[Alliance] Chapter Three: Session Seven

Appearing Characters: Aiden Blackmoore, Elissa Cross, Esara Verrinde, Gilveradin Windrunner, Krasus, Lee Hale, Levia Blackflight, Natalie Seline, Raluhi, Remnii, Rhonin Windrunner, Seria, Taretha Foxton, Uther Menethil, Val'zuun, Velameestra Windrunner, Vereesa Windrunner, Victor Prestor

December 2nd

In the evening, Vel stops by the room that Victor has been staying in on the second floor and she knocks on the door.

Victor Prestor says: Who’s there?
Velameestra Windrunner says: It’s Velameestra.
Victor Prestor says: ...ah… what do you need?
Velameestra Windrunner says: I was thinking about what you said… about how you didn’t like not knowing things… and I wanted to make you an offer.

There’s a sigh from beyond the door.

Victor Prestor says: A moment, please.

There’s some shuffling and the door opens.

Victor Prestor says: Alright, I’m listening.

Vel averts her gaze for a moment.

Victor Prestor says: Is there a particular place you want to have this conversation? This is your house, after all.
Velameestra Windrunner says: No...not particularly. If this is fine for you, it’s fine for me.

Victor crosses his arms.

Velameestra Windrunner says: But, um. Any action I take, or any decision I make, I want to express the offer that you are free to question it and I will answer with complete candidness about what I’m doing.

Victor blinks.

Victor Prestor says: What is this about, Velameestra?
Velameestra Windrunner says: You expressed you didn’t like not knowing what was going on. Obviously… with how I’ve been operating, I haven’t exactly been… aiding that, in any regard. This is my attempt to do so.

Victor sighs in exasperation.

Victor Prestor says: Velameestra. I can’t very well ask you about things I don’t know about. Listen. It’s obvious, at this point, that I don’t particularly trust you. I imagine you have a plethora of secrets that you are hiding from me, and from everyone. Whatever I could ask you wouldn’t divine any further information. I know why you did… or at least why you *think* you did what you did, you already told me. I surmised that your contacts we are following up on tomorrow are a fallout of that exact same circumstance. I understand that. I have plenty of questions about you, but I don’t even know how to begin to phrase them. For example, where did you get this house? This was new. I don’t believe you had this the first time we spoke.
Velameestra Windrunner says: It was willed to me by a former teacher.
Victor Prestor says: A teacher. Excellent. Fantastic. I suppose I don’t know what else to ask you, Velameestra. When it comes down to it, I don’t know what goes through your mind at any given point. I am quite aware you are smarter than I could ever even seem to be, and that’s what frustrates me. That’s what makes it difficult. I don’t know. I can’t know. And anything I could glean from you here and now wouldn’t do anything to change that.
Velameestra Windrunner says: It’s not an offer for just this moment, either. Ultimately… from a logical standpoint, animosity is a weapon our enemies can use against us like they did in Silvermoon. I was framed for an attempt to kill Kael’thas, and resources were spent hunting us instead of the warlocks. I don’t wish for those that attacked your mother and took Arthas to be able to take advantage of this situation. And, on a more personal note, I don’t know you, and you don’t know me, but I am your ally, and regardless of your feelings about me, I want it to be clear that I will watch your back with the same veracity I would watch Uther’s or my brother’s.

Victor’s mouth opens for a second, and then he closes it and scowls.

Victor Prestor says: Alright. Very well, I do have a question. Why? What have I done to earn any amount of loyalty?

Vel pauses for a moment to process the question.

Velameestra Windrunner says: Because… in what little I know of you, I suppose I see some similarities to things I have experienced.

Victor scoffs.

Velameestra Windrunner says: And you are not responsible for a mistake I made. So holding animosity against you is not… it’s not worth it, nor would it be justified.

Victor sighs.

Victor Prestor says: I suppose you’re right. At the moment, I suppose I can agree. You’re right. I don’t trust you, Velameestra, I don’t know when that’s going to change, or if it ever will, but at the moment… I… appreciate the help.
Velameestra Windrunner says: For what it’s worth, I’m not fond of blind trust anyway. It’s easy to get caught up in my own head. I know that. Others questioning things I’m doing means I can look at things from other perspectives.
Victor Prestor says: Well you shan’t have to worry about unquestioned loyalty from myself. A gift, perhaps. For what it’s worth, I guess that’s another thing you and I have in common. Unquestioned loyalty in my life normally means that they seek something, be it a favor from my father or myself. From you, perhaps, it’s not from that. Perhaps it’s from empathy, a trait I didn’t expect to see in an ice queen like yourself, Velameestra, yet here it is. Perhaps a loyalty to your shared comrades. I don’t know for certain, and with what you’re telling me, perhaps there’s more truth to it. But at the moment, I’ll just have to take that at face value.

Vel nods.

Velameestra Windrunner says: I… also wanted to inform you that I will be telling Uther. About what I did. I already told Gil.

Victor furrows his brow.

Victor Prestor says: And why would you do that?
Velameestra Windrunner says: Because sometimes I want my friends to know who I actually am. Rather than whatever idealized perception they happen to have.

Victor almost chuckles.

Victor Prestor says: And, what happens when his unquestioned loyalty immediately causes him to forgive you?
Velameestra Windrunner says: Then I’ll tell him he’s wrong, and that any leader should have a healthy degree of skepticism even if he does trust me.

This time Victor does laugh.

Victor Prestor says: Oh dear. Velameestra, I really don’t know you, do I?
Velameestra Windrunner says: Your experience with me was a period of two weeks and our brief stint in Durnholde.
Victor Prestor says: I suppose I thought I had you pegged. My mistake. You seem to be full of more surprises than I anticipated. And I suppose I mean that in a good way.

Vel offers another small nod.

