Velameestra Windrunner


February 01, 611
Bright blue, icy; bright magenta (vampyric)
White, shoulder length asymmetrical bob, wavy
Unnaturally pale

Known Languages Common, Darnassian, Draconic, Draenic, Orcish, Quietish, Thalassian, Thieves' Cant, Titanic, Zandali

Affiliations Kirin Tor

Relatives Lirath Windrunner | Father
Nirenn Windrunner | Mother
Gilveradin Windrunner | Brother

Sylvos Windrunner | Uncle
Linore Windrunner | Aunt
Tylana Windrunner | Cousin
Syvia Windrunner | Cousin
Eretasia Windrunner | Cousin

Lireesa Windrunner | Grandmother
Verath Windrunner | Grandfather
Sylvanas Windrunner | Aunt

Alleria Windrunner | Aunt
Turalyon Windrunner | Uncle
Arator Windrunner | Cousin

Vereesa Windrunner | Aunt
Rhonin Windrunner | Uncle
Giramar Windrunner | Cousin
Galadin Windrunner | Cousin

Ariella Silverwood | Grandmother
Relfthra Silverwood | Grandfather

Zendarin Windrunner | Distant Cousin
Sinestra Windrunner | Distant Cousin-in-Law

Velameestra Windrunner is a member of the esteemed Windrunner family and currently holds a rank as a mage of the Kirin Tor. She is the twin sister to the Farstrider, Gilveradin Windrunner.


As is the case with most elves, Velameestra is an attractive woman. She is not physically strong given her tendency to sequester herself in a study with a book in hand, but she wears the grace and leanness of the quel'dorei. She has pale skin, which is marked by a variety of intricate, arcane tattoos that cover her left shoulder, down over her upper arm, across her chest, and upper and lower back, and along her lower abdomen. She does not frequently divulge the meanings of the tattoos, but they seem to have some connection to her use of magic as she has been observed summoning and dismissing her familiar via the runic circle on her chest and the majority resemble a combination of arcane runes and magic circles. They seem to double as a form of arcane focus as they frequently illuminate with energy when she casts spells.

She has a single tattoo that does not mesh with the others—a symbol of the Farstriders on her right outer thigh. It serves as a nod to the importance of the Farstriders to her family, and her brother's involvement in the organization.

Velameestra's hair was formerly pale blonde, but due to the effects of her arcane corruption it has since become stark white. She keeps cut shorter in the back, though it gets longer towards the front where it is typically left to fall in front of her eye on one side. She has bright cyan eyes, and her expression is typically left in a constant state of boredom or irritation—an unfortunate circumstance as she is said to have a nice smile during the rare instances someone is able to coax one out of her.

Multiple individuals have stated she looks a lot like her late mother, which is a painful reminder for her, and the resemblance has gotten even more so with her change in hair color.


Velameestra can be described as outwardly abrasive and ultimately she does not tend to mince words when it comes to her opinion on people or situations. If she dislikes an individual or a situation, it is quite clear and she is prone to such gestures as sighing and exaggerated eye rolling. She is incredibly bright, and she is aware of the fact, thus it takes a degree of intelligence to engage her in a conversation that she finds to be stimulating. It takes her a while to warm up to new individuals she meets, and as a result she has been regarded as a bit of an "ice queen" by many that happen to meet her in passing as she tends to look at things objectively and rather coldly.

However, a great deal of her icy exterior is a front and a shell that she has a built to protect herself from getting emotionally close to others and risk having them taken from her.

Due to her introverted nature she tends to not do well in social situations and ultimately prefers limited contact with groups of people. While she understands typical social cues, how to approach them tends to be lost on her and she tries avoid in-depth conversation unless it is entirely scholarly (and logical) as a result. Similarly, she is not fond of unsolicited physical contact, and she seems to be on edge around others that are naturally more inclined to be more physically affectionate.

She is also a bit obsessed with keeping her situation, or situations she is involved in, under control and becomes incredibly uncomfortable if things get out of hand or take unanticipated turns. This has also manifested in an extreme preference for order, and her personal belongings are incredibly organized. When things are cluttered or "messy" she tends to exhibit indicators of desperately wanting to organize them, if she doesn't simply do so outright. She does not like to be pushed to do things, and doing so is the easiest way to cause her to recede behind whatever icy wall she has manifested.

Ultimately, however, at her core she genuinely cares for those close to her and expresses this affection in non-vocal and frequently subtle ways. She has been known to seek out affection, but it ultimately has to be on her terms, and such instances are rare, far-between, and directed towards a very select number of people.


Early Life

Velameestra was born alongside her brother Gilveradin into the esteemed Windrunner family as the only children of Lirath and Nirenn. However, barely a year after their birth, the twins' parents were called back to the front-lines when the Second Troll Wars broke out in full-force. While the elves were amassing to defend their borders, Velameestra and Gilveradin were ultimately left in the care of non-combatant family friends.

During the battles that waged during the time span the wars covered, Nirenn was successful in intercepting a hex that was meant for her husband, and while they were both able to survive the remainder of the fighting, no one was able to cure the hex inflicted upon her. Thus, she was forced to live with it the best she could, and ultimately returned to her children a sickened woman.

Velameestra’s fascination with the arcane arts became apparent at a very early age. She was utterly transfixed by the small wonders her mother was able to conjure, and the interest did not go unnoticed by Nirenn. While Velameestra’s mother tried to continue serving Quel’Thalas in what ways she was able, even as soon as a year or two after the Second Troll Wars the effects of the hex were gravely apparent. Nirenn grew increasingly sickly and frequently succumbed to fits of coughing, thus much of her time ultimately was spent nurturing her children while Lirath threw himself into his responsibilities with the Farstriders.

While Velameestra had been too young to fully