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Player Characters

Greenskin Orc Arthak Saurfang Chieftain of the Broken Blade Clan, former member of the Blackrock Clan Alive
Eredar Azgadaan Disowned Prince of the Burning Legion Alive
High Elf Gilveradin Windrunner Farstrider, Dragonsworn of the Red Dragonflight Alive
Greenskin Orc Halno Member of the Broken Blade Clan, Former Member of the Shadowmoon Clan, Recruiter for the Shadow Council Undead
Greenskin Orc No'Rash Clanless Orc; Former Vanguard of the Frostwolf Clan Deceased
Satyr Nyxxa Murkthorn| Nhemai Illidari Ambassador to the Horde, Former Night Elf Sentinel Alive
Draenei Remnii Daughter of the Prophet, Priestess of the Aldor, Former member of the Broken Blade clan, Monk of the Holy Light Alive
Seria Exiled Member of the Darkspear Tribe, Mother of Riff-- a young blood Loa Alive
Worgen Tol'vas Moonshadow Druid of the Pack, Exiled Kaldorei Alive
Human Uther Menethil Prince of Lordaeron, Knight of the Silver Hand Alive
San'layn Velameestra Windrunner Mage of the Kirin Tor Undead
Attach:Icons./AncestryJungleTrollCisgender male.gif"Jungle Troll" Zar'Kaa Headhunter of the Darkspear Tribe Alive





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