Velameestra Windrunner says: I’ll leave you to the evening.
Victor Prestor says: Right. For what it’s worth, I appreciate your candor. And you’ve proven that… regardless of my personal feelings, Velameestra, I am glad that you’re here.
Velameestra Windrunner says: I endeavor to help where I can. As is, given Vincent will be leaving us, I suppose there’s a certain role that needs filled.
Victor Prestor says: The bastards won’t find themselves, after all.
Velameestra Windrunner says: And as I said, there’s not a place on Azeroth they can hide.
Victor Prestor says: I’m inclined to believe you. Now we just need to follow through. Good evening, Velameestra.
Velameestra Windrunner says: Good evening.

Victor retreats back to his room and closes the door slowly. Vel, meanwhile, heads down to her study.

She opts to try and send Vereesa.

Velameestra Windrunner says: Spoke with Kael'thas at summit. Optimistic time frame for ban'dinoriel: 3 months. Likely will drop sooner. Effects from corrupted Sunwell are being felt outside.
Vereesa Windrunner says: Wonderful. I suppose it’s good we may have found unexpected allies. We may be able to evacuate civilians once it drops.

Vel acknowledges the response, and after some hesitation, she opts to try and target Levia in Silvermoon.

Velameestra Windrunner says: Just checking in. You... don't need to respond, if you don't want to. If this connects, I'll know you're alive.

There’s a moment, but finally there’s a response.

Levia Blackflight says: I’m alright.

It was more of a response than Vel has gotten in the last three months.

Satisfied, she winds up falling asleep in her study.

December 3rd

The next morning, Vel awakes covered with a blanket. It’s unknown who covered her.

The shutters buckle from a strong wind. Early in the morning, Lee arrives with a thick black cloak. Vel invites her in and offers her some coffee, as Gil had some things to take care of that morning before they left.

Lee Hal says: Ah, yeah, sure. You sure that’s alright?
Velameestra Windrunner says: Yes, why wouldn’t it be?

Lee enters and hangs up her cloak, rubbing her hands. She also takes note of Gil and recognizes him. She had met him again in capital city the second night he spent with Relhana a few months ago. They greet each other and Lee takes a moment to admire the manor.

Victor comes down the stairs and sees her.

Victor Prestor says: Ah! You must be our criminal contact!

Lee blinks.

Lee Hale says: Uh. You must be… his Highness. It’s a pleasure to meet you, Prince Victor.
Victor Prestor says: Right. We can dispense with the pleasantries. Don’t worry, I intend to turn a blind eye to whatever I know about you, which is woefully little at the moment. If you can assist us in what we’re doing, that’s good enough for the time being. And frankly, I didn’t care for Aedelas enough to follow up on any bounties, so you have nothing to be afraid of.
Lee Hale says: You are… most kind, your Highness.

Lee holds up a cup of coffee in Victor’s direction.

Lee Hale says: Do you…?
Victor Prestor says: Sure.

Victor takes the cup of coffee and drinks it, probably faster than he should.

Victor Prestor says: I don’t understand how anyone can drink this stuff, it’s terrible.
Velameestra Windrunner says: It’s not about the taste, it’s about what it does.
Gilveradin Windrunner says: That’s what a drug addict says.
Victor Prestor says: That’s what an alcoholic says.
Velameestra Windrunner says: Technically the contents of coffee could be considered a drug, I suppose.
Gilveradin Windrunner says: Yeah, but nothing fun.
Velameestra Windrunner says: It’s practical, Gilveradin, I thought you had somewhere to be?
Gilveradin Windrunner says: I do! You’re right.

Gil goes up to wake up Elissa and flips her out of bed. Ara’shel also jumps on her to wake her up.

Gilveradin Windrunner says: Elissa.
Elissa Cross says: Yeaaah?
Gilveradin Windrunner says: I need you to not react to this. Remember the tree? Krasus has a connection to that.
Elissa Cross says: Really?
Gilveradin Windrunner says: Yeah, he’s one of the words in that tree’s name.

Elissa’s eyes widen.

Elissa Cross says: I don’t think he’s a leaf or a tree, so that only leaves one option. Are you telling me he’s a dragon?
Gilveradin Windrunner says: Maybe don’t say that.
Elissa Cross says: Sorry. How did you find that out?
Gilveradin Windrunner says: I didn’t.
Elissa Cross says: He just told you?
Gilveradin Windrunner says: I didn’t say that either. It’s a story. I’ll tell you later.
Elissa Cross says: Alright. As long as this guy is a good guy and you trust him, I suppose I’ll trust him too.

They go and fetch Seria, and she shapeshifts into a raven, and they make their way to Krasus’s office. They knock and Krasus invites them in.

Archmage Krasus says: Gil! Good to see you again. You came just in time. I have a meeting soon. This is the woman you spoke to me about earlier, yes?

Gil nods. Krasus gives a brief introduction.

Elissa Cross says: It’s a pleasure to meet you, Sir Krasus, I’m lady Elissa Cross, it’s a pleasure to meet you.
Archmage Krasus says: There’s no need for formality, girl, it’s alright.
Gilveradin Windrunner says: I’m surprised you haven’t gotten used to meeting people with titles.
Elissa Cross says: I’ve never met an archmage like this before. I know Jaina is an archmage, but this is… different.
Archmage Krasus says: Because she’s not a dragon.

Elissa nods.

Archmage Krasus says: I suppose that would be different. I assume you told one or both already, and the information I am to reveal may have suggested as much. It’s better to cut out the middle man.

Gil agrees and comments its a breath of fresh air after dealing with magisters.

Archmage Krasus says: Those that have power go to great lengths to protect it. It’s a natural circumstance. Nevertheless, we’re here to speak of your own magic. Miss Elissa, Gilveradin explained to me briefly about your magical gifts. Could you tell me about them?
Elissa Cross says: Well it started about 9 months ago when his highness and the others stumbled into Last Crossing…

She rambles really quickly through the story of how she used her magic to heal. Krasus nods and listens.

Archmage Krasus says: Would you do me the honor of showing me?

Elissa nods and cracks her knuckles. She takes a deep breath, and there’s a faint golden glow in her eyes, and a soft minty light appears around her hands. Spectral vines start to curl around her fingers as she uses one of her abilities.

