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Year Azeroth Events Draenor and Nether Events
Year -147,000~ Arrival of the Titans

The Titans? arrive on the world of Azeroth and create the titanforged? to shape and protect it.

Year -65,000~ Font of Magic

The Titans create the Well of Eternity? from the wound left when Y'shaarj was torn from Azeroth's surface..

Year -25,000~ Rise of the Eredar
The eredar race on the planet Argus establish a utopian society marrying art, science, magic, and technology together as one.
Year -16,000~ The Aquir and Troll War

The trolls arise on primordial Kalimdor and establish their civilization, later forming the Empire of Zul to combat the aqir. The Aqir and Troll War ends with the defeat of the empire of Azj'Aqir, with the surviving remnants fleeing to form the colonies of Ahn'Qiraj, Azjol-Nerub and Manti'vess.

Year -15,000~ The Curse of Flesh and the Kaldorei
  • The Curse of Flesh affects the Dragonflayer vrykul, causing their offspring (whose descendants would later become known as humans) to be born stunted and weak.
  • The Curse of Flesh affects the mogu, who break apart into warrior clans and begin fighting amongst themselves in the Age of a Hundred Kings. Meanwhile, several new races — the hozen, jinyu and pandaren — settle in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. The mogu Lei Shen seizes power from Ra and founds the mogu empire, enslaving the other races in the region.
  • A tribe of dark trolls gradually migrate towards the heart of ancient Kalimdor and settle along the shores of the Well of Eternity. Over generations, the arcane energies emanating from the Well transform them into a new race of highly intelligent beings, who call themselves "kaldorei" ("Children of the Stars") or night elves.
Year -13,000~ The Highborne

The kaldorei begin to actively study and practice arcane magic. They bend magic to their will and use it to build beautiful cities, craft artifacts and reshape the land. Some kaldorei resist the lure to use the Well of Eternity's power and warn others of the dangers of abusing it. Their warnings go unheeded. A group of upper-class kaldorei begin to refer to themselves as the Highborne and revel in the use of magic.

Fall of the Eredar

Sargeras? corrupts most of the eredar on Argus? and convinces them to join his Burning Legion. However, with the help of a naaru?, Velen escapes through the Twisting Nether with the eredar that had decided to reject Sargeras's offer. They ultimately call themselves the draenei?, which means "exiled ones". Remnii is born and immediately put into a stasis during the escape of the draenei.

Year -11,600~ The Fall of Lei Shen

Lei Shen attempts to invade Uldum and seize the Forge of Origination for his empire, but is killed when Uldum's tol'vir guardians activate the Forge's destructive power. In the process, Uldum's lush jungles are scorched into a harsh desert. Lei Shen is followed by a succession of various mogu emperors.

Year -11,400~ Rise of Pandaria

Kang incites a slave revolution against the mogu, successfully overthrowing them and creating the Pandaren Empire.

Year -11,300~ The Zandalari Troll Wars

The Zandalari trolls, allies of the now-overthrown mogu, attempt to conquer a plot of land in Pandaria promised to them by Lei Shen. The invasion is repelled thanks to Jiang and the newly-founded Order of the Cloud Serpent.

Year -9,500~ War of the Ancients
  • Sargeras senses the Highborne's use of the Well of Eternity and decides to invade Azeroth. Corrupting Queen Azshara and her followers, a portal is opened through which the Burning Legion enters the world and lays waste to the night-elven civilization.
  • Emperor Shaohao, the last emperor of the Pandaren Empire, is told of the impending invasion by a jinyu waterspeaker. After purging himself of his emotional burdens, he becomes one with the land and isolates Pandaria behind a veil of thick mists, which protects it from the war and ensuing disasters but also keeps it hidden from the rest of the world for millennia.
  • Several night elves led by Malfurion Stormrage are able to destroy the Well of Eternity, preventing Sargeras from entering the world, and stopping the Legion's invasion.
  • Illidan Stormrage uses 3 phials of water from the Well of Eternity to create a magical fount on Mount Hyjal, at the foot of Nordrassil, the World Tree. He is imprisoned indefinitely for his betrayal.
Year -8,800~ The Expansion of the Night Elves

The burgeoning night elf society expands into the dense forests of Ashenvale. Tyrande Whisperwind positions the Sisterhood of Elune as the leaders of the night elf government and military. The Sentinels are created to protect their emergent society. Malfurion Stormrage begins to train other druids.

