salute.

As the crowd starts to die down around them, a tauren is walking towards the group. He is walking with no small amount of purpose.

As he comes into the light of the torches in the area, they see a gunmetal gray tauren with brightly painted red markings under his eyes, and some dyed red and black leather on his person.

He speaks in common.

Dark Tauren says: Who among you leads your band?

Uther looks to Remnii, and Remnii shrugs.

Remnii says: There is no leader, but Uther and I often speak for us.
Dark Tauren says: Very well. Then you will come with me.
Uther Menethil says: Will we now?

The tauren nods.

Uther Menethil says: Don’t suppose you’ll be willing to tell us why?
Dark Tauren says: The elder crone wishes to speak with you.
Uther Menethil says: Very well. Lead the way.

Remnii nods, and Tol’vas, Vel, and Elissa also follow along with Samaara. They make their way through the settlement toward the center of town.

They see a number of tauren there. Most have dark fur with a smattering of white. There seems to be guards or adjutents, and in the very center, there is an imperious looking black-furred female tauren. There are wisps of silver in her hair. She watches with intelligent and sparkling eyes.

She is leaning against a tall staff with a number of charms and feathers.

Dark Tauren says [taur-ahe]: Matriarch Magatha, I bring the outsiders before you.

He bows his head to her, and she looks to the group.

Magatha Grimtotem says: So you are the ones that aided Ravak in the Thousand Needles?
Remnii says: That would be us.
Uther Menethil says: Indeed.

Remnii offers a small bow of respect.

Magatha Grimtotem says: I had surmised as much. There are few that travel these lands who fit your most curious descriptions.

She looks specifically at Vel, Uther, and Remnii.

Uther Menethil says: We are far from home.
Magatha Grimtotem says: So it seems. Then I will not mince words. I owe you a debt for enduring that Ravak came to no harm. A debt that I can unfortunately not disprove of its necessity. Though I feel Ravak could free himself, you deprived me of the opportunity to make that belief come to pass. So. I would ask what all of you are doing in our home so that I may speed you on your journey, so you can leave it with most haste.
Remnii says: Well.

Remnii offers what they were doing in Mulgore in full detail.

Remnii says: So that is our story.
Magatha Grimtotem says: You seek to scale the Bravewind Mesa in search of Jarod Shadowsong?
Remnii says: Correct.

Magatha looks Remnii up and down.

Remnii says: I know I will struggle. Everyone has their strengths.
Magatha Grimtotem says: Hmph. Very well. I will aid you on this journey so you may see to your business with haste. You’ll find the winds favorable to you. Is this sufficient, outsiders? May we consider our debt repaid?
Uther Menethil says: You have the ability to control the winds?
Magatha Grimtotem says: Much more than that, boy.
Remnii says: The art of shamanism is rarely seen where they come from.
Uther Menethil says: Shamanism? I don’t suppose if I were to ask you about the Shrine of Dormant Flame… you might be able to assist me in reaching it?
Magatha Grimtotem says: What need would an outsider have with a sacred place like that?
Uther Menethil says: I met a stranger and we became fast friends. They asked me for aid.
Magatha Grimtotem says: So there are two strangers that seek to defile sacred grounds. Wonderful. Stay away, outsider, or you will be charred to a corpse. It is not meant for you. Any of you.
Tol'vas Moonshadow says: You’re hardly the only ones with a connection to the land.
Remnii says: Tol’vas, now is not the time.

Magatha glares at Tol’vas.

Uther Menethil says: I am not in the business of defilement. Whatever transpires there… I will not be disrespectful.
Magatha Grimtotem says: It makes no difference to me. Whatever damage you deal to it, will be dealt back in return. The next one to make a pilgrimage there will sweep the place of ash and bone. You will see it in the Southfury Headland. But if you do any harm, the Earthen Ring will see to it that you are punished, and penalties will be extracted. Before I leave for Mantle Rock on the morrow, I will ensure the winds will be favorable. Make haste, for I will not be able to control them indefinitely. See to your business quickly, and be on your way.
Uther Menethil says: Your assistance is very much appreciated.
Magatha Grimtotem says: I’m not doing this for your appreciation. I’m doing this because you saved a member of my family. But I observe your appreciation, nonetheless. With that being said, it is getting late, and regrettably I am not the young tauren I once was.

In the building behind her, the curtain pulls back, and there is another tauren. It’s a younger tauren with bright chestnut fur. His eyes are big and green, and they see a smile on his face.

Young Tauren Brave says: Ah! So these are the ones you’ve been speaking of so frequently, Matriarch!

This tauren is much younger, and he does not have a feathered crest, but there are two totems across his back which are painted with figures and such. There is a simple headband with trophies on it.

He smiles.

