Benjamin Warde

Race: Human
Gender: Male
32 33
Start (Apr 632) Current At Death
DoB: December 1, 600
Height 6'01"
Known Languages
Status Alive
Adalene Warde (Wife)
Colette Warde (Daughter)

A member of the Lordaeron Royal Guard, Sir Benjamin Warde serves the Menethils as a close bodyguard and friend. He was tasked with being Remnii's escort and bodyguard upon her arrival in Lordaeron Castle after the Sacking of Silvermoon.


A humble looking man, tan skin with brown hair and eyes, Benjamin is every bit human as they come. A faint dusting of freckles covers his face and shoulders. Years of working with the sword and honing his skill have left him toned.

Benjamin is most often seen on duty, wearing the uniformed armor of the Lordaeron Royal Guard. Plainclothes are a myth.


Gentle and vigilant, Benjamin is a natural fit for the royal guard. He is a self-proclaimed "simple man." He is proud of his work and proud of his family.


Much like the rest of him, Benjamin's story is a simple one. His father and mother were both members of Terenas Menethil's royal guard. While they also saw the ascension of their next king Arthas Menethil the pair retired early to raise their only, surprise, son as a good Lordaeronian boy. The little family moved to Brill and lived a surprisingly quiet life for once esteemed individuals.

Inspired by the stories of heroism and daring-do, alongside royalty no less, that his parents experienced, young Benjamin took to the sword with enthusiasm. Luckily, he had practiced teachers in his parents.

Though his dreams of royal guardsmanship called him to the city of Lordaeron, proper, Benjamin left his heart in Brill. A sweet lass, and long-term childhood crush, by the name of Adalene Carver returned his affections. He vowed that if she would wait for him, the day he became a guard, he would send word and a ring back to Brill, just for her.

Five long years later, with a skip in his step and a twinkle in his eye, Benjamin kept his promise. Adalene Carver soon became Adalene Warde.

Chapter Three: The Scales Tip

Benjamin Warde accompanied the Lordaeron entourage to the war summit at Last Crossing, specifically serving as a companion and aid to the draenei priestess Remnii during the travels. She explained many of the human customs they encountered on the way.

A few days after their arrival in Last Crossing, Benjamin accompanied Uther Menethil when the young prince set off to find his father's entourage when Arthas Menethil's horse, Indomitable, crash landed in the small town. He served primarily as support through the investigation at Light's Hope Chapel following the discovery of Arthas's slaughtered entourage, the dead bodies of both Falric and Calia Prestor, and the disappearance of Arthas himself.

However, he was one of the people that encouraged Ashwynn Menethil to step up in place of Falric as captain of the royal guard as, as he said, there was no one better for it.

Chapter Four: Homecoming

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Chapter Three: The Scales Tip

Chapter Four: Homecoming