Vittoria Trollbane

Race: Human
Gender: Female
20 21 -
Start (Apr 632) Current At Death
DoB: July 25
Height 5'10"
Bard (Valor) / Barbarian
Known Languages
Status Alive
Galen Trollbane (Father)
Maighread Tàillear (Mother)
Danath Trollbane (Cousin)
Thoras Trollbane (Grandfather)

Vittoria Trollbane is the charismatic heir to the kingdom of Stromgarde. Though the kingdom has fallen on hard times under the rule of her father, she has dedicated herself to uplifting her people to their former greatness.



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Chapter Three: The Scales Tip

Vittoria accompanied Danath Trollbane to Last Crossing as one of those who would represent Stromgarde at the war summit that was to take place. After arriving at Last Crossing, she and Uther spoke, and she revealed that, originally, she had not intended on coming. Neither her father nor Danath had truly wished her to come, and she herself had also wanted to stay behind to help her kingdom as it was struggling. However, the missive that Uther had sent her (which contained a postscript that had not been present on any of the others Uther had sent) had ultimately changed her mind.

She admitted to Uther that she had a plan to help save Stromgarde--one that she had told neither her father nor Danath--and she confided in Uther a willingness to join the kingdoms of Lordaeron and Stromgarde. While it would be difficult because the two kingdoms shared no borders, she wished for Stromgarde to become a vassal state of Lordaeron once it came time for her to take the throne. Such a plan came with the implication that she wished for their kingdoms to be formerly joined through marriage, though ultimately, she would continue to aid Uther regardless of what his decision on the matter was.

Much to her surprise, Uther agreed right then and there, and the pair became unofficially engaged. They shared a tent that night, and continued to do so.

The morning Indomitable arrived in Last Crossing without Arthas, Vittoria immediately informed Uther that she would be accompanying him, and she set off with the others in search of the lost king and his entourage. She continued to serve as moral support for Uther during the search. After it was uncovered the the entourage had been attacked near Light's Hope Chapel, Falric, queen Calia Prestor, and the rest of the contingent killed, and king Arthas Menethil taken, she was never seen far from Uther's side.

Upon returning to Last Crossing, and following the resurrection of Calia, Vittoria served as one of the representatives of Stromgarde present at the war summit itself.

Appeared In

Chapter Three: The Scales Tip


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