Light's Hope Chapel

Light's Hope Chapel is a chapel that is located in the far east of the Eastweald. It is built upon a small network of catacombs.


Chapter Three: The Scales Tip

Light's Hope Chapel was one of the stops Arthas Menethil and Calia Prestor were to make, along with their entourage, on the way to the war summit that was to be taking place in Last Crossing. However, upon leaving, the outskirts of the chapel became the site of an attack on the entourage that left Calia, Falric, and the rest of the entourage dead, and Arthas captured.

An investigation of the site a few days later by Uther Menethil and his companions uncovered Syndicate activity as well as the bodies of what were later uncovered to be Shadowhide gnolls. Powerful magic was also present on site, likely attributed to the use of control weather and teleportation circle spells.

Many of the bodies of the deceased knights were entombed at the chapel following the initial investigation.


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