When you create a character, you select a Destiny for them to work towards completing which is a reflection of their goals and ambitions throughout their adventuring life. Each Destiny gives a bonus way to acquire Inspiration, as well as a special feature that your Inspiration can be used on. Once a Destiny is fulfilled, you acquire its Fulfillment Feature--which is a special ability that reflects the Destiny placed upon the character. If a character reaches 15th level without fulfilling their destiny, they come to terms with it in some profound way and fulfill it automatically. Under certain circumstances, your DM may allow you to trade out your Destiny for another given significant narrative developments.

At 15th level and again at 25th level, they may choose another Destiny as long as they have fulfilled their current one. They acquire the new source of Inspiration and Inspiration Feature of the new Destiny, but they can only have access to a singular Fulfillment Feature. If you fulfill another Destiny, you must choose which Fulfillment Feature you wish to keep.


You committed an act of evil or cruelty in your past, or failed in some catastrophic way to dire consequence. For one reason or another, you have taken your first steps down the path of redemption, voluntarily or otherwise.

Source of Inspiration: Path of Redemption. Absolution is earned not in a day, but after a long journey of a thousand steps. You gain inspiration whenever you make sacrifices to make amends for the sins of your past. Some examples include risking your life for individuals connected to your past actions or donating large amounts of time or resources towards repairing the damage caused by your actions or failures.
Inspiration Feature: Not Again. When an action you would take would cause immediate consequences to a friendly character, such as by failing a saving throw against a spell or ability with an area effect you use or by targeting them with an attack due to being charmed, confused, or possessed, you can spend inspiration to ignore the negative effects of the action. This can manifest in a Careful Spell metamagic effect, forcing an attack to miss, or a similar effect.

Fulfilling Your Destiny

You fulfill your Atonement destiny when you take a major step down the path of atonement: Right a great wrong caused by your failure or evil act, be forgiven by those whom you failed or wronged, accomplish a great task as penance for your past actions, come to terms with your failure and accept the past.

Fulfillment Feature: Never Again. When you roll a 1 on an attack roll, ability check, or saving throw, you can reroll the die. You must use the new result, even if it is a 1.


Either by choice or circumstance, you have been tasked with the protection–or destruction–of a powerful object. A bearer of curses and the targets of slings and arrows, those charged with this Destiny are some of the most resilient of souls.

Special Feature: Burden. Every Bearer has an object they are charged with protecting–or destroying. Work with your DM to determine the the nature of this item. It may be a cursed magic ring or weapon, a seemingly useless trinket, or possibly something even more ephemeral, like a blood curse, tattoo, or disease.
Source of Inspiration: Keep it Secret. The weight of your Burden grows heavier with every step, but you cannot stop now. You gain inspiration whenever you take a significant step towards relieving yourself of your Burden, make sacrifices to protect your Burden, or stop it from falling into the wrong hands. Examples include hiding its presence from or making a stand against those who seek your Burden, greatly inconveniencing yourself for the sake of protecting your Burden, or learning about and securing something or someone which may aid you in protecting or destroying your Burden.
Inspiration Feature: Keep It Safe. Your experience with your Burden enables you to recognize the traits of similar sorts of dangerous items. You may spend your inspiration to examine an item over the course of a minute, gaining the benefits as if you had cast the identify spell on it. When you do, you also learn if the item is cursed, but not the nature of the curse.

Fulfilling Your Destiny

You fulfill your Bearer destiny when you take steps to ensure you no longer need to bear your Burden: Destroy or seal away your Burden, defeat a major villain who seeks to destroy or abuse your Burden, Take a major step to ensure your Burden remains beyond the grasp of evil, entrust your Burden to a worthy successor.

Fulfillment Feature: Burdens Lifted. Your experiences make you adept at carrying weights that would crush others. You gain an extra attunement slot. Additionally, cursed magic items you attune to require one less attunement slot.


Those destined for Chaos don’t live by the rules binding ordinary folk. They clash with authority and tradition all their lives, either in minor acts of subversion or outright rebellion. These tricksters are rarely mere rulebreakers—their ideology signals change for both the meek and mighty.