Young Tauren Brave says: With how concerned the Matriarch was with repaying the debt, I was worried she would not get rest! I’m glad she tracked you down. It’s a pleasure to meet such kind and compassionate souls. My name is Baine Bloodhoof. I’m the son of Cairne of the bloodhoof tribe. I humbly welcome you! I’m glad I could meet you before escorting Magatha to Thunder Bluff.
Magatha Grimtotem says: You may speak with the outsiders if you wish, but I am going to rest.
Baine Bloodhoof says: Very good! I will see you in the morning.

Magatha waves it off and goes back into the building.

Baine Bloodhoof says: You are as colorful a group as I expected! I’ve never seen an elf as short as you are, miss.

He looks to Vel.

Baine Bloodhoof says: And I’ve never seen a being like you!

He looks to Remnii.

Remnii says: That may change in the future.
Baine Bloodhoof says: Excellent, if they are half as compassionate as you are.
Remnii says: I hate to burden you or the grand crone, but I wish to speak on behalf of my people if I could bend your ear.
Baine Bloodhoof says: Of course. I am excited to return to Thunder Bluff with the information I have, so I do not believe I will get much rest anyway, if you wish to speak.
Remnii says: Thank you.
Baine Bloodhoof says: My apologies for the last hospitable greeting from the Grimtotem tribe. She and my father disagree rather strongly on the opinions of outsiders in our realm.
Remnii says: There is something to be said to be protective. She cares deeply, and you can tell.
Baine Bloodhoof says: True! She has the betterment of our people in mind, even if she is a bit more ornery than most.

He checks to make sure there are no other Grimtotems around.

Baine Bloodhoof says: But you have a camp! I would love to share a campfire before the winds bring us separate ways!

He then looks to Uther.

Baine Bloodhoof says: Pardon, sir. But are you a human, by chance?
Uther Menethil says: That I am!
Baine Bloodhoof says: Fascinating! I have only heard of humans, and only of the tales of the Traveler!
Uther Menethil says: The Traveler?
Baine Bloodhoof says: Yes! We speak the Travelers Tongue as we live and breathe. Right now, at least.
Uther Menethil says: And here I simply thought it was spoken by those who traveled.
Baine Bloodhoof says: It is! But we learned it from the great hero for whom the tongue is named.
Uther Menethil says: What can you tell me?
Baine Bloodhoof says: She was a powerful shaman! Long ago before Thunder Bluff was established. She fought alongside great heroes. It is said she was friends with Huln Highmountain! One of the greatest tauren to have existed. Blessed by Malorne himself! I only know the tales who have been passed down the generations. She is a legend, like so many of our brothers and sisters. Though I suppose these legends are more real for people like you.

He looks to Tol’vas.

Baine Bloodhoof says: You seem young, but I wager you only missed the War of the Ancients by a few thousand years, right?
Tol'vas Moonshadow says: I was there.
Baine Bloodhoof says: Even better! You could tell us tales!
Tol'vas Moonshadow says: I never met Huln myself, but--
Baine Bloodhoof says: Is it true he slew a thousand demons with his bare hands?!

Together, Baine and Tol’vas are able to piece together that he wielded a great spear, Talonclaw, blessed by the eagle wild god Onara. And they offer some other legends about this larger-than-life hero.

Baine greets everyone as he gets back, and he shares in food and drink with the group.

Baine Bloodhoof says: Pardon my eavesdropping, but I heard what you were speaking of. You’re seeking Jarod Shadowsong. I never was able to meet him, but my father fought alongside him. He and his mate helped us drive the centaur from these lands. Without his aid, our people may have perished, or been in much more dire straits than we are now. But that was a very long time ago. Nearly a hundred years by now. A part of me wishes I could join you on this trek so I could thank him, and perhaps learn to be a better leader someday, but my duties call me elsewhere!
Reno Jackson says: Pardon my intrusion, mister Baine.
Baine Bloodhoof says: You can just call me Baine!
Reno Jackson says: Of course! You’re heading to Thunder Bluff, right? How long does it take?
Baine Bloodhoof says: By caravan, it would take the better part of a week, perhaps more or less. Are you trying to go there?
Reno Jackson says: I am! Do you think we could tag along?
Baine Bloodhoof says: You would be more than welcome, though I can’t say Matriarch Magatha would agree. But you’re welcome to accompany our group! We are escorting others. After all, these plains are free for all that come with peace in their hearts!
Reno Jackson says: Oh yeah! I told you could get there.

He looks smugly at the rest of his small group as he takes a swig of alcohol. Baine looks back to the group.

Baine Bloodhoof says: If you find him, could you tell him the son of Cairne Bloodhoof wishes him well!
Remnii says: Of course!
Baine Bloodhoof says: I was raised on stories of his heroism. Perhaps someday I’ll be blessed with an opportunity to meet him. But in the meanwhile, you will have to do so in my stead. Makasa, was it? Please, pass me more!