As she opens her eyes again, the magic releases and the vines fade away.

Archmage Krasus says: That is curious, and ultimately, unique. Not entirely like any magic I’ve seen. It has similarities with your own magic.

He looks at the raven-form Seria.

Archmage Krasus says: But with elements of the magic wielded by those of the Light’s faith. Paladins. Priests. It’s a curious combination. I’ve seen magics something like this in the past, but never so uniquely entwined with nature in such a distinctive capacity. You seem to have quite the gift, Miss Cross.
Elissa Cross says: Thank you.
Archmage Krasus says: During your story, you mentioned your father. He was a soldier in the military of Lordaeron. He did not have any of these abilities?
Elissa Cross says: No sir.
Archmage Krasus says: What of your mother?
Elissa Cross says: I… I never knew her, sir.
Archmage Krasus says: I see. That is quite curious. And you’ve discovered nothing of her?

Elissa shakes her head.

Gilveradin Windrunner says: Elissa. You should tell him the whole thing with your mother.
Elissa Cross says: She left when I was very young. I don’t remember her. Just fleeting images. But my father doesn’t remember her either.

Krasus squints.

Archmage Krasus says: Is that true? That’s curious. I know of some magics that could do such things. Potent memory modification. Things within the realms of capabilities with powerful mages. It’s possible your mother or someone else used it to erase those memories. That is feasible. I suppose that only leaves the question as to why.
Elissa Cross says: Is there a way to reverse it?
Archmage Krasus says: Yes. Sufficient magics could. Any sort of restoration magics, or as it is in the same purview of hexes and the like, spells that can lift curses as well may be able to help. If you’re able to access such magics, or find someone who can, you can likely restore your father’s memory. That could be the first step to learning, and perhaps more of the truth of your magic.

Elissa lights up.

Elissa Cross says: Thank you so much! I didn’t know there was a way to do that!
Archmage Krasus says: Do not get too excited. It’s possible it could have from another source. The pinpointedness of it leads me to assume magic, but it could be another answer. I sincerely hope this can help you.

Without even thinking, Elissa immediately runs forward and hugs Krasus, then realizes what she did and quickly apologizes.

Krasus laughs it off and says it was fine, just unexpected. He then looks at Seria.

Archmage Krasus says: And if you’ve come, I suppose you also have questions.

Seria puffs up and then transforms, and Krasus regards her curiously.

Archmage Krasus says: So what can I do for you?
Seria says: It seems like one of the questions is good.
Archmage Krasus says: At times it’s better to not obfuscate the info, and Gilveradin brought you here, so he trusts you. And if you tried to divulge it, I would just have it disbelieved.
Gilveradin Windrunner says: It’s true. Not many people would just believe that.
Archmage Krasus says: Not to mention the limited outlets a half-troll has. The wounds between trolls and elves run deep, for understandable reasons. But you said one of your questions. I will do what I can for the others.
Seria says: Well. You’re da one that wanted to know my story.
Archmage Krasus says: I do. And if you’re willing to share, I’m glad to hear it. Quite frankly, I was not aware that druidism had made it to any of the trollish tribes.
Seria says: Der really aren’t that many.
Archmage Krasus says: So you’re one of a rare few.

Seria nods.

Archmage Krasus says: I’d be curious to know how you learned to change your shape in such a way, and channel the magics of nature.
Seria says: I learned it from my mother, and she learned it from a friend.
Archmage Krasus says: Do you know where the friend learned it, if you’d be willing to share? I have no desire to push you to reveal more information than you feel comfortable.
Seria says: From what my mother said, she learned it from the Loa.
Archmage Krasus says: I see. That makes a deal of sense. From what little I know personally, that answers some questions. Thank you. Your mother, she was a troll, yes?

Seria nods.

Archmage Krasus says: And I assume her teacher as well, as she learned it from a Loa.
Seria says: Correct.
Archmage Krasus says: Interesting. Unfortunately, there is not a great deal I can tell or show you. The magics I am familiar with are slightly different. But I can perhaps point you in a vague direction, but a direction nonetheless.

Seria raises an eyebrow.

Archmage Krasus says: I am, as I mentioned, a dragon, a red dragon to be specific. There are other flights amongst us. There is a flight, one whose purview is nature. One of druidism and the very powers you have. Those green of scale. They perhaps may be able to teach you more. I’ll have you know, the children of Ysera are… reclusive. More so than most other dragon flights. Rare is the time they spend in this world, and rarely is that time spent among the waking world. But if you happen to find any, perhaps they will be able to share more information than I could.
Seria says: Dat’s good to know.
Archmage Krasus says: I only hope it can guide you on your path. Was there anything else any of you wished to know? I have a small amount of time before I need to meet in the Chamber of Air.

Elissa shakes her head.

Elissa Cross says: You’ve already told me plenty. Thank you again, for your time.
Archmage Krasus says: Not a problem. Gil, I’ll keep in touch. I’ll try to check in at least once a week if I can.

Gil nods.

Archmage Krasus says: Do you know how much longer you’ll be in Dalaran?
Gilveradin Windrunner says: I know we’re leaving later today to head into Alterac. We should be back in roughly a week.
Archmage Krasus says: Very well. I shall perhaps see you then, and I’ll check in once before then, if I can.
Gilveradin Windrunner says: I understand you’re fairly busy.
Archmage Krasus says: That is an understatement, but yes. Nonetheless, I intend on making good to my promise to you. Good luck on your travels, if there’s nothing else you need.

Gil looks at Elissa.

Gilveradin Windrunner says: I’m glad you were able to give her a direction.
Elissa Cross says: I’m glad you were able to help. Maybe when we get back to last Crossing, we can restore his memories. Thank you again.

She bows, and Krasus nods as they leave. Seria turns back into a raven.

Gil holds back for a second and asks Krasus about the potential for half-dragons, and Krasus says to his knowledge he doesn’t believe it possible.

Gil also asks what the consort thing means, such as if they are married to each other, or more of a harem situation.