Source of Inspiration: Chaos. You sow disorder, play tricks, and subvert tradition. You gain inspiration whenever you successfully subvert law and order, so long as it benefits your allies or moves the story forward. Examples include successfully lie to or humiliate an authority figure, commit a punishable crime, indulge in base pleasures to ill-advised extremes.
Inspiration Feature: Ingenious Doubletalk. Undaunted by momentary setbacks, you twist conversations in any direction with an inspired turn of phrase and confusing doubletalk that plays off bold lies and impertinent proposals as jokes, obfuscates or redirects accidentally slipped information, or quells outrage with diffusing flattery. Whenever you or a friendly creature you can hear fails a Deception or a Persuasion check, you can use your reaction to spend your inspiration and undo any consequences of that failed check.

Fulfilling Your Destiny

You fulfill your destiny of Chaos when you successfully perform a major act that challenges the status quo in some way: Greatly destabilize a nation or extremely large organization, subvert or trick a deity-level entity, upset the status quo for a vast number of people.

Fulfillment Feature: Agent of Chaos. The whims of chaos flow through you and everything you do. Whenever anyone you see rolls a d100, or rolls for the random effects of a spell or feature, you may choose to roll those dice twice and take either result.

Coming of Age

Not all heroes have a clear path ahead of them. Some are still finding their footing and are dreaming big all the same: of adventure, the open road, a chance to prove one’s worth, and having a life worth living.

Special Feature: Finding Yourself. Sometimes it takes a journey to find yourself. You may exchange this destiny for another destiny at any time.
Source of Inspiration: Yes to Adventure. You draw inspiration from setting out with adventure in front of you. You gain inspiration whenever you achieve a personal milestone. Examples include join a new guild or organization, accept a new major quest, complete an important mission, change worldviews and grow as a person.
Inspiration Feature: Ready to Learn. You haven’t had training in everything but you’re determined to give it your all anyway. As a bonus action you may spend your inspiration to gain proficiency with a weapon, armor, skill, or tool for the next hour.

Fulfilling Your Destiny

You fulfill your Coming of Age destiny when you complete some major milestone on the hero’s journey: Return to your homeland after defeating an immense threat, become the leader of an organization you were lowly in, learn the truth of life through great hardship.

Fulfillment Feature: Returned. With the journey complete, you finally know who you are—or rather who you became along the way. When you gain this feature, you immediately choose the fulfillment feature from another destiny. You gain the chosen fulfillment feature, which replaces this one.


By blood, misfortune, or retribution, you have been cursed. Vampirism and therianthropy are two common types, but other esoteric curses, such as beastly transformations, partial posessions, or a punishing geas all exist as well. Those cursed with this Destiny will do anything to lift or abate their Curse.

Special Feature: Curse. Every Cursed character suffers from a specific kind of Curse they seek to remove or master in one way or another. Work with your DM to determine the the nature of this Curse. It may cause you to turn to stone when exposed to the sunlight, force or prevent you from taking certain actions, or permanently transformed into another form. Many curses can manifest as Supernatural or Dark Gifts.
Source of Inspiration: Spite the Malediction. Some curses compel creatures to act a certain way, while others are the product of those same patterns. You gain inspiration whenever you take a significant step towards lifting your Curse, act contrary to negative behaviors inspired by your Curse, or make a sacrifice to your own detriment in spite of your Curse. Examples include suppressing an dangerous urge provoked by your Curse, inflict pain or sever inconvenience on yourself by defying your Curse, or learning about and securing something or someone which may aid you in lifting or mastering your Curse.
Inspiration Feature: Accursed. Your curse can sometimes manifest in unexpected ways at the worst times, engendering fear and pity from those around you. When you fail at a Charisma check using a skill, you may spend your inspiration to succeed instead. When you use this ability, the nature of your curse manifests in some profound way; you might partially transform, lose control, or flare up in a way defined by your DM. Creatures who can see you become aware of your curse if they were not already, potentially changing the context of the original Charisma check.

Fulfilling Your Destiny

You fulfill your Cursed destiny when you cure yourself of your Curse or otherwise become its master: Lift your Curse, defeat or earn the forgiveness of the creature who cursed you, turn your Curse into a blessing through mastery or sacrifice, ensure your Curse can no longer harm others.