Makasa pours him more drink, which Baine drinks graciously.

Tol’vas continues to share tales of the War of the Ancients with Baine. Remnii also listens intently.

Baine is also enraptured by the tales of dragons that his new companions had seen.

Baine Bloodhoof says: Dragons are mythical creatures! It’s said they only reveal themselves to those whose fates are intertwined with the crux of destiny itself! You and your friends may have witnessed several omens! I speak only what I’ve heard from our shamans. If the spiritwalkers are to be believed! If you bore witness to dragons, there is much more in your future. I believe it is no circumstance that has lead you here.
Velameestra Windrunner says: Spiritwalkers. Those among your people that can talk with your ancestors?
Baine Bloodhoof says: It’s true. They are shamans born with a special gift. It is said that a tauren is born with pale white fur and eyes clear as Mu'sha, that their birth is an omen. These people are almost always gifted with an ability to commune with spirits. They make their homes in the secluded places of the world. I have spoken with some within Thunder Bluff, but most keep to themselves. They are keepers of our most ancient ways and mystic secrets, visions and quests.
Remnii says: Jorn, from the last village, had an uncle who is a spiritwalker. Though he travels often.
Baine Bloodhoof says: It is hard to say where one could find a spiritwalker. But it is believed they come to you in your time of greatest needed. Though their sight is hindered on the physical world, they make up for it thrice over in their comprehension of the world of spirits. It is there who keep the most sacred of burial processes that we carry.

Vel looks intrigued.

Baine Bloodhoof says: I must say, it’s an honor that you take such an interest in our culture. I am curious of your own. I have never seen people that clothe themselves in so much steel as all of you.

He looks in particular to Uther and the other armored individuals.

Uther goes into some stories of the holy Light. Vel also offers that her own people had adapted such a worship into a veneration of the sun.

Baine Bloodhoof says: It sounds similar to how our people receive the blessings the sun. Some amongst our people find similar comfort with the moon. Perhaps these priests of yours share some similarities to ours.
Remnii says: I believe there is some commonality. I am not as well versed in the Light with the human interpretation, however.
Baine Bloodhoof says: This is all terribly fascinating! I would love to get into a greater discussion had I not drank so much! Perhaps you should speak with the seers. There is a man named Tahu Sagewind who is normally in Thunder Bluff. He is among the most powerful seers, and he is often sought for his knowledge. Though, it is strange. You mentioned these Silver Hand knights. They are warriors that fight for your Light?
Uther Menethil says: The Light and against cruelty and tyranny and anything that would threaten the safety of the innocent.
Baine Bloodhoof says: Then you, my friend!

He claps Uther on the shoulder.

Baine Bloodhoof says: If you head to Thunder Bluff, seek out out Brightmane. She is something else, let me tell you. She was a seer, but she ended up, um, I don’t know too much, but she’s been traveling with a group of like-minded individuals going around and helping people in the name of the sun. They call themselves Sunwalkers, and they believe we should take a more proactive stance in protecting the innocent. I think you would get along well! She is something else. She’s strong and beautiful... and I’ve really started to drink too much, I think.
Uther Menethil says: It’s alright, friend. I can speak that way about someone too.

Baine sputters and coughs.

B->Baine Bloodhoof says:I should head to bed! I’ve got a long day of protecting the caravan!

He looks a bit embarrassed.

Baine Bloodhoof says: But this was wonderful! I’m glad I was able to speak with all of you. I believe the winds will guide us to meet each other again. Then perhaps we can spend more than just an evening in each other’s company. But you have a mountain to climb, and I a storm to weather. It was an honor! May the winds be at your back, but in a good way!

Baine stands up, unsteady, and takes a gulp of water.

Uther Menethil says: Walk in the light of the sun, friend!
Baine Bloodhoof says: I will do just that!

Baine staggers away, and it’s quite late.

Elissa Cross says: He was really nice!
Uther Menethil says: I hope this isn’t the last time we meet.

That night, Vel tries to dream Victor, but as expected, she is unable to reach him, and eventually she is blasted by the lightning and jolted out of the dream. She then opts to go for a walk to clear her mind.

However, Tol’vas, meanwhile, finds himself falling into a dream. He comes to rest on a thin layer of water, and in an endless beacon of darkness, he sees a single lit area. It appears to be white stone with dozens of sharp brambles. There is a figure standing within it.

It’s a night elf with shoulder-length violet hair, red markings on her face, and a simple robe. It’s Belysra Starbreeze. In her hand is a staff that looks like the scythe of elune, and in her other hand is the fang of Goldrinn.

She is chanting a prayer to Elune, and he witnesses the creation of the Scythe of Elune as the vines wrap around her, and merge the fang and staff together. Then it stops.

Her voice calls from behind him.

Belysra Starbreeze says: I was so young and naive back then, wasn’t I?