Krasus laughs and explains that they are the Queen’s advisers, protectors, and mates, however, they do not have any strong connection with the others beyond an almost sibling-like kinship. There’s no jealousy or competition.

Vel goes and gets a commission started on a set of studded leather armor. Lee accompanies her. She also stops by the Explorer’s League to follow the lead Krasus had given Gil, and the young dwarf there says he can send the word out, and she can check back in when she gets back to see if any of their anthropologists returned.

Remnii had greeted Lee upon seeing her before she left with Vel. As the party reconvenes to get moving, Remnii goes to speak with Victor. He’s currently in the back yard running through some sword drills.

Victor Prestor says: You know, we can grab some training sticks.

Remnii laughs.

Remnii says: Victor. I am hardly good with my staff, let alone a sword. I’ve hit an orc once.

Victor sheathes the blade.

Victor Prestor says: That’s more than I hit, so you’re winning in that category.
Remnii says: I admire anyone with combat prowess. But. Before you go. I’m likely going to tell everyone, but I believe it would be most prudent for me to stay and learn common. If that’s okay with you, anyway.
Victor Prestor says: I don’t see a problem. All we’re doing right now is climbing mountains and visiting clandestine organizations. The fun is yet to come, and it would be good for you to speak common.
Remnii says: With the stakes already up there, as you humans say, I’m burning so many resources to communicate with all of you. And I cannot continue. Also, it is good to see someone of my kind again. A few months apart, and… yeah. But. Before we go, I did want to offer you something in the way of… this time has put you under duress from the moment I met you. And there is much to be done.

She holds out a hand, and there is a gem on a leather cord.

Remnii says: This has helped a number of my dearest loved ones to know there is life beyond heartache, revenge, or the very day.

It’s the periapt of wound closure.

Remnii says: It has been passed around quite a bit.
Victor Prestor says: Remnii, you don’t need to give me anything like this.
Remnii says: I do not give this because I need to, I do it because you are not alone, and sometimes it can be nice to have something to hold onto. And if you don’t want it, give it back when you feel better.
Victor Prestor says: I’m told it’s poor luck to refuse a gift, so, thank you. For what it’s worth, I appreciate it. What exactly does this do?

Remnii explains, and Victor places it around his neck.

Victor Prestor says: Thank you.
Remnii says: It is no problem.
Victor Prestor says: Well good luck with your studies in the meantime.
Remnii says: I am not the fastest learner in a city of wizards.
Victor Prestor says: A bit unfair judgement.
Remnii says: We all have gifts. But Victor, of course I’ll be there to see everyone off, but be well, and try to take care of yourself. Do not lose heart.
Victor Prestor says: Don’t lose heart. I’ll try not to. But anyways, that’s enough over sentimentality for one morning.
Remnii says: Ah, yes, reputation and all.
Esara Verrinde says: It’s too late, your highness. You’ve been spotted.

Esara smirks from where she had materialized out of the doorway.

Victor Prestor says: Ah. Whatever will I do?
Esara Verrinde says: Well, you can draw that sword of yours and we can get a few rounds of practice in. And if you win, I won’t tell anyone.
Victor Prestor says: Very well.

They draw their swords and begin to spar. Remnii sits and watches them spar for a bit.

The group has a quick lunch, and the group prepares to leave. Vel conjures two phantom steeds, one for her and one for Victor.

They then set off after Remnii sees them off.

The first day, they pass without incident.

That evening, Vel approaches Esara about starting to learn some of her techniques in sword play.

Esara Verrinde says: I thought you’d never ask! So you really want to start to learn this, do you?
Velameestra Windrunner says: Yes. I think it would be wise.
Esara Verrinde says: Well, lets start with a bit of a history lesson. I don’t know everything, you’ll have to ask Kilnar once we get her out of Silvermoon as she has more of the concrete details. I just know that she stumbled upon this art in one of the many pieces of literature she found. From what she was able to glean, this combat style was a style of casting and martial conflict that was used by our people a very, very long time ago. Way before Silvermoon. I imagine it might date as far as back to that empire with Azshara she was talking about. The details aren’t exactly there, but she figured out enough about how it operated that she was able to piece together how it works. She calls it bladesinging.
Velameestra Windrunner says: ...Bladesinging?
Esara Verrinde says: Don’t worry, it doesn’t involve *actual* singing! Which is good because my singing voice is not the best--certainly not the worst, but there are better ones out there. But there is a certain art to it. The general idea is to focus your mana and your energy into your sword and the soles of your feet. By using that you can move more swiftly. You can perform arts and acts with a blade that would perhaps tire even the most seasoned warrior. By using this magic it causes a slight, almost… it’s hard to explain. Almost a vibration, a tingling, in your feet, your hands, and in your blade itself. That harmony when you affix it to your magic and swordsmanship almost sings. Hence the name bladesong. I suppose it’s a bit poetic, but what can you expect from Kilnar?
Velameestra Windrunner says: It’s true.
Esara Verrinde says: I can start to show you the basics. You’re a pretty quick learner… I have a feeling that after a week or two of hard practice you may be able to pick it up.
Velameestra Windrunner says: I suppose there’s only one way to find out.
Esara Verrinde says: Quite so! Shall we start? We won’t have much time on the road, but we can at least touch on the basics!

Vel nods, and Esara starts to teach her some of the basic theory of bladesinging. She explains the unity of spell and sword almost allows one to have an ease of motion and movement that has a lot of benefits, effectively dancing through a battlefield. At one point, Esara just straight up tumbles beneath Vel’s feet while they are practicing, highlighting the mobility and ease of movement she has. She also demonstrates the rhythmic humming of the blade and the sharpened magical focus the techniques allow.

She also starts to have Vel wear weights to fine-tune her body to wear armor, and get used to moving with more ease. There are also stories of Esara’s training and Finnall’s training. Finnall had taken her own training in a very different direction, though Esara had stayed fairly true to the art.

December 4th

The second day they pass through Hillsbrad and make it to the main road that continues onward.

December 5th

When they get to the crossroads past Hillsbrad, they see a figure slumped against the sign post nearby. It’s a very cold and windy day.