Fulfillment Feature: Inoculation Through Perseverance. By overcoming your Curse one way or another, you have ensured you cannot be affected by similar imprecations in the future. You are immune to curses and diseases. Additionally, your DM may remove, exchange, or alter any Dark Gift, Ancestry, or other feature that representative of your Curse.


Devotion can be a pure or foolish thing. A beloved, a nation, a cause — anything may be the object of your Devotion, but very few are worthy of it. For you the choice is clear: the love at the center of your life is worth dying or killing for, and there is no limit to your service and sacrifice on its behalf.

Source of Inspiration: Its Own Reward. You draw inspiration from seeing your duty through to the end. You gain inspiration whenever you complete a quest, fulfill a difficult promise, or commit an act of self-sacrifice that includes grievous injury to yourself. Examples include complete a quest, keep a promise to your own detriment, keep an innocent safe while seriously endangering yourself, commit an act of genuine self-sacrifice.
Inspiration Feature: Selfless Sacrifice. You do not hesitate to put yourself in danger to save others. When a creature within 5 feet of you is hit with an attack or fails a saving throw against a spell or effect that targets only them, you can spend an inspiration to change the target of the attack or effect to you. The attack automatically hits you, and you automatically fail the saving throw against the spell.

Fulfilling Your Destiny

You fulfill your destiny of Devotion when you perform an act of selfless sacrifice: Die while saving the lives of others, complete a massive undertaking personally entrusted to you, succeed at the cause you devoted your life to.

Fulfillment Feature: Miraculous Revival. Universal forces are often inclined to restore those who die heroically for noble causes, blessing their sacrifice by making them better than they were before. The next time you die from a cause other than old age (including if dying caused you to earn this feature), you miraculously revive intact with full hit points. You appear after “narrowly surviving” the circumstances that killed you— climbing out of the chasm you fell down, crawling from the rubble of the structure that collapsed over you, waking up from impossibly lethal wounds that prove superficial, or magically transporting from the plane of existence you were caught in.

After you have been revived in this way, you gain advantage on death saving throws.


An impostor seated on your throne, a land divided by civil strife, a feckless bureaucracy waiting to be gamed. Those with the Dominion destiny look at chaos and see opportunity. Some seek to return to their hand what is rightfully theirs, but others start with nothing and wish to accumulate influence and power however they may. Through shield and steel or cloak and dagger you reach out to claim your rightful seat of power — or a place in its shadows. The Dominion destiny is as varied as politics itself. Consult with the DM to come up with ideas for an ambition suitable to the setting and campaign.

Source of Inspiration: Leadership. You draw inspiration from taking charge and directing what needs to be done. You gain inspiration whenever you lead by example or convince a group of NPCs to act against their own interests in order to complete a difficult task. Examples include settle a vitriolic argument, direct a large number of nonplayer characters to participate in the completion of a task, rally a multitude of people to a cause.
Inspiration Feature: Studied Deliberation. With a level head and measured logic, you objectively determine the best path forward. You may spend your inspiration and a minute’s deliberation to determine the results of an upcoming plan of action, as if you had cast the augury spell.

Fulfilling Your Destiny

You fulfill your destiny of Dominion when you establish your rule in a profound way: Become the ruler of a nation, large city, or other sizable population, become a divine figure with numerous followers, reach the top of a massive organization.

Fulfillment Feature: Absolute Power. Either through respect or fear you have become an uncontested ruler, and most simple orders you give are followed without question. You automatically succeed on most Charisma checks to influence your subjects. For all others, and for Charisma checks to influence those who recognize your authority, you have advantage, and always know the result of your Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma checks made to interact with them.


You seek a deeper understanding of the meaning of life, either for religious or personal reasons. Like many sages, monks, and hermits who have come before, those who walk the path of Enlightenment seek to abandon the vices of life on the journey to cultivate inner strength.

