House of Windrunner

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The Windrunner family is an ancient high elven family that has, in recent years, been expanded to include several humans and half-elves. They have served Quel'Thalas loyally in a variety of ways since the founding of Silvermoon, and have since acquired a prestige that effectively amounts to high elven nobility. It is widely accepted that, after the Sunstriders, the Windrunners rank among the most powerful families in Quel'Thalas.

Family Timeline

  • The legendary bow Thas'dorah, the legacy of the Windrunners, is created from a bough of the mother tree of Eversong and bathed in the magic of the Sunwell shortly after the founding of Quel'Thalas. It is wielded by Talanas Windrunner.
Year 264
  • Alleria is born to Lireesa Windrunner.
Year 574
  • Lirath is born to Lireesa Windrunner.
Year 611
  • Velameestra and Gilveradin are born in Windrunner Village to Nirenn and Lirath Windrunner.
Year 612
  • Lireesa Windrunner is slain during the Second Troll Wars, and the title of Ranger-General is passed to her second-eldest daughter Sylvanas after Alleria refused it. Alleria, however, kept Thas'dorah.
  • Nirenn is hexed when she slayed the troll Zalazane.
  • Alleria is pregnant with Arator before the conclusion of the wars.
Year 613
  • Turalyon receives news of Alleria's pregnancy and waits for her in Silvermoon, where he promises to be by her side. It was the first time anyone ever saw Alleria smile. Sylvanas was the only other individual there to witness it.
  • Rhonin appears in Windrunner Village six months after the conclusion of the Second Troll Wars and confesses his love for Vereesa before the eyes of everyone present. She returns the sentiment.
  • Arator is born to Alleria Windrunner and Turalyon.
  • Vereesa decides to take time off from Farstriding to help care for Arator and lend her aide to Lirath and Nirenn so that her siblings did not all have to take time off of their duties.
Year 617
  • Vereesa gets pregnant with Giramar and Galadin.
Year 618
  • Nirenn passes away peacefully with the aide of her husband after suffering the effects of the hex for five years.
  • Giramar and Galadin are born to Vereesa Windrunner and Rhonin.
Year 621
  • Velameestra moves with Rhonin to Dalaran to start her training as a mage of the Kirin Tor.
  • Gilveradin begins his formal training to become a Farstrider.
Year 625
  • Velameestra starts secretly learning under the tutelage of Kel'Thuzad.
Year 627
  • Velameestra is recognized as a full mage of the Kirin Tor.
  • Gilveradin is recognized as a Farstrider.
Year 632
  • Arator is kidnapped by Zalazane's forces, and his ring finger, and then his hand are removed as a means to taunt those searching for him.
  • Velameestra falls under the same hex that killed her mother, which had been connected to her mother's wedding ring.
  • Arator is rescued by his friends and family, and due to Velameestra preserving his hand, it is able to be reattached.
  • The hex on Velameestra is temporarily halted due to Kel'Thuzad's death and resulting interference.
  • Sylvos is killed during the sacking of Silvermoon, where he put up a valiant last stand to buy his wife time to escape with several ships filled with refugees.
  • Sinestra kills the prime consort Tyranastrasz and captures the young red dragon Noristrasza during the sacking of Silvermoon with the aid of her husband, Zendarin.

Family Tree

This list encompasses only those who were born into the Windrunner family or have taken the Windrunner name, thus not all individuals on the family tree may appear on it.

Known Members

San'layn Alleria Windrunner Ranger-Captain of the Farstriders, Wielder of Thas'dorah Undead
Arator Windrunner Knight of the Silver Hand Alive
Galadin Windrunner Student of the Kirin Tor Alive
High Elf Gilveradin Windrunner Farstrider, Dragonsworn of the Red Dragonflight Alive
Giramar Windrunner Student of the Kirin Tor Alive
High Elf Lirath Windrunner Farstrider Alive
High Elf Lireesa Windrunner Former Ranger-General of Silvermoon, and former wielder of Thas'dorah Deceased
High Elf Nirenn Windrunner Arcanist of the Magistrate of Silvermoon Deceased
Human Rhonin Windrunner Mage of the Kirin Tor Alive
Black Dragon Sinestra Windrunner | Sintharia Former Prime Consort to Deathwing, Renegade Broodmother of the Chromatic Flight Alive
High Elf Sylvanas Windrunner Ranger-General of Silvermoon, Member of the Convocation of Silvermoon Alive
High Elf Sylvos Windrunner Magister of the Elven Magistrate Deceased
Human Turalyon Windrunner Knight of the Argent Gauntlet, Founder of the Silver Hand Alive
San'layn Velameestra Windrunner Mage of the Kirin Tor Undead
High Elf Vereesa Windrunner Ranger-Captain of the Farstriders, Former Leader of the Thalassian Resistance Alive
High Elf Zendarin Windrunner Magister of the Elven Magistrate Alive


  • The Windrunner family is characterized by their high cheek bones and slender faces, which is frequently referred to as the "Windrunner face." It's not uncommon for people to state "you have the Windrunner face" when they have identified a Windrunner.
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