He turns around and sees the woman. Her hair is much longer and collected back behind her in a long ponytail. Her robes are more regal than they were before, and they have leaf-like patterns along the upper and lower parts of it.

She steps across the water, her bare feet brushing the water’s edge.

Belysra Starbreeze says: Tol’vas Moonshadow, right? It’s been a long time, but I believe we need to have some words.

Tol’vas’s mouth flaps.

Belysra Starbreeze says: I’m surprised to see you here. The last time that we saw you…

The dream shifts and shows the great tree that the worgen were imprisoned beneath. The sentinels and druids and priestesses that were gathered put the worgen into an eternal slumber, and leaves fall upon them as they are drug into the earth.

Belysra Starbreeze says: Yet you’re here. And, from what my sisters have told me, you’re not alone.
Tol'vas Moonshadow sayss: No, I have a strange collection of travelers with me.
Belysra Starbreeze says: Those aren’t the people I was talking about. I have some questions to ask, and I hope you’ll answer truthfully. First of all, I need to know everything you remember. Every last detail, and every last face.

Tol’vas offers what he can, recalling how he came to when he was summoned by Alpha Prime. And how he took the scythe and ran. He had fled and killed some of the other worgen, and explained he stowed away on the vessel back to Kalimdor with the scythe.

Belysra Starbreeze says: I see. Thank you, first of all. Thank you for your honesty, and your candidness. Otherwise this would have been more difficult. The fact that Fangfire has claimed it… that he’s taken up this moniker of Alpha Prime is another problem entirely. And you say you have no memories of Velinde? The Nahlen’do?
Tol'vas Moonshadow says: I don’t know what happened to her.

Belysra sighs.

Belysra Starbreeze says: That’s troubling. Other people who have gone to the lands to the east had not been able to contact her either.
Tol'vas Moonshadow says: Perhaps she was hiding?
Belysra Starbreeze says: Perhaps. But she went to the lands of the east about forty years ago. She had concerns. After the disturbance arose off the coast of the broken isles… she sought to ensure that nothing would be amiss. That the prison you were locked within had not been breached as we could no longer monitor it safely. For a long time, the scythe had lay dormant. She was given leave to take it, and so she went.

She conjures the image of Velinde Starsong.

Belysra Starbreeze says: She had mastered the elements of the scythe, and had called worgen in the past to aid her, but she would always return them. If she does not carry the scythe, we must assume that all of our brothers are now free, and that this Wolf Cult consists primarily of all the rest of the druids that we had to imprison alongside you, plus those they spread their illness to.
Tol'vas Moonshadow says: I know there are two instances of the worgen curse. One is further north. In a human city that had walled itself off.

Belysra asks for more details, and he offers what little he has.

Belysra Starbreeze says: That’s good to know. I suppose this Gilneas would be good to visit in the future, once matters are in hand. I trust you understand that you will be expected to come with me.
Tol'vas Moonshadow says: Of course. I’m partially responsible.
Belysra Starbreeze says: While that is true, you also ensured the scythe did not remain in Fangfire’s hand. That is a victory. He was brash, and it is his responsibility for what befell his pack. I am willing to give you one opportunity. You have that scythe. I could reclaim it, one way or another, but there are other matters I need to attend to. So in the meanwhile, you will continue to wield it. For the time being. If you have as much control over this form as you indicated, then perhaps you’ll be worthy of the title someday as well, but I can’t say. Not yet. Not without watching.
Tol'vas Moonshadow says: Was it you who we saw watching?

Belysra grins.

Belysra Starbreeze says: I was wondering. One amongst your membership must have detected me. But that’s correct. But I thank you for sharing this information, and I will be watching. Perhaps you and I can begin to right the wrongs that were made thousands of years ago. Perhaps then my beloved Arvell can finally have his rest. Sound good?

She smiles.

Belysra Starbreeze says: I’ll be in touch. But in the meantime, remember, the anger that you feel was the anger of the ancient. It’s rage was because Goldrinn once refused to listen, to think. The scythe was made to help calm Goldrinn. To help calm that fury. It was made with Elune’s light, but it was that same light that stoked those fires. I can only hope that you’ll be able to use it to extinguish that flame and keep a balance between yourself and the beast within, and not start a widlfire. But I’m glad we were able to have this conversation. If you don’t mind, however, I will let your rest. You and your diurnal companions can keep whatever schedule you wish, but I am exhausted.
Tol'vas Moonshadow says: I understand.
Belysra Starbreeze says: Make me proud, Tol’vas. If Velinde is out there somewhere, make her proud too. I’ll be watching.

Belysra winks, and with the sound of a drop of water in a pound, everything fades and disappears.

June 9th

There is a soft drizzle the next morning, but over the mesa is a rainbow, and the sun is shining down from the mesa to the north. There’s not a single cloud.