Vel hops off her phantom steed to investigate. It’s a young woman in her early-to-mid 20s, and she seems to be exhibiting signs of exposure. There’s an arrow in her thigh. Vel calls for Gil, and he hops down and starts a small fire. Elissa hops down to heal her.

Messenger Woman says: I have to go!

She gasps and clutches the wound on her leg.

Elissa Cross says: Easy.
Gilveradin Windrunner says: Sorry to tell you, I don’t think you’re going anywhere right now.

There is a small pin on the woman’s cloak. It’s the symbol of Alterac, and she has a messenger bag at her side.

Messenger Woman says: I have to go. I have to get to Durnholde. I’m feeling better already, ahhh!

She grabs her thigh.

Elissa Cross says: Please stop, you’re going to make it worse.
Gilveradin Windrunner says: What do you need delivered to Durnholde?

The woman fumbles in her bag. She pulls a small missive from it, and it’s sealed with a wax seal. Victor looks at it.

Victor Prestor says: That’s the seal of Southshore.
Messenger Woman says: It’s a message from the magistrate. From Magistrate Maleb. It’s for Lord Blackmoore. At Durnholde. His eyes only. I don’t know what it contains, but I need to get there, and judging from this bolt in my thigh, someone didn’t want it to reach him.

Lee is standing by, keeping an eye out. Gil tries to sense people around, and there are some around in small concentrations.

Velameestra Windrunner says: Were you going by foot?
Messenger Woman says: No. I… I had a horse. It died from its wounds. It’s a bit further south. I tried walking but I didn’t get far.
Velameestra Windrunner says: So you were attacked near here?
Messenger Woman says: About a mile south down the road. I think I lost them… but… I don’t know where…
Uther Menethil says: We have to get her out of here. While we can heal her injuries that bolt may have caused something more serious.
Victor Prestor says: There’s a guard tower a bit further east. We are heading in the direction of Durnholde, yes?
Lee Hale says: Yes. But it is a slight detour. If you’re alright, it’s not exceptionally out of the way. If you want to make that journey we could. It may not be bad to look into this. It may have something to do with the Syndicate.

Vel looks back to the injured woman as Uther moves to remove any poisons that may have been present.

Velameestra Windrunner says: Did you see who attacked you?

The woman shakes her head.

Messenger Woman says: I didn’t see them. They were hidden in the trees and I was too focused on riding hard once I heard crossbows going off.

Vel looks back to the group.

Velameestra Windrunner says: It seems important. We should probably get the missive to Durnholde. Lee, do you mind a co-rider?
Lee Hale says: Sure. I can make sure she’s safe. It’s about two days to Durnholde. Do you think it would be too late for this missive to arrive by then?
Messenger Woman says: I don’t know… but the sooner the better. If you do this, Alterac and, hell, the whole damn Alliance would be grateful. The Magistrate was insistent this get to him. And quick. Thank you… for helping. For saving my life at the very least. Thank you.

Uther helps the messenger woman up and gets her up on the back of Lee’s horse.

Lee Hale says: Hang on tight. I’ll try not to go too fast.

The woman wraps her arms around Lee and the group takes off. They stop at the nearby guard tower to get the woman medical attention before heading off for a bit longer before camping.

December 7th

They see Durnholde in the distance when they stop. It’s flying the banner of Alterac and the banner of the Blackmoore house. Vel and Victor exchange a fleeting glance as they approach.

Durnholde as a whole seems to be more mirthful than it was previously, though the word from up north has left an undercurrent of worry. However, it’s significantly less shady. The arena is still there, but it’s closed and undergoing renovations. It is going to be something very different when it opens: it’s going to be a place for soldiers and knights to try their skills against each other and various beasts in the wild for compensation, instead of a place where prisoners are set against each other. The prison will still be maintained, but it’s a much better situation.

An older knight greets them.

Veteran Knight says: Your Highness! It’s good to see you. You just missed Lord Aiden. I can send a messenger to retrieve him if you wish an audience.
Victor Prestor says: Where is he?
Veteran Knight says: He just left north of the keep. After the change of management of the keep, he saw fit to purchase a small cottage outside the keep for lady Taretha. I believe he’s going to see her now.

Victor looks to the others.

Veteran Knight says: Her cottage is maybe a quarter mile north if you wish to speak with him.
Gilveradin Windrunner says: We can be off.
Veteran Knight says: Aye. We’ll see you when you return.

They head to the north gate and start to head in the direction of the cottage. They follow the snowy path, and they see a small group of Durnholde guards on horseback currently speaking. There are five of them. One is a knight, the others are footmen.

Victor approaches.

The knight hails him.

Victor Prestor says: Gentlemen! Did Lord Blackmoore head this way?
Roadside Knight says: Aye, he did. He’s seeing his mother. He asked not to be disturbed.

Vel feels like there’s a hunch of some sort. Like something is a bit strange. There’s a gut feeling. Gil also senses that something is not right.

Gilveradin Windrunner says: We will not be disturbing him for long. It’s just to deliver a missive.
Roadside Knight says: Of course. He asked not to be disturbed, but this is a free road. I won’t stop you.
Gilveradin Windrunner says: Was his guard with him?

Roadside knight: He did not travel with a guard.

Gil looks back to Victor.

Gilveradin Windrunner says: Is that unusual?
Victor Prestor says: I can’t say… for some. I can’t say for all. He’s going to see his mother I suppose it could go either way. Though these men are rather well informed.
Velameestra Windrunner says: As they said, it is a free road.

The group rides past, keeping an eye on the group. There’s a degree of tension in the air. Vel approaches Gil and asks him if he can sense how many people are about. Gil starts to do such.

As Gil starts to channel, there’s a grunt, and in front of them Victor is thrown from his mount. There is blood on his gorget. He’s still conscious.

At that moment, swords are drawn, and the five mounted individuals come riding in.

Out of the corner of Gil’s eye, he also sees a glint from the trees, and a crossbow bolt comes streaking out of the woods and flies right past Elissa.

