Blackrock Clan

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Blackrock Clan
Leader: Blackhand
Former Leaders:
Status: Active

The Blackrock Clan is a prominent orcish clan that originally hailed from the caverns of Gorgrond on Draenor. They are most known for their strict military discipline and skills in both blacksmithing and mining.

Known Members

Greenskin Orc Warchief Blackhand Warchief of the Horde Alive
Mag'har Orc Dranosh Saurfang Champion of the Blackrock Clan Deceased
Greenskin Orc Kretu Bitterstrike Eyes of Blackhand Deceased
Greenskin Orc Morketh Bladehowl Alive
Greenskin Orc General Nazgrim Alive
Greenskin Orc Varok Saurfang ??? Alive

Former Members

Greenskin Orc Arthak Saurfang Chieftain of the Broken Blade Clan, former member of the Blackrock Clan Alive