Year -8,700~ War of the Satyr

The satyr, under Lord Xavius, and the remnant of the Burning Legion strike back against the Night Elves, but are ultimately defeated.

Year -6,700~ The Exile of the High Elves

Dath'Remar Sunstrider and his followers are exiled from Kalimdor over disputes regarding arcane magic.

Year -6,200~ Founding of Quel'thalas

The high elven kingdom of Quel'Thalas is founded, and a new Well of Eternity is created by using a vial of water from the original. The new Well is named the Sunwell.

Year -3,900~ The Branches of Nordrassil

Without permission from the Cenarion Circle, Fandral Staghelm plants branches from Nordrassil in Duskwood, Hinterlands, Feralas, Crystalsong Forest, Ashenvale, and the last one in Grizzly Hills in order to stop saronite from spreading. The sapling in the Grizzly Hills is quickly corrupted and felled.

Year -2,400~ Rise of the Apexis

On Draenor, the arakkoa travel from Gorgrond to Arak. They create the Apexis civilization in their goddess Rukhmar's memory and begin to explore the world.

Year -2,200 First Troll Wars

The high elves of Quel'Thalas become involved in a brutal war against the Amani trolls native to the region. The human groups of the Eastern Kingdoms band together and form the nation of Arathor, which the high elves ultimately ally with after the risk of defeat in the conflict against the trolls becomes evident. In exchange for their aid, the high elves teach select humans magic, and the trolls are ultimately defeated. During the war,Rowan Greywolf is slain and placed into a suit of armor, and was later lost during the fighting.

Year -2,100~ Empire of Arathor

The kingdom of Arathor expands, founding settlements in Alterac, Lordaeron, Gilneas, Kul Tiras, and Dalaran.

Year -2,088 Guardians of Tirisfal

The reckless use of magic by humans begins to draw the attention of the Burning Legion once more. Demons begin to manifest in Azeroth. In response, Dalaran creates the Council of Tirisfal to secretly fight and contain the demons without spreading panic. Seventy years later, they discover a way to create the position of the Guardian of Tirisfal, a champion empowered with the strength to repel the legion. This guardian takes the mantle for a hundred years before passing it to another. Alodi becomes the first Guardian.

Year -1,900~ Awakening of the Dwarves
The dwarves awaken in Uldaman after succumbing to the Curse of Flesh and and found Khaz Modan and Ironforge.
Year -1,400~ Death of the Evergrowth
On Draenor, Gnarlgar rallies the Primals against the Apexis and creates a new Sporemound known as Taala. The Apexis annihilate the Primal army with the Breath of Rukhmar, permanently destroying the Evergrowth and preventing it from ever returning again, leading to a golden age of mortal civilization on Draenor.
Year -900~ Gurubashi Civil War
The Atal'ai Hakkari, followers of the loa of blood, Hakkar, rebel and try to rest control of Stranglethorn from the Gurubashi. With help from the Zandalari, they are defeated and forced into hiding.
Year -752

Kilnar Goldensword is born.

Year -611~ The Seven Kingdoms

The human empire of Arathor formally splits off into the kingdoms of Lordaeron, Alterac?, Gilneas?, Dalaran, and Stromgarde? north of Khaz Modan, and the kingdom that would later be known as Stormwind? is formed to the south, and the kingdom of Kul Tiras? is formed off the coast of Khaz Modan.

Apexis Civil War

The Apexis civilization is destroyed in a civil war. The Breath of Rukhmar explodes, shattering Arak's single spire into numerous smaller ones.

Year -500~ The Birth of the Centaur

The tauren inadvertently awaken the slumbering Princess Theradras, who drains the fertile lands of Mashan'she of energy, turning the region into a barren plain later called Desolace. Zaetar arrives to investigate but falls in love with Theradras, and from their union the centaur are born. After killing their father, the centaur proliferate across Desolace and begin hunting down the tauren, igniting a long and bloody war between the two races. Maraudon, the site of Zaetar's tomb, becomes treated as holy ground by the centaur.