Source of Inspiration: Shedding Burdens. The path to Enlightenment is difficult, and often the death of one's Ego and desire. You gain inspiration whenever you sacrifice comfort, convenience, or desire for the purposes of reaching Enlightenment. Examples include sparing a creature who killing would be simpler, abstaining from vices at great sacrifice, refusing to lie, cheat, or steal when doing so would offer great wealth or success, or sacrificing a large amount of wealth or assistance to those in need.
Inspiration Feature: Mantra. You have developed a phrase or action which, by repeating, allows you to center yourself. At the beginning of your turn, you may spend inspiration to make a saving throw against any spell or ability which allows you to save at the end of your turn to end early, or any spell or ability which is causing you to be charmed, frightened, or turned. If the saving throw is a success, the spell or effect is removed before any negative consequences happen on your turn.

Fulfilling Your Destiny

You fulfill your destiny of Enlightenment when you reach a deep level of inner peace: Donate an adsorbent sum of gold or legendary magical item to those in need, shed all mortal burdens and connections, come to terms with the meaning of life, successfully commune with a greater enlightened being.

Fulfillment Feature: Nirvana. By shedding mortal burdens, you have transformed your mind into an unassailable fortress. You are resistant to psychic damage, and you are immune to magic that allows other creatures to read your thoughts, determine whether you are lying, know your alignment, or know your creature type. Creatures can telepathically communicate with you only if you allow it.


Some are fated to be the best, the apex, the pinnacle of their craft that all others aspire to. Such perfection demands single-minded determination, unending resolve and focus, and the luck of innate talent. Those destined for Excellence impact the world — often at the cost of countless sacrifices along the way.

Source of Inspiration: Failure is the Best Teacher. Every failed attempt is a chance for growth, and make your breakthroughs shine brighter. You gain inspiration whenever the DM calls for you to make an ability check, attack roll, or saving throw and the final result of the d20 roll is a natural 1 or a natural 20.
Inspiration Feature: Practiced Edge. A perfected technique is often the difference between victory and defeat. After you roll an ability check, attack roll, or saving throw but before you know the outcome, you may spend your inspiration to add a +5 bonus to that roll.

Fulfilling Your Destiny

You fulfill your destiny of Excellence when you perform a crowning achievement in your field: Create a masterpiece, defeat the master of your martial art, become famous for a glorious act of heroism, or become renowned as the best in your field.

Fulfillment Feature: A Technique Perfected. You have achieved the apex in at least some small area of mortal ability. Choose an ability score, combat tradition you have proficiency with, or school of magic.
Ability Score: Choose a skill. You have a +5 bonus to your passive score in that skill. You add half your proficiency bonus to any other checks made with the chosen ability score.
Combat Tradition: You learn 3 additional maneuvers from the chosen school.
School of Magic: If you are a known spellcaster (like a bard or sorcerer), choose 3 spells of the chosen school. You know these spells, and they do not count against your maximum spells known. If you replace them using spell mastery or when you level up, you must replace them with another spell from the same school. If you prepare spells (like a cleric or wizard), you can prepare 3 additional spells per day. These spells must be of the chosen school.


You seek the philosopher’s stone, universal truths too vast and terrible for mortal minds to comprehend, or untold secrets hidden away from inquiring minds. Scholars and seekers of Knowledge research and pry, chipping away at their own ignorance until they reveal some fundamental truths of reality.

Source of Inspiration: Learning. You draw inspiration from research, understanding, and gaining new insights and data. You gain inspiration whenever you make an arcane, divine, scholastic, or scientific discovery. Examples include closely examine a previously unknown or rare creature or phenomenon, discover something thought to be a myth or impossible, learn new information after at least 8 hours studying from a source of knowledge such as a library, book, or powerful artifact.
Inspiration Feature: Critical Evaluation. Drawing upon a lifetime of study, you leap to accurate conclusions with only preliminary findings. As a bonus action you may spend your inspiration to quickly evaluate a creature or item you can see and accurately determine one objective attribute of your choice. When evaluating a creature in this way, you may determine its resistances, immunities, vulnerabilities, what languages it speaks, or its Armor Class. When evaluating an item in this way, you may determine if it is magical, poisonous, cursed, trapped, or its approximate value.

