Alleria Windrunner

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Race: San'layn
Gender: Female
368 368 -
Start (Apr 632) Current At Death
DoB: February 20, 264
Height 5'11"
Rogue (Scout) 17
Known Languages
Status Undead
Turalyon Windrunner (Husband)
Arator Windrunner (Son)

Lireesa Windrunner (Mother)
Sylvanas Windrunner (Sister)

Sylvos Windrunner (Brother)
Linore Windrunner (Sister-in-law)
Unnamed niece
Unnamed niece

Lirath Windrunner (Brother)
Nirenn Windrunner (Sister-in-law)
Gilveradin Windrunner (Nephew)
Velameestra Windrunner (Niece)

Vereesa Windrunner (Sister)
Rhonin Windrunner (Brother-in-law)
Giramar Windrunner (Nephew)
Galadin Windrunner (Nephew)

Zendarin Windrunner (Cousin)

Alleria Windrunner is a Ranger-Captain of Silvermoon and the current wielder of the legendary Windrunner bow, Thas'dorah.


Alleria is the most distant of the three Windrunner sisters and largely prefers solitude unless she is forced to actively work with others. She speaks little, and during the instances she does it is typically in short, abrupt sentences that provide just enough to get her point across. She has a deep-rooted hatred for trolls, and hunts them ruthlessly and without mercy largely due to the loss of her mother during the Second Troll Wars. This hatred has since expanded to orcs, who she has also continued to hunt in the fallout of the opening of the Dark Portal.


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Chapter One: Matters of Life and Death

After the capture of her son, Arator, Alleria hunted Zalazane and his troll army relentlessly and was present during the final battle with the troll-king's forces. After Arator was rescued, she and her husband took him to safety and fought back against the remaining forces while Uther Menethil's party defeated Zalazane himself.

Chapter Two: Casting Dice

After the defeat of Zalazane, Alleria had been entrusted with the responsibility of escorting the members of the Darkspear Tribe back to their adopted lands, where they could continue to be watched by the farstriders stationed in the area. She then returned to Silvermoon in the midst of the warlock threat, where she continued to hunt traitors to her people. At one point, the warlock Telina Mirthbrook impersonated her and razed villages in Zul'Aman, which triggered reactionary measures by the trolls there--who referred to this entity as the "Viridian Shadow"--as a means to split forces away from the primary threat in Silvermoon itself.

When the Dark Portal was ripped open in the Sunwell, and Silvermoon itself was sacked, Alleria was one of the people that worked to protect King Kael'thas Sunstrider when he erected the ban'dinorial over Silvermoon and the rest of Quel'thalas in order to keep the orcish Horde contained. However, when the barrier was erected, she was sealed off from Silvermoon, and separated from her husband, Turalyon, who was instead sealed inside the city.

Chapter Three: The Scales Tip


Chapter Four: Homecoming

Appeared In

Chapter Three: The Scales Tip

Chapter Four: Homecoming


  • Though standofish by nature, Alleria is quietly very affectionate towards her little sisters and brother. She gave each of them nicknames, taking the moniker "Lady Sun" for herself.
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