Year -400~

Kaldorei Sentinel Nhemai is transformed into a satyr, and dies shortly after. She begins going by the name " Nyxxa" and her old name is forgotten.

Gorian Empire?

The ogres are taught arcane magic by the arakkoa and rebel against their ogron masters under the leadership of Gog Gronnslayer. The city of Goria is established, beginning the reign of the Gorian Empire.

Year -383 The War of the Shifting Sands

C'Thun and the qiraji awaken and march on northern Kalimdor. Fandral Staghelm leads night elves and dragons against the qiraji, pushing them back to the desert of Silithus. They are successful in sealing them within Ahn'Qiraj, but Fandral's son is slain in battle.

Year -331

Aegwynn? is born.

Year -311

Aegwynn is named the Guardian of Tirisfal.

Year -231

Aegwynn and the Dragon Hunt
The Guardian Aegwynn battles and defeats an avatar of Sargeras in the Dragonblight. She buries the remains of the avatar in the Tomb of Sargeras in the sunken ruins of Suramar. Sargeras' spirit, however, hides itself inside Aegwynn.

Year -220 Rise of the Orc Clans

The orcs emerge from the subterranean caverns of Gorgrond and begin to spread across Draenor, forming various clans. The first shamans from the Shadowmoon Clan are taught the ways of the elements.

Year -210 The Wandering Isle

Liu Lang defies Pandaria's belief that the rest of the world had been destroyed in the Sundering, and travels through the mists on the turtle Shen-zin Su. He returns every five years to bring more people along with him. Shen-zin Su grows large enough to become the Wandering Isle, with pandaren creating permanent settlements on his back.

Year -27

Kael'thas Sunstrider is born.

Year -7 Adherents of Ruhkmar

Pridelord Karash of the Bloodmane saberon declares war upon the high arakkoa but is defeated by the Talon King Terokk. Terokk establishes the city of Skyreach but is later betrayed by the Anhari priesthood, who wish to retain sole control over arakkoan society. Terokk and his daughter Lithic are thrown into the Sethekk Hollow to become Outcasts. Lithic dies in the fall, but Terokk and his followers are guided by Anzu to create the talonpriests and establish the city of Skettis. Terokk eventually becomes insane and is sealed in a realm of shadow by his followers.

Year 0

The Alliance of Azeroth

  • Through political maneuvering and suggestions, the Council of Tirisfal forms a loose coalition between the seven kingdoms of man, Quel'thalas, and Khaz Modan. The Kings' Calendar is started on this date.
  • After an already extended time as Guardian of Tirisfal, Aegwynn decides to stay as the Guardian of Tirisfal indefinitely, partly due to her concerns about the Council of Tirisfal meddling with the politics of different nations, and partly due to Sargeras' influence. She builds Karazhan as her secret abode, but after the Tirisgarde find her, she moves to the Guardian Sanctum in sunken Suramar.
Year 154

Sylvos Windrunner is born.

Year 189 Fall of the Throne of Elements

Imperator Molok of the Gorian Empire sends an ogre army to claim the Throne of the Elements and the power of the elements by force. The dissonance between the ogres' reckless arcane magic and the lingering power of Grond's remains creates an explosion that blows apart the orcish temple, leaving behind only a few standing stones and throwing the elements into disarray across Draenor.

Year 190 The First Horde

At the Kosh'harg festival, the orcish clans band together to combat the ogres at the urging of Nelgarm, elder shaman of the Shadowmoon Clan.

Year 192 Fall of Goria

The orcs lay siege to the ogre capital Goria. Molok and his sorcerers create the red pox, which begins to spread among the orcs, but Nelgarm and his fellow shaman convince the elements to completely destroy Goria.

Year 264

Alleria Windrunner is born.

Year 269

Spinyl is born on the Sayaad homeworld in the Twisting Nether.

Year 362 War of the Three Hammers

After the death of High King Modimus Anvilmar, the Bronzebeards, the Wildhammers and the Dark Irons start a war over control of Ironforge. The Bronzebeards eventually win; the Wildhammers relocate to Grim Batol, while the Dark Irons retreat to their new kingdom under the newly-created Blackrock Mountain.