Fulfilling Your Destiny

You fulfill your destiny of Knowledge when you have a true epiphany: Learn the methods to do something thought impossible, discover a fundamental cosmic truth, learn the truth behind an ultimate secret.

Fulfillment Feature: Well-Read. As a part of a short or long rest, you can spend an inspiration to consult your notes and knowledge on a subject related to your field of expertise. This ability grants you information as if you had cast legend lore on the subject.


Though many heroes are destined for greatness, plenty instead make their marks on history by helping others thrive. These teachers, masters, and guardians devote their lives to protecting their wards and helping to guide them towards their own destinies, that they might flourish and change the world.

Special Feature: Wards. You may designate any number of creatures as your wards. A ward must be a creature who is willingly under your protection or mentorship. The DM is the final arbiter as to whether or not a creature can be your ward.
Source of Inspiration: Pride of the Mentor. Nothing inspires a teacher more than the seeing one's students shine. You gain inspiration whenever the DM calls for one of your wards to make an ability check, attack roll, or saving throw and the final result of the d20 roll is a natural 20. After you gain inspiration in this way, if you have more wards than half your proficiency bonus (rounded up), you cannot gain inspiration in this way again until you finish a long rest.
Inspiration Feature: Teacher of Heroes. Your wisdom is a well of inspiration for your wards. When your wards would use inspiration, you may allow them to use your inspiration instead.

Fulfilling Your Destiny

You fulfill your Mentor destiny when your ward grows into their own: One of your wards has a significant character breakthrough, undergoes a great change, fulfills their destiny, or completes a major backstory quest via your tutelage.

Fulfillment Feature: History Has Its Eyes On You. You and a number of creatures up to your proficiency bonus can store up to 4 inspiration points at a time.


The trappings of daily life stifle you and the shackles of this mortal coil cannot contain you. People whose destiny is Metamorphosis seek to attain a higher mode of being. Some search for enlightenment but others turn their ambitions even higher, daring to pursue eternal life in the form of a vampire, a lich, a demon, or even a god. What will you sacrifice to walk this path?

Source of Inspiration: Unburdening. When you gain this feature, inform your DM of the new form you desire (such as enlightenment, vampirism, or godhood). You gain inspiration whenever you make sacrifices to attain new lore, contacts, or items to aid your transformation. Examples include sever earthly attachments such as wealth or comfort, behave appropriately akin to your pursued form, spend inordinate time in your transformation’s pursuit.
Inspiration Feature: Unearthly Diplomacy. Your unearthly aspirations grant you insights into the minds of even utterly alien beings. As an action, you may spend your Inspiration to form a connection with a non-humanoid creature you can see that has a CR equal to or less than your level. You communicate freely, even if you do not share a language or the creature would be normally unable to speak. You have no control over a creature you connect with in this way. The knowledge and awareness of a creature is limited by its intellect or perceptions, but most give you information about nearby locations, monsters in the area, and knowledge of whatever it perceived within the past day. This connection lasts for up to 1 hour or until you use an action to end it/

Fulfilling Your Destiny

You fulfill your destiny of Metamorphosis when you fully change into your desired form: Achieve a level of divinity, become immortal, free yourself from a transformative curse, permanently transcend your natural state.

Fulfillment Feature: Forever Changed. You have finally reached the apex and have become something greater than your previous self could imagine. When you gain this feature, consult with the DM about the exact nature of your metamorphosis and if your adventurer would still choose to remain adventuring after transformation.

If your character would remain an adventurer, you may choose and become an appropriate creature (as per the spell true polymorph, except that this transformation is permanent and cannot be dispelled). If your character would not remain an adventurer, you may use a portion of your new power however you see fit (as the wish spell) before ascending.

If neither of these options fit, you may instead choose the Fulfillment Feature of another Destiny and gain its benefits.


Someone or something has wronged you, and even the gods cannot shield them from your retribution. Your burning desire for Revenge fuels your plans and kindles your destiny. Was your ire sparked by a grave misunderstanding, a callous uncaring cruelty, or a wicked and personal transgression?