One of the imposters rides forward and attacks Gil, who is perched atop Indomitable with Esara. One of the assassins takes a shot at Esara, but the bolts go wide.

The false knight runs in and smacks Uther, but Uther is also able to keep mounted.

Lee dives into cover and tries to snipe the soldier that went for Gil. He gets smacked off his horse and drops immediately, and the horse he was mounted on flees.

Another soldier attacks Elissa, and the first attack connects, but she blocks the second with her shield. She then uses bless on Seria, Uther, Gil, and Vel.

Ara’shel attempts to spook one of the horses, but the horse ignores him.

Another assassin leaps to Victor, and swings around on him. Another one goes for Elissa. Another goes for Esara.

Seria flies up and over the soldier, and then immediately transforms into a massive polar bear. All the horses whinny and try to buck their riders. One of them succeeds and its rider goes tumbling as it flees.

Gil dismounts and moves out of the chaotic middle of the battle and fires at the false knight, planting an arrow.

Victor gets to his feet and draws his sword, swinging at the spy that attacked him. He trips the spy up and then follows up with a second blow.

Esara blinks off of indomitable and appears on the horse behind another soldier. Unfortunately, she is unable to land a hit as he panics.

Elissa’s horse, Daisy, attempts to trample one of the spies. She then attempts to flee, and a hidden spy attempts to attack Daisy

Vel raises her hand above her head and spectral chains momentarily manifest on the limbs of several of the soldiers and the knight, and disperse, leaving magical frost restricting their movements.

Radiant attacks the knight, stomping on him, and Uther follows up on the spy that attacked Victor, smiting the spy to death. Uther then casts green-flame blade, swinging over onto the false knight and taking him down also.

One of the soldiers attempts to flee aboard his horse. Elissa strikes at him, and the attack fails to connect, and Seria also whirls around on the rider, connecting and ripping open a gashing wound.

Indomitable then takes off on his radiant wings after the retreating soldier, attempting to kick him in the face. The soldier attempts to get control of his horse, but Indomitable crushes him then follows up on the one over Elissa.

The soldier with Esara attempts to grapple her, trying to throw her off the horse. However, she grabs onto him and ducks out of the way.

Ara’shel goes to help Victor.

Lee runs over to the downed spy and promptly assassinates him.

The soldier with Esara is knocked off his horse, and Esara flips off, sticking her landing.

Vel blinks off the back of her phantom steed and manifests immediately behind the spy attacking Victor. She reaches out and grabs the spy’s arm, digging her nails into his flesh, and an icy chill runs through his limbs as the cold takes hold. An icy storm manifests around her.

Seria runs at the spy in the trees and swings at him. He screams as Seria tears into his jugular.

Gil heals Victor and then shoots the soldier at his feet straight through the head. He’s dead.

With his other attack, Gil shoots at the spy at Victor, but it goes wide. However, Victor follows up on the spy he’s fighting and runs him through, twisting his sword, and then dropping the would-be-assassin back into the snow storm.

Victor then looks at Vel.

Victor Prestor says: I think this is one of those things I need to ask you about later.

He then looks to the rest of the battle. However, Indomitable drops the last one.

Lee tells the group to go ahead as she’ll take care of the cleanup. They all remount and then charge ahead, with Seria barreling after them as a bear.

Up ahead, Aiden is walking down the path. As they charge through, he turns to look at them, and Seria and Gil both get a whiff of venom. Gil sees a shadowy figure waiting to jump down on Aiden.

Victor Prestor says: Lord Aiden, I believe you might be in danger!

On cue, Gil fires a shot at the assassin in the tree, and the blow connects. The assassin curses just in time to take another arrow to the chest.

Indomitable also swoops in, taking Esara with him.

Aiden whirls around, sees the assassin, and braces himself.

Aiden Blackmoore says: Assassin? Here!? Everyone, be careful!
Lurking Assassin says: That’s right, lordling, and I’m here to complete my mission.

He vanishes into the trees before appearing on the opposite side. He buries the first blade into his side and attempts to jab the second blade into Aiden.

Radiant charges in with Uther, as does Elissa on Daisy. She uses flash of light to heal Aiden.

Seria, still shapeshifted, grabs Vel and swoops into the charge. Uther hurls his hammer at assassin, and the blow connects with a flash of holy light.

Vel then runs forward at Aiden with a quick apology.

Aiden Blackmoore says: Velameestra? Is that--?

Before he can even finish, Vel pushes him through a portal that materializes, and they dimension door back to safety. Esara then follows suit, engaging the assassin.

Gil zephyr strikes to a better angle, and fires an arrow at the assassin. And another one. The assassin gets an arrow in the eye, and he curses loudly and tries to flee, and then there’s the sound of musket fire. The assassin is on the ground, bleeding profusely, and his kneecap is bleeding profusely.

Taretha Foxton, Aiden’s mother, is standing over him with a steaming blunderbuss.

Taretha Foxton says: No one tries to assassinate my boy.

She looks at the group.

Taretha Foxton says: A sight for sore eyes. It’s been some time everyone! Are you alright? I heard the commotion.

Not a long distance away is a cottage.

Lord Aiden approaches.

Aiden Blackmoore says: Right in time as always, mother.
Taretha Foxton says: Aiden! You look terrible!
Aiden Blackmoore says: I’m fine.
Uther Menethil says: You don’t look fine.

Uther cures him with lay on hands. Gil also goes over and heals Victor.

Not too long after they have a moment to catch their breath, a few real soldiers ride in pursuing the commotion.

Aiden confirms he’s alright, and he thanks the group for saving his life again.

Gilveradin Windrunner says: It’s good we came here to deliver a message to you.
Aiden Blackmoore says: A message?

He comes over to retrieve the envelope. There’s a laugh and he starts to read it.