Year 392 A New Home

The draenei arrive on Draenor, the homeworld of the orcs, after crash-landing on the Genedar. The Council of Exarchs is formed to help lead their new society. Remnii is awakened from stasis.

Year 396

Muradin Bronzebeard? is born.

Year 397 Putting Down Roots
  • The draenei establish Shattrath City on the ruins of Goria, and Auchindoun close by.
  • The Temple of Karabor is founded. The Shadowmoon orcs begin to worship the darkened naaru K'ara as a deity, calling it the "Dark Star", but quickly outlaw the practice after discovering that wielding the Dark Star's power causes insanity. Simultaneously, K'ure begins attracting the souls of deceased orcs to the Genedar, causing the orcs to transform the Genedar into a pilgrimage site called Oshu'gun.
Year 490 Kezan Rebellion

The goblins of Kezan, granted heightened intelligence by the kaja'mite ore, break free of their slavery under the Zandalari and establish various cartels.

Year 492 The Defense of Shattrath

Imperator Hok'lon leads the Gorian Empire in an attempt to retake the ruins of Goria from the draenei. The attack is easily repelled by the draenei and Hok'lon is killed. The ogres flee after Velen appears on Shattrath's ramparts, wreathed in light, and tells them that they will be allowed to leave unharmed.

Year 493 First Blood

The orc clans debate over how to respond to the draenei and decide to stay far away from them. The Bladewind clan defies this decision and begin raiding draenei caravans, but the attacks gradually cease when the draenei send Vindicators to guard the caravans.

Year 503

Nyxxa discovers an organization known as the Illidari, and begs to be recruited into their ranks. She is successful and goes through a ritual that surpresses her satyr's curse.

Year 506

Aethas Sunreaver is born.

Year 517 The Gnoll War

King Barathen Wrynn of Stormwind defeats Garfang and his gnoll armies in the Gnoll War.

Year 534

Brann Bronzebeard is born.

Year 547

Medivh is conceived by Aegwynn and Nielas Aran?. Aegwynn hides the power of the Guardian of Tirisfal inside him, to be activated when he reaches maturity. Sargeras' spirit, which was hiding inside Aegwynn, possesses the infant.

Year 548

Uther the Lightbringer is born.

Year 551

Ansirem Runeweaver is born.

Year 552

Anduin Lothar is born.

Year 554

Nirenn Windrunner is born.

Year 558 Blackhand is born.
Year 561 Power of a Guardian
  • On the eve of his fourteenth birthday, Medivh's dormant powers awake and lash out, killing Nielas Aran. Medivh lies dormant for many years after this, tended by clerics at Northshire Abbey.
  • Aegwyn silently investigates to learn what had happened. Thaxdormu informs her of Sargeras's play, and urges her to kill Medivh. She refuses, and instead rips Sargeras's power, and most of the power of the Guardian, back into herself, assured that she can contain and banish him. She is wrong, and Sargeras's influence takes over Aegwynn in time.
Year 566

Grommash Hellscream is born.

Year 569

Orgrim Doomhammer? and Durotan are born.

Year 571 The Guardian Awakens

Medivh awakens from his coma, ten years later. When he awakens, he becomes incredibly repentant and works to make up for the circumstances of his father's death, which included learning about why this happened in the first place. Shortly after, Gurubashi trolls begin launching raids on human settlements in retaliation for the humans pushing farther and farther south into Gurubashi territory. King Barathen dispatches soldiers to intercept raiding parties but forbids them from striking into Gurubashi lands.

Year 573 The Death of Jok'non

After a gruesome attack on three Westfall towns by the Gurubashi, Medivh and his two friends Anduin Lothar and Prince Llane Wrynn sneak into Stranglethorn to assassinate the Gurubashi leader, Jok'non. They succeed, but only after Medivh unleashes his full might as a Guardian.

Year 574 The Gurubashi War
  • The Gurubashi rally under Jok'non's son, Zan'non, and march to war against Stormwind, launching an attack on Stormwind City itself. Barathen dies during the battle and Llane is forced to convince Medivh to unleash his full Guardian powers to repel the attack. Llane, Medivh and Anduin are hailed as heroes by the kingdom.
  • Medivh is approached by the caretaker, Moroes, who leads him to Kharazan and tells him of his lineage. He accepts his position as Guardian and formally approaches the Council of Six in Dalaran. Over the years, he was known for throwing lavish parties with powerful nobles and magi.
  • Lirath Windrunner is born.
Year 577

Rhonin is born.