Source of Inspiration: Served Cold. You draw inspiration from the wails of those who have wronged you. You gain inspiration whenever you outwit a foe. Examples include successfully attack a surprised opponent, lead a foe into a prepared trap, trick an enemy into harming themself or greatly benefiting you.
Inspiration Feature: Cloak and Dagger. You know how to avert suspicion when danger closes in. Whenever you or an ally you can see fail a Sleight of Hand or Stealth check, you can use your reaction to spend your inspiration and undo any consequences of that failed check.

Fulfilling Your Destiny

You fulfill your destiny of Revenge when you achieve vengeance against your foes: Kill, imprison, or dethrone whatever entity that you believe wronged you, come to terms with the focus of your wrath meaningfully and sate your desire for vengeance.

Fulfillment Feature: Eye for an Eye. When a creature reduces an ally to 0 hit points or scores a critical hit on you or an ally within 30 feet of you, you may use your reaction to do one of the following:
  • If you have not acted this round, you may act immediately after the current turn.
  • If you have already acted this round, you may act immediately before the creature on the next round. If you roll a higher initiative than they do, you gain inspiration instead.
If you take this reaction, you must take hostile action against the creature on your next turn, regardless of which option you choose.


The quest to find a person, place, or thing of import is an ordeal as ancient as time itself. Be it a sacred object, a storied paradise, or a missing person, your search has taken you far and wide–yet, it will take you farther and wider before you find your mark.

Source of Inspiration: White Whale, Holy Grail. You gain Inspiration whenever you make strides towards finding the subject of your quest in some fashion. Examples learning information about its whereabouts, finding a clue as to where to find it, encountering someone who has seen the object of your quest, or revealing a red herring you mistook for your ultimate goal.
Inspiration Feature: Finder's Fee. Your journey is one that demands great sacrifice – both monetary and otherwise. When you or an ally you can see casts a spell with a costly material component, you can spend an inspiration to waive the cost of the spell by an amount of gold equal to 50 x your level. If it is a Divination spell, you instead waive an amount of gold equal to 100 x your level.

Fulfilling Your Destiny

You fulfill your Seeker destiny when you resolve your quest permanently: Find the person, place, or object that led you on your quest, discover the true nature of the subject you seek or discover it doesn't exist, or fully and completely abandon your quest in favor of a greater purpose.

Fulfillment Feature: Seek and You Shall Find. As a part of a long rest, you can spend an inspiration to consult your maps, legends, or your own personal experience. Name a person, place, or thing that is in some way related to the subject of your original quest. You gain the benefits of the Find the Path spell based on the subject you named. The spell does not fail if the subject is mobile. The GM is the final arbiter on if the person, place, or thing you name is related to the subject of your original quest.


Some in the world exist to fend off the darkest, vilest evils in the depths of the world—whether they like it or not. Frequently, these people may be fated to hunt a powerful being and those they corrupt, specific monsters like dragons, or a mass-infliction such as undeath or lycanthropy.

Source of Inspiration: War of Attrition. You gain Inspiration whenever you strike a blow against an especially powerful creature related to your destiny (but not necessarily your specific destined foe). Examples include forcing a powerful enemy's retreat, obtaining an item important to their defeat, get significant insight into their location or intentions, or defeating one of their trusted lieutenants.
Inspiration Feature: Slayer's Tenacity. Fighting the creatures of darkness grants you uncommon fortitude to fight through debilitating effects that would incapacitate lesser folk. At the beginning of your turn, you can spend an Inspiration to suppress the effects of the Blinded, Charmed, Chilled, Deafened, Frightened, Incapacitated, Paralyzed, Poisoned, Slowed, and Stunned conditions, as well as any negative effects from fatigue and strife, until the end of your turn.

Fulfilling Your Destiny

You fulfill your Slayer destiny when you solidify your existence as a killer of monsters: Slay a powerful supernatural being tied to the subject of your ire, prevent a powerful monster from wreaking havoc upon the innocent world, reach an intrinsic understanding of the nature of what truly makes a monster.

Fulfillment Feature: Ender of Legends. Choose a creature type. Creatures of the chosen type have one less Legendary Resistance while they are in combat with you.