Aiden Blackmoore says: Lord Aiden Blackmoore, it has come to my attention that a group of assassins may have targeted you for elimination. It appears a group of assassins have taken an interest in taking your head… etcetera. Etcetera. Well. This got here just in time. I’ll have to thank the magister for his timely warning.
Taretha Foxton says: If any of you are interested, I prepared a small dinner for my son and I, but I could probably whip something up for you all, it’s the least I could do.
Aiden Blackmoore says: I think that sounds good. Though I wonder what brings you here, especially you, your highness.
Victor Prestor says: A long story, my lord. We are passing through right now, but what say all of you? Shall we stay at lady Foxton’s, or should we keep moving.
Taretha Foxton says: I am not sure if I have anything that will meet the palette of your friend, but he appears to be your friend, yes?

She looks at the elves.

Gilveradin Windrunner says: She’ll eat anything.
Taretha Foxton says: Oh. Excellent.

Aiden tells the guards to round up any survivors, including the assassin, who was stabilized and taken into custody.

Vel walks over to Seria and thanks her for the lift, and Seria gives a silent look asking if it’s safe to transform back. Vel nods, and she shifts back.

Lee comes sauntering out of the trees with a horse by the reins.

Lee Hale says: You know. That explains a few questions I had, but raises a lot more.

She’s looking at Seria.

Taretha leads them to her cottage. It’s a very nice cottage. Taretha herself also looks a lot happier. Day and night is not even enough to describe it.

They spend the evening with them.

Meanwhile, back in Dalaran, Remnii is spending time learning common. About four days in, Remnii gets a sending from Natalie.

Natalie Seline says: Remnii. I’m glad you’re still there. Listen. I’m going to look into some things. I don’t know what will happen. I’ll try to stay in contact as long as I can. How long will you be in Dalaran?
Remnii says: Please do be safe. I will be here for a week or two maximum trying to finish common.
Natalie Seline says: Good good. In time, after she speaks with her people, I will be going to the site of queen Prestor’s murder to divine the activities that occurred there.
Remnii says: Please do let me know what you find. There is little I can do to help besides learn. Be safe.
Natalie Seline says: Learning is all we can do right now. And we will get to the bottom of this. But if my hunch is correct, this could go deeper than we think.
Remnii says: Somehow, I imagined this might be this complex. While I do not know much, this seems too convenient somehow. I will continue to stress, be safe.
Natalie Seline says: I will. Hopefully by peering into the past we can reveal the truth of the present. Stay safe. Be vigilant. Remember your teaching.
Remnii says: I will. If we are on the move, I will let you know where we are going. What is happening has many moving parts. The rest of the party is on another lead. Something called Ravenholdt.

Near the end of the week, on day six, Remnii gets a sending on her sending stone from Arthak’s stone.

Mysterious Voice says: Remnii. You don’t know me, but I know of you. I have something to tell you. Meet me at the fountain in Dalaran. Bring company if you wish. Be discreet. It’s about Yrel.
Remnii says: This reeks of a trap. Particularly with the ban’dinoriel still standing. And yet. It’s the kind of trap I would fall for. I will be there. I don’t know your voice. Are you of the Legion? Your answer will not change my presence by the fountain.
Mysterious Voice says: I am not. But my client is. I’m here to deliver a message. And to assist. As per his wishes.

The sun is down. She goes to knock on Raluhi and Rhonin’s doors.

Rhonin Windrunner says: What can I help you with? Do you have the spell up now or are you practicing?

She uses tongues.

Remnii says: This is something that is not worth practicing on. Can I come in?
Rhonin Windrunner says: Yes. Come in. You look like you saw a ghost.
Remnii says: Before I left the captivity of the Burning Legion, the only non-krokul member… well, someone was taken from me, as she attempted to rescue me. She is long gone. Likely far off world. But. I believe I was contacted by someone from the Legion.
Rhonin Windrunner says: How did they find you?
Remnii says: I made two sending stones before I left. I have some contacts behind the barrier that are not from this world. One of them has fallen into another set of hands somehow. And… and I… they want to meet by the fountain. There is no way I cannot go.
Rhonin Windrunner says: By the fountain? They must be… if there is a trap, they are a fool. It’s right next to the Violet Hold. It’s the top security place to hold things such as this. Demons… anything can be down there.
Remnii says: I would not be surprised this third party is definitely of the Legion, and I don’t know how prepared this world is for the highest power of demons. If this individual was able to get past the ban’dinoriel, and they are not an agent of these things, after this conversation I will determine if I should break my sending stone.
Rhonin Windrunner says: Do you need backup?
Remnii says: Yes. I will bring Raluhi as well. At least one other draenei should know what happened.
Rhonin Windrunner says: It’s okay, kid. You’re not alone. You got friends here. Let me get my cloak, my focus, my book. If this guy will try to pull something on you, he’ll get the Kirin Tor guard on his ass.

Raluhi gets the same information. He gets his things as well and uses disguise self. Rhonin puts on a cloak.

They head off under the lit lanterns of Dalaran. It’s a clear night, and the twin moons are high above. Finally, they see a solitary figure on the edge of the fountain. The fountain is a strange creature--it’s called a lion seal--with stone fish swimming around it.

The figure’s legs are stretched out, crossed, and hooved. His body is somewhat sinuous, not exceptionally bulky, like Azgadaan. However, it is very much the silhouette of an eredar.

He has a piece of parchment with a map on it.

Remnii says: That… is an eredar.

She whispers to Rhonin.

The eredar’s face is cloaked and cowled, and muted green eyes peer out from the hood. Rhonin and Raluhi split off, and the eredar taps the side of the fountain for Remnii to come over and sit.

Remnii sits down and crosses her legs.

Cloaked Eredar says: It’s good to finally meet you, Remnii. I see you did not come alone.
Remnii says: I did not not.
Cloaked Eredar says: Good. That proves a number of things. But I guarantee that you are far more a danger to me than I am of you.
Remnii says: You have me at a disadvantage.
Cloaked Eredar says: You can call me Val’zuun. I am here on behalf of a client.
Remnii says: Directly from the Legion, yes?

He nods.