Year 579 First Contact

Two young orcs, Orgrim Doomhammer and Durotan, are saved from an ogre by a group of draenei. The draenei invite them to the nearby settlement of Telmor, where Velen requests an audience with them before the two orcs are escorted back to the borders of Gorgrond.

Year 580 A Grim Discovery

Talgath discovers the draenei civilization on Draenor. Kil'jaeden commands him to observe the inhabitants of the world for the time being.

Year 581 Battle of Bladespire

The Frostwolf and Whiteclaw clans defeat the Bladespire ogres, taking Bladespire Hold and liberating the mok'nathal.

Year 582

Varian Wrynn is born.

Seizing the Throne
  • The orc Gul'dan is exiled from his clan and seeks out the Throne of the Elements, where the elements reject him. Kil'jaeden reaches out to him and grants him the power of fel magic in exchange for agreeing to help the Burning Legion manipulate the orcs against the draenei. Gul'dan accepts, becoming the first orcish warlock.
  • Gul'dan inundates the Throne of the Elements with fel magic, throwing the elements into disarray across the world. The worst outbreak of the red pox in orcish history happens. Many orcs contract the plague at the Kosh'harg festival. Under the leadership of the Frostwolf chieftain Garad, the plague bearers establish a village in Nagrand to quarantine the afflicted. The village is named Garadar in Garad's honor after he succumbs to the pox.
Year 584 Rise of the Horde
  • Gul'dan returns to his home village and burns it and everyone within it to ash to prevent anyone from learning about his past. He then ventures to the Shadowmoon clan and convinces them to let him join them, claiming that his home village was destroyed by ogres. Gul'dan wins the friendship of the Shadowmoon chieftain, the shaman Ner'zhul, allowing Kil'jaeden to begin manipulating Ner'zhul's thoughts.
  • Gul'dan manipulates the Bladewind clan into launching raids on draenei caravans once again, killing and kidnapping dozens of draenei. Vindicator Maraad and the draenei retaliate and storm the Bladewind village, but when Maraad sees the corpse of his sister Leran he goes into a rampage across the village. Gul'dan kills the few surviving Bladewinds as they attempt to flee. He then returns to the Shadowmoon and tells of how the draenei launched an unprovoked massacre against the Bladewinds. Meanwhile, Kil'jaeden appears to Ner'zhul in his dreams, disguised as the spirit of his deceased mate Rulkan, and tells him that the draenei are planning to destroy the orcs. Ner'zhul calls for a clan meeting at Oshu'gun, where the orc chieftains agree to band together to defeat the draenei, marking the creation of the Horde.
Year 585 Ner'zhul's Folly
  • The orcs begin launching sporadic attacks against draenei hunting parties. The draenei, assuming that the orcs have simply been agitated by the elemental turmoil, begin organizing and constructing new defenses.
  • Ner'zhul's apprehension about the war with the draenei grows. Kil'jaeden appears to him in the form of Rulkan and tells him of powerful beings who could aid the orcs, and the night after Kil'jaeden appears again as a radiant elemental entity and urges him to push the Horde to victory and exterminate the draenei. Ner'zhul secretly embarks on a journey to Oshu'gun to seek the guidance of the ancestors, but Kil'jaeden is aware of his plans and tells Gul'dan to gather allies to control the Shadowmoon, since Ner'zhul can no longer be relied upon. Gul'dan recruits Teron'gor and several other shaman and begin teaching them fel magic.[69]
  • At Oshu'gun, the real Rulkan and the other ancestors tell Ner'zhul that he was being manipulated by Kil'jaeden and condemn the shaman for having been used by the demon lord. Ner'zhul falls into despair and is captured by Gul'dan's followers, who treat him as little more than a slave.
Year 586

Calia Menethil is born.

Shadow Council
  • Gul'dan convinces Blackhand to take up the position of warchief after training some of the Blackrock clan's shaman how to wield fel magic.
  • Gul'dan forms the Shadow Council to watch over the orcs and includes Blackhand in the organization.
  • Zagrel, Chieftain of the Whiteclaw clan disappears shortly after speaking out against the Horde.
Year 587

Thazdorlin "Zap" Rusthammer and Finnall Goldensword are born.

