Welcome to the World of Warcraft: Redux Wiki

Welcome to the World of Warcraft: Redux Wiki - the official wiki of the 5e campaign set in an alternate timeline Azeroth.

About World of Warcraft: Redux

World of Warcraft: Redux is a tabletop RPG played in Dungeons & Dragons 5e. It follows an alternative timeline where the infamous Dark Portal initially failed to open, instead opening around 40 years after it did in the main timeline. This change has resulted in a domino effect that has drastically altered the progression of the world, causing new events to occur and others to have never happened.

About the System

The campaign that takes place in this world uses a heavily altered version of Dungeons & Dragons 5e. Many rules have been adjusted or expanded, and classes have been reworked. All core rules can be found on the Homebrew Directory, while any changes specific to the Warcraft Universe (such as how spell lists are done and spells unique to the universe) are documented on this wiki.


Editing the Wiki

Anyone who is a member of the campaign can freely edit the wiki and add details to the various pages within. For help with formatting, refer to the formatting quick guide at the bottom of the edit textbox, and feel free to view the source of any page to see how they are set up. If there are any questions, please ask! Note that new pages should be created in their proper category and each word should be capitalized in the URL with no spaces or symbols. This helps ensure that pages are easily located and linked, and no duplicates are made.