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Race: Black Dragon
Gender: Female
Over 40,000
Start (Apr 632) Current At Death
Height 6'0'" (Humanoid Form)
Known Languages
Status Alive
Deathwing? (Former Lover)
Onyxia? (Daughter)
Nefarian? (Son)
Numerous Draconic Children

Zendarin Windrunner (Husband)



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Chapter Three: The Scales Tip

In the days following the fall of Silvermoon, Sinestra and her husband Zendarin Windrunner had mostly fallen out of sight and their activity was largely unknown. At least, until Sinestra arrived in the company of the Dragonmaw Clan?'s leader, Mor'ghor, to the first meeting of Arthak's Clipped Wing coalition at Stormreaver Spire. She had brought a large, covered cage with her, and listened politely to Arthak's plan before she stepped forth and introduced herself as an ally to the Dragonmaw and someone that wished to help with Arthak's manhunt.

She unveiled the cage, and introduced the reptilian creature inside as a skarvyn?, which was one of her "newest creations." She explained they were incredibly adept at skulking in shadows and narrow places, and would be an incredible asset to Arthak's coalition. All she wanted in return was that any elven civilians that were captured be sent to her so that she could use them to "make more."

Arthak, however, was not fond of what Sinestra was offering, and after a brief back and forth, he demanded to see what she really was so that they could talk truly face to face. Infuriated, Sinestra attempted to cast a spell at Arthak, but was swiftly countered by Azgadaan, and the situation remained tense until Velhari barked at Sinestra to stand down. Still furious, Sinestra chose to leave with her Dragonmaw representatives and the skarvyn, the only clue to her true identity being a long, sinewy tail that had whipped out from her dress.

Appeared In

Chapter Three: The Scales Tip


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