The First Warchief
  • At a clan meeting at Oshu'gun, Gul'dan persuades many shaman into becoming warlocks and convinces the clan chieftains to unanimously vote for Blackhand as their warchief.
  • Blackhand orders the construction of the Citadel, later known as Hellfire Citadel, and organizes the various clans into specific roles within the Horde. He also forms a new clan known as the Black Tooth Grin and names Eitrigg, Orgrim Doomhammer and Varok Saurfang as his lieutenants in the Blackrock clan.
Year 588

Arthas Menethil is born.

The Black Temple
  • The draenei's morale begins to founder as the orcs launch coordinated assaults on minor settlements and outposts across the dying world. Velen and the exarchs, knowing that their only chance of survival is to hold off the onslaught and hope that the Burning Legion does not launch a full-scale invasion, order their forces to withdraw to Shattrath and Karabor. The elemental spirits pool their power into the mighty Firelord, Cyrukh, to stop the desecration of the land.
  • The orcs gather for an assault on Karabor. Cyrukh appears in a nearby volcano to confront them, but Gul'dan and his warlocks gather on the volcano's slopes to shatter the being's physical form and infuse its power into the orcs, shattering the last connection between the orcs and the elements. The volcano becomes known as the Hand of Gul'dan.
  • The draenei hold the orcish assault at bay for a time but are defeated when the Horde uses the power of the Dark Star to kill or drive insane many of the defenders and permanently darken Karabor, turning it into the Black Temple. Velen and the survivors manage to flee via the harbor.
Year 589

Jaina Proudmoore is born in Kul Tiras.

The Blood Curse
  • The orcs gather at a mountain near the Citadel and drink the blood of Mannoroth at Gul'dan's urging. Durotan forbids the Frostwolves from drinking after having received an anonymous message from Ner'zhul, while Orgrim refuses out of suspicion for the growing corruption of the orcs and Draenor. Those who do drink the blood are driven into a ferocious bloodlust and march against Shattrath as Gul'dan infuses the mountain with fel energy, transforming it into the Throne of Kil'jaeden.
  • The victims of the red pox quarantined in Garadar remain isolated from the fel corruption, leading them to become known as the Mag'har, "Uncorrupted".
  • Velen leads many Shattrath civilians to a refuge in Telredor. The orcs launch an assault on Shattrath, unleashing the red mist against the draenei. Before long, the city falls to the Horde.
  • Many of the survivors retreat to Auchindoun. Teron'gor and other Shadow Council agents are dispatched to the mausoleum, but when they are repelled by the draenei and Auchindoun's spirits they attempt to summon a powerful demon to aid them. Instead, they accidentally summon Murmur, whose arrival blasts Auchindoun apart and levels the surrounding forests. The warlocks bind Murmur within Auchindoun to prevent it from wreaking havoc on the Horde.
Year 590 The Harbinger
  • Aegwynn contacts Gul'dan and the Shadow Council and tells them of Azeroth, as well as showing them a vision of the Tomb of Sargeras to Gul'dan.
  • Aegwynn constructs the counterpart to the Dark Portal in the Black Morass? in preparation for the invasion.
  • Arcanagos, an old friend of Aegwynn, sensing the dark magics she had tapped in to, confronts her about it. The two duel, and Aegwynn kills his old friend. The sorrow that rippled through her true self resonated enough with her to slowly struggle free from Sargeras's control and begin plans to defeat herself.
The Conquest of Draenor
  • More draenei survivors arrive at Telredor. The ones afflicted by the red mist mutate into Broken, and the populace of Telredor exile them into the wilds out of fear that the condition might spread. Some Broken continue to degrade into Lost Ones.
  • Blackhand turns his attention on Draenor's other inhabitants. Kilrogg Deadeye and the Bleeding Hollow clan launch a campaign against Farahlon, while Grommash Hellscream and Cho'gall topple Highmaul. Elsewhere, the Frostwolf, Whiteclaw and Thunderlord clans are charged with hunting down the ogres, ogron, gronn and magnaron, though only the Thunderlords obey.
  • Kargath Bladefist leads a force to conquer the arakkoa capital, Skyreach. The orcs ally with the Outcast arakkoa, who agree to infiltrate Skyreach and sabotage the high arakkoa's superweapon. Kargath and his forces then slaughter high and cursed arakkoa alike, casting some of the former into Sethekk Hollow. Many of the cursed high arakkoa rally under Grizzik, who leads his people to take refuge in Auchindoun, while others submit to the Horde.
  • Kil'jaeden ceases to communicate with Gul'dan on Sargeras' orders. The orcs begin to flounder on Draenor as the world slowly dies. The threat of starvation causes the orcs to hunt many of Draenor's native creatures to extinction and begin fighting amongst themselves.
  • Gul'dan orders the construction of the Dark Portal in the Tanaan Jungle?.
Year 591 Aegwynn's Gambit