Some people strive towards their destiny while others are dragged there. Those fated to be Underdogs must battle adversity and survive against long odds, gradually growing into the heroes they never sought to become.

Source of Inspiration: Defiance. You draw inspiration from striking out against oppression, defying long odds, and placing hope in the impossible. You gain inspiration whenever you score a critical hit against a creature larger than you are, roll a natural 20 on a death saving throw, openly defy a powerful being, or succeed after taking a risk with long odds. Examples include loudly refuse the orders of a tyrant, follow through with a convoluted or risky plan, succeed at something you were extremely likely to fail.
Inspiration Feature: A Nose for Trouble. Get kicked around long enough and you start to know when trouble’s brewing. Whenever you or an ally you can see fails an Insight check, you can use your reaction to spend your inspiration and learn any information that would have been gained by a successful Insight check.

Fulfilling Your Destiny

You fulfill your Underdog’s destiny when you finally overcome the odds: Succeed at a nearly unattainable and grand task, complete a supposedly impossible quest, defeat an insurmountable foe, succeed at a dire endeavor where failure was all but guaranteed.

Fulfillment Feature: Expendable and Invulnerable. While being kicked around and batted from adventure to adventure, somehow you always seem to scramble out of the rubble. Whenever you would make a death saving throw, you may spend an inspiration to count your roll as a 20.


Some people's destiny is a simple as the next step on their journey. They may be adventurers hunting excitement, explorers seeking new discoveries, or exiles searching for a new home. No matter what drives them, where the Wanderer lays their head is home.

Source of Inspiration: The Dusty Trail. You are no stranger to the lonely road. You gain inspiration whenever you accomplish some feat of exploratory acumen. Examples include visiting a major landmark you have never been to before, successfully navigating through a difficult location, or taking a major step towards finally settling down.
Inspiration Feature: Free as a Bird. A journey begins with a single step, and you cannot be deterred from your wandering now. When you would be Grappled, Restrained, or Petrified, if your movement speed would be reduced, or if you would be moved against your will, you can spend your Inspiration to prevent the condition of effect from affecting you.

Fulfilling Your Destiny

You fulfill your Wanderer when you bring your journey to an end–even if it leads directly into a new one: Finally settle down after wandering for a long time, discover a hidden location long forgotten by the modern world, find a place to call home for you or your loved ones, come to terms with the endless nature of your rambling existence.

Fulfillment Feature: Where the Heart Is. Your travels have taught you about the most important part of a journey. Friendly creatures you travel with cannot become lost except by nonmagical means, ignore difficult terrain while traveling, can travel at fast pace without penalties, and cannot have their long rests interrupted by combat. Additionally, you ignore nonmagical difficult terrain. If you already can, you increase your movement speed by 10 feet.


Glittering gold holds the promise of luxuries and freedom from want, all wrapped with the exhilarating rush of acquisition. Of the countless people who spend their lives in pursuit of Wealth some are just shrewd, clever, or brave enough to achieve their destiny.

Source of Inspiration: Profits. You draw inspiration from spoils both easily gained and hard fought. You gain inspiration whenever you acquire substantial wealth. Examples include gain currency or property worth at least 100 times your character level in gold, receive a magic item that is uncommon or rarer without purchasing it.
Inspiration Feature: Everyone Has a Price. You can see the glint in people’s hungry eyes as they watch money change hands and can perfectly name their price. As a bonus action you may spend your Inspiration to accurately determine if a creature you see will take a bribe and what price they’ll accept.

Fulfilling Your Destiny

You fulfill your destiny of Wealth when you become obscenely wealthy: Become the head of a large and successful business, amass at least 100,000 gold, obtain a legendary magic item, acquire a priceless treasure.

Fulfillment Feature: Wise Investments. The fabulously wealthy stay wealthy by creating businesses or investing wisely— then the engine of industry works tirelessly to keep the vaults full. You are assumed to always have extra coin on hand to afford an aristocratic lifestyle for a number of creatures equal to your Charisma modifier plus your Intelligence modifier (minimum 1). You are assumed to have a staff of servants and investments enough to pay for their service, as well as any other expenses to maintain any real estate you own.