Val’zuun says: It would be dangerous for my client to come. He would not be able to move undetected. Fortunately, my gifts are in concealing myself. Not in protecting myself. And that is why he has hired me to deliver this information. My client is an eredar by the name of Rakeesh. Do you know the name?
Remnii says: I do not believe I am familiar.
Val’zuun says: He is the high general of Lord Kil’jaeden’s armies.
Remnii says: There… are any number of reasons someone of the caliber would wish to speak with me. What does he want to say?
Val’zuun says: His exact reasons are for him to say. But. He has informed me that the prisoner Yrel is of importance to you. I suspected that would draw you here if that was the case. Yrel is being held on the prison world of Niskara. She was brought aboard the Felhammer, which is under the command of Imperator Talgath.

There is earnest grief on Remnii’s face.

Remnii says: I see.
Val’zuun says: She is, for I am told, alive. I can tell you that much. My client likely has further information. Sensitive information. He has a desire to speak with you. And he informed me he had a number of truths he wished to divulge. About the Legion. About the Draenei. About the eredar. About you. The nature of them eludes me.
Remnii says: I see. I’m assuming he is far beyond, if not at, the ban’dinoriel.
Val’zuun says: That I cannot say. I spoke with him in the Twisting Nether. I understand this stone was recovered from someone you had given it to.
Remnii says: Do you know the fate of the individual?
Val’zuun says: I am told he gave it willingly. I will keep the stone for the time being, but I will return it to my master when he requests it. Likely when he is prepared to meet you.
Remnii says: And what are the services you offer?
Val’zuun says: I am a purveyor of information. I buy and sell. Things that individuals wish to know, and I am always seeking further information. I can tell you that recently my client has found interest in seeking where the Prophet Velen is located. That information seems to be well-hidden.

Remnii nods.

Val’zuun says: Nonetheless, my information, while it comes at a price, I would be willing to sell it to you as well. If you have any queries for him, I will transfer that, as his expense. Speaking of expenses.

He drops a satchel in Remnii’s lap.

Val’zuun says: My client wishes you good fortune, but understands you are quite alone in this world. And if you are to succeed, then my client understands you will need to means to get others to operate freely. I am to believe this was catered to be useful in a number of ways, and he hopes you are successful in reuniting with Velen. I don’t know when he will contact you. However. If you were to reach out to him, I suspect that would not be something he would expect.

The man is staring straight forward this entire time.

The unmistakable sound of jewels and sand of some sort is inside the satchel. She puts it away.

Remnii says: Well then, Val’zuun. If Rakeesh knows anything about me, kindness goes a long way. Please pass it forward, that I will meet with him pending I don’t catch wind of where the draenei are located. If I do, it will be broken.
Val’zuun says: I was only able to find you through a series of obscure clues and contacts. I will not be selling that information.
Remnii says: Is that all then?
Val’zuun says: For the time being, yes. As I said. He will be contacting you in the future about the secrets he has supposedly divined.
Remnii says: I will contact you if I find something pertinent or if I am in need of… something. While I would ask how you got here, I suppose it’s rude to ask.

She looks at the keep.

Val’zuun hums to himself.

Val’zuun says: There are certain tricks of the trade I must keep. You understand. Is there anything you wish to communicate to my client?
Remnii says: Besides what I have already told you… if he knows anything about the stone and the individuals that surround themselves or the party that travel with the individual he got the stone from. If he harms them, this entire thing is off. And those are my two conditions to breaking my stone. Thank you for your time.

He nods, and fishes something else from his pocket.

Val’zuun says: I’m told it’s good luck to cast your wishes in this fountain. I do not buy into such things, but such a thing cannot do anything but help, if you are inclined.

He nods to Remnii then turns and leaves.

Remnii watches him go then fishes out a piece of orcish iron. She sighs, and flips one into the fountain. It plops into the depths.

Rhonin and Raluhi materialize.

Rhonin Windrunner says: Well. What did he say?
Remnii says: I would rather speak back at the manor.

They head back to the manor and explains what happens. Then she presents what she got.

Remnii says: Apparently I have a benefactor who is the high general of Kil’jaeden.

Raluhi spit-takes. Rhonin doesn’t know who that is. Remnii explains.

Rhonin Windrunner says: Oh. Shit.
Remnii says: So one at the approximate level of the White Tyrant is… is interested in speaking with me.
Rhonin Windrunner says: Yes. That’s concerning. I understand why you’d be concerned.
Remnii says: Raluhi. Do you know anything of this Rakeesh?

Raluhi knows nothing.

Inside the bag is a collection of gemstones that are worth about 500gp, and also about 500gp of diamond dust. She looks at Raluhi, and in draenic.

Remnii says [Draenic]: He willingly got that stone off of Arthak.
Raluhi says [Draenic]: There has to be a reason.
Remnii says [Draenic]: I… I have a reason that if one is pressure by someone with the same strength as Kil’jaeden…
Raluhi says [Draenic]: I’m not sure. Perhaps if we can contact one of them when the ban’dinoriel drops…
Remnii says [Draenic]: I have knowledge of some spells that will be helpful in the future. Now that I have a little bit more, I would not mind trying that one divination spells before retiring. I’m sure Vel and the others will be home soon.

Raluhi agrees, and Remnii cracks another crystal for divination.

Rhonin stays to watch curiously.

Remnii says [Draenic]: Will my vakas think of me tomorrow?

The dust swirls in the air for a brief moment. As it does, it creates a shape. And almost made of the dust there is a visage of Velen’s face smiling down at Remnii. She gets the sense the answer is yes.

Remnii says: He’s alive.

She starts to tear up and she squeezes Raluhi’s hand.

Remnii says: That is good enough for now. The search must continue. I scared myself when I said I might be the last at the war council. Thank you Rhonin, for your help this evening. And you Raluhi.
Rhonin Windrunner says: Anytime. Just glad I could help.
Remnii says: And you did.

Raluhi gives her a warm smile.

Raluhi says: Right. There are more lessons tomorrow, and it has been a very exciting day. Lets get some rest, everyone.

Remnii gives Rhonin and Raluhi both hugs.