Aegwynn, in her moments of lucidity from fighting back Sargeras, who has now exerted nearly complete control over her, creates a simulacrum of herself and binds Aluneth to it. The simulacrum, who calls herself Wynn?, flees and begins to make preparations to stop Aegwynn.

Year 592 The Guardian's Prison

As Aegwynn begins the ritual to open the Dark Portal, Wynn confronts her. Though Wynn is largely outclassed, the magical traps she has prepared are sufficient for her to narrowly defeat Aegwynn, using an Imprisonment spell to bind her to her lair within the Tomb of Sargeras beneath the sea. She collapses the Dark Portal with an earthquake spell before travelling to Kalimdor to live a quiet life of solitude.

The False Flag
  • The Dark Portal fails to open on Draenor, despite thousands of sacrifices. Rumors of an impending invasion and conquest falter, and Gul'dan loses influence because of it. Maintenance of the Dark Portal ceases and the site is largely abandoned.
  • Desperate for foes to fight in light of the failure of the Dark Portal, Blackhand, heeding suggestions from Varok and the others, sets his sights on the mainland, where new land awaited conquest, largely under the control of the rest of the Ogre Empires.
Year 593

Go'el is born.

Year 597

Azgadaan is born on Argus.

Year 602

Renault Mograine is born.

Year 603

Sally Whitemane is born.

Year 605

Testament Greymane is born in Gilneas.

Year 606 The Darkspear War
  • The vessel belonging to Derek Proudmoore is sunk in a skirmish with Darkspear trolls.
  • Daelin Proudmoore, seeking vengeance for his son's death, leads an armada to the Darkspear Isles and sieges them.
  • The sea-witch Zar'jira uses the battle to strike, causing a volcanic eruption that wipes out the Darkspear's home. The survivors are forced to flee the island under Vol'jin's leadership.
Year 607

Sorak Thunderforged is born.

Year 608 Cowardspawn
  • Broxigar the Red? is accuses Gul'dan of leading the Horde to ruin. He vanishes, somehow being cast back in time to the War of the Ancients.
  • Arthak Saurfang is born. His mother, Tlanth? dies during childbirth.
Year 610 Blood for Blood
  • Zalazane calls for vengeance against the humans and elves at the Zul Summit. Though Vol'jin spoke was against it, the idea gained traction when the prophet Zul championed Zalazane's cause and brought it before the other tribes and the Zanchuli council.
  • Representatives from many other troll tribes swear themselves to the war, including Zul'jin of the Amani tribe.
Year 611 Assassin of Kings
  • Velameestra and Gilveradin Windrunner are born in Windrunner Village.
  • King Anasterian Sunstrider of Quel'thalas, King Terenas Menethil? of Lordaeron, and Rí Thoras Trollbane of Stromgarde are systematically assassinated by Zul'jin, beginning the Second Troll Wars.
  • Lord Daval Prestor of Alterac discovers and reveals that King Aiden Perenolde? was the mastermind behind the criminal organization, the Syndicate, and was implicated in the assassination of the Alliance kings. After some dispute, King Arthas and the Alliance decide to grant Prestor the throne of Alterac, and the hand of his sister Calia to seal their alliance.
  • Due to the fallout from the war, and the support of Prestor for the throne of Alterac over a more rightful heir, Gilneas secedes from the Alliance and constructs the Gilnean Wall to prevent outsiders from entering.
  • King Genn Greymane sends his wife Queen Mia, his daughter Testament, his court alchemist Krennan Aranas, his wife's handmaiden, Refia Karver and her daughter, Lorelei outside of Gilneas to protect them from the growing threat within.
Year 612 Second Troll Wars
Year 613

Uther Menethil and Arator Windrunner are born.

Year 615

Elissa Cross is born.

Year 617 Cold Iron War
  • Nirenn Windrunner, Gilveradin and Velameestra's mother, dies from the hex she took during the Second Troll War.
  • Interaction: Hanging On and Interaction: Letting Go takes place.
  • Dark Iron weaponry begins to show up in the hands of bandits and gnolls. Dark Iron dwarves also begin to attack caravans and settlements. When questioned, King Thaurissian pleads ignorance and offense. This, compounded with the sudden disappearance of King Magni's only child, Moira Bronzebeard?, caused tensions rise between the dwarf clans, eventually leading to a truce between King Magni and High Thane Kurdran Wildhammer to oppose the Dark Iron.
  • Uther the Lightbringer is killed.
  • Somewhere in the wilderness of the Eastern Kingdoms, Tess Greymane succumbs to the Worgen Curse in the night, slaying her best friend, Lorelei Karver. Krennan discovers the scene and helps calm the rampaging girl, promising to help her find a cure for herself and her kingdom.
Year 618 The Violet Star
  • The twins, Giramar and Galadin Windrunner are born. Lianne Menethil II is born. As Lianne was born, a brilliant violet star streaked through the sky.
  • Strange stirrings by the Kaldorei prompt Nyxxa to be sent on her mission- an infultration of the Burning Legion. The Slayer stages Nyxxa's betrayal of the Illidari and executes her. Upon reforming most of Nyxxa's memories of the Illidari are erased. Nyxxa begins working as a Legion mercenary.
Battle of Tempest Keep
  • On Draenor, the Naaru arrive in Tempest Keep to try and save the remaining Draenei. The Orcish Horde and Burning Legion meet them on the island of Fahralon and a terrible battle ensues. The Exodar, one of the ships that was a part of Tempest Keep, escapes with the majority of the Draenei. Of the three Naaru, O'ros? escapes on the Exodar with Velen, A'dal is defeated in battle, and M'uru escapes. Remnii is left behind with her close friends, Yrel and Samaara.
  • As the hold of the Burning Legion increases, the Burning Blade decides to devote itself wholly to the cause, undergoing to transformation to become Fel Orcs. Samuro, and his pupil, the half-breed Lantresor, refuse. A battle ensues, resulting in the death of the clan chieftain, Dharl?, at the hands of Samuro. His daughter, Azuka Bladefury, who had already become a Fel orc, entered the fray, defeating the blademasters singlehandedly. Before she could strike them down, they vanished into the winds. Azuka becomes chieftain of the Burning Blade.
  • Erraa is publicly executed for her part in allowing the Exodar to escape.
Year 621

Gilveradin Windrunner begins training to become a Farstrider while Velameestra Windrunner begins her studies at the Kirin Tor.

Year 622

On Azeroth, Medivh leaves in the night, telling his steward Moroes? only one thing: "Oh, Maelstrom drown my firstborn child and call me a murloc, I completely forgot! I'll be right back, my dear Moroes. I forgot to check on something." He has not been seen since.

  • Arthak tattoos himself with deeds of his mother, father, and grandfather. To protect him from retribution, Varok Saurfang sends him to the Frostwolf Clan.
Year 627 The Prodigal Windrunners
  • Velameestra Windrunner is recognized as a full mage of the Kirin Tor.
  • Gilveradin Windrunner is recognized as a Farstrider.
The Doomed Wolves
  • On Draenor, Durotan and Draka are assassinated, and Arthak is framed. Go'el vouches for his innocence, which prompts Orgrim Doomhammer? to demand Blackhand discover who was responsible. He refuses, and the two fight in a Mak'Gorah. Blackhand wins. Arthak is cleared of all charges, and Go'el becomes chieftain of the Frostwolves after drinking from the Blood of Mannoroth.

Year 632 - Start of the Campaign

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