Gilveradin Windrunner

Race: High Elf
Gender: Male
21 22 -
Start (Apr 632) Current At Death
DoB: February 01, 611
Height 6'02"
Eyes Dark Blue
Hair Short, blonde
Ranger (Horizon Walker) 6 / Warlock (Celestial) 4
Known Languages
Common, Darnassian, Draconic, Dwarvish, Eredun, Gnoll, Goblin, Thalassian, Zandali
Status Alive
Red Dragonflight
Farstriders (Formerly)
Lirath Windrunner (father)
Nirenn Windrunner (mother)
Velameestra Windrunner (sister)

Lireesa Windrunner (grandmother)
Sylvos Windrunner (uncle)
Sylvanas Windrunner (aunt)

Alleria Windrunner (aunt)
Turalyon (uncle)
Arator Windrunner (cousin)

Vereesa Windrunner (aunt)
Rhonin (uncle)
Giramar Windrunner (cousin)
Galadin Windrunner (cousin)

Gilveradin Windrunner is a member of the esteemed Windrunner family and holds a rank as a Farstrider in service to the protection of Quel'Thalas. He is the twin brother of the Kirin Tor mage, Velameestra Windrunner.


Gilveradin is an attractive young elf with deep blue eyes and a smile almost always plastered on his face. Like his sister, he has pale blonde hair, which he normally keeps cut rather short and frequently changes the color of depending on his mood using prestidigitation when off duty. He is built like an athlete and has very lean muscles which suit the active lifestyle he lives as a ranger.



Gil was born in Windrunner Village and he was starry eyed over his father and aunts. He always followed them around - especially his Aunt Sylvanas and Aunt Alleria - and begged them both to teach him how to be a ranger. While his sister spent time with her nose in a book, Gil wandered outside into the forests surrounding the village and memorized the paths. Both his father Lirath and his aunt Sylvanas took notice of this and at a young age started training him in the skills of a ranger. After a time even his Aunt Alleria helped to train Gil in her own fashion (such as suddenly abandoning him in the wilderness for a week).

Years passed and he became skilled in archery, able to hold his own in swordplay, and learned much about the natural world and how to survive it. He had calmed rampaging animals, tracked beasts to their nest, learned how to navigate the wilderness, and most importantly he felt at peace with it. While he tried to keep up sending letters to Velameestra they both became deeply involved in their training and then duties and letters became scarce over time. He stayed in closer touch with his cousins and Aunt Vereesa, plus he constantly tried to close the divide between his sister and his father Lirath.

At the age of fourteen Gil attained the rank of Journeyman within the Farstriders. Two of the trainees with him achieved this rank close to the same time though they were both a few years older. The three of them Caleron Morningwhisper, Zaeneas Emberlight, and Gil himself were assigned to train together as a small unit under the direct tutelage of Ranger-General Sylvanas and Ranger Vereesa as well. Their previous training in surviving the woods intensified, the three of them were taken out of Quel’Thalas to Lordaeron where they were to ghost a traveling caravan. They were to steal something from it each and most importantly none of them were to be seen or heard at all.

Gil rose to the challenge and was the first to take a small bag from the back of one of the wagons. Zaeneas went next taking a dagger, and Caleron was able to find and steal a locket of sorts. The three of them kept tailing the caravan through unfamiliar territory for the next week. Before they made it to the next hamlet Vereesa appeared almost seemingly from nowhere to tell them they passed their first test and not to worry - the items they stole were already returned.

Over the next two years Gil, Caleron, and Zaeneas improved on their previously trained skills. They became masters of stealth, they learned more about Trolls, their language, their culture, and how to find and get rid of them. Gil went to Alleria personally often for lessons on Trolls, sometimes she even agreed to help. As they did small missions and improved themselves further and further they also became a tightly knit group able to communicate effectively without talking.

At sixteen Gil became a Farstrider and continued to work with Caleron and Zaeneas who went on later to become Farstriders themselves. They worked closely for years completing missions as assigned and ultimately spending free time together as well. Gil also made an effort to spend time with his cousins, though Arator at this time started his training to join the Silver Hand and the twins more often than not disappeared to cause trouble throughout the village. Gil and Arator would spar often and continue to remain close despite not seeing each other for weeks at a time.

When it came time, Gil traveled to watch Arator officially be sworn into the Silver Hand, along with a good number of other family members. He met with several members of the Clergy and listened for hours to them talk about the Light, and he resolved to try to implement it further into his life then he had previously. In a few years time, Prince Uther was to be sworn in a friend of both Arator and Vel and he left on his own to oversee the ceremony and spend time with his favorite family members.

Chapter Three: The Scales Tip

Gilveradin was given an assignment by his aunt and commander, Sylvanas Windrunner, to deliver a missive to the elves at Quel'Danil Lodge. However, the assignment came with the caveat that he was to deliver the missive, and if he wished, approach the Wildhammer dwarves at Aerie Peak with a request for aid, but was to do nothing further or he would no longer be a Farstrider--a caveat that came after her nephew revealed his new connection to the red dragons and expressed a desire to seek them out.

Upon reaching Aerie Peak, Gil spoke with the High Thane Kurdran Wildhammer after meeting a curious human girl named Lieran who informed him that the person he had wished to speak to, Falstad Wildhammer, was not present and had, in fact, gone to Grim Batol on some business of his own. Kurdran, while sympathetic to the situation in Quel'Thalas, ultimately refused to send direct aid, as he expressed his people were still embroiled in the war with the Dark Iron dwarves and he couldn't afford to send them to fight another war when they were needed here. As it said, ultimately, the situation in Quel'Thalas was not presently his concern.

Lieran gave Gil a ride to Quel'Danil Lodge on her gryphon, Graysoar, after Gil was able to earn the creature's trust surprisingly quickly, as she was intending on meeting her sister there anyway. Upon their arrival, it became quickly evident that Lieran and her sister, Loania were twins, and upon explaining the situation to Loania and showing her the sealed envelope that contained Sylvanas's missive, the girl introduce Gil to her mother, Voldana, who was one of the rangers of the lodge, so that he could be directed to who to deliver it to.

Voldana expressed that the leader of the lodge, Saldor Shallowbrook, was likely already asleep, and instead suggested that Gil give the missive to her other superior, Jalinde Summerdrake, who expressed some very strong feelings about the orders the missive contained: that the Quel'Danil elves were to abandon their surveillance of the Darkspear trolls and allow them to live in peace, so that as many of their number as possible could report north.

The next morning, Saldor had a more reserved, but equally irritated, response, and expressed to Gil that the lodge had seen little aid from Quel'Thalas, and the fact that Sylvanas chose to ask for their direct aid at this moment was "unfortunate" as the lodge had always been notoriously understaffed and largely reliant on their own means. However, Saldor complied with the orders, having send Jalinde to inform the Darkspear while he assembled what rangers he could afford to send: little more than a dozen.

He also made it clear that the Quel'Danil elves knew of Gil's involvement in the presence of the Darkspear, and the fact that the young Windrunner was largely responsible for that responsibility having been levied upon them: likely one of the reasons some of their number were a bit bristly toward him.

Gil returned to Loania and Lieran to touch base, and when they asked him what he was going to do next, he said that he was going to possibly try to reach Grim Batol without his own dragonhawk or gryphon, as he hoped that Falstad may be able to convince his brother Kurdran to send further aid if he could just talk to him. Having felt bad for the young elf, Loania pulled her sister aside, and managed to convince her to agree to help ferry Gil to Grim Batol, as Lieran had her gryphon, and Loania was able to borrow her mother's dragonhawk.

Thus, together, the three set off for Grim Batol.

Chapter Four: Homecoming


6 Million Forms of Communication
Act as the Party Translator.

A Bird in the Hand
Get a worse result on a reroll.

Blue Falcon
Get your entire party dragged into trouble.

Clever Girl
Kill a surprised enemy.

Fly You Fools!
Survive self-sacrificing bullshit.


Critical fail an attack twice in a row.

Good Samaritan
Stabilize party members 10 times

I Just Had Sex
Get laid.

I'll Be Back
Leave the party as an active character for at least half a chapter.

I'll Just Go Home Now

Roll two 1s on an Advantage roll.

Break someone (or yourself) out of a prison or dungeon.

Killing Spree

Crit three times in a row.

Like Butter

Crit twice in a row.

Loose Ends
Kill a Nemesis.

Evade an attack while at critical hit points.

Never Tell Me The Odds
Succeed only because you rolled a 20.

Kill an enemy with a single attack.

Destroy an item necessary for a quest.

End a Combat Encounter without dealing damage or running away.

Shrug It Off

Take damage from a source you are resistant to.

That Still Only Counts As One
Defeat a Huge or larger creature.

The Better Part of Valor
Flee from a Combat Encounter.

Touch Nothing But the Lamp
Steal an artifact.

Hit 0 HP twice in one encounter.

With Friends Like These...
Cause an ally to hit 0 HP.

Reach 4 levels in two different classes.

Heroic Heights
Roll a check with a total higher than 30.

Where No Man's Gone Before
Roll a check with a total higher than 40.

Hit an enemy in the long range of your ranged weapon.

Hit three times in a row in the long range of your weapon.

Demon Hunter

Defeat 10 demons.

Demon Killer

Defeat 25 demons.


Defeat 10 humanoids.

Killer of Men

Defeat 25 humanoids.

Skeleton Smasher

Defeat 10 undead.


Defeat 100 enemies.

[Retired] Cold Turkey
Return your Corruption score to 0 naturally from at least a week without further corruption.

I Like This One
Force the GM to create a recurring NPC.

Can We Keep Them
Force the GM to create 3 recurring NPCs.

Appeared In

Chapter Three: The Scales Tip

Chapter Four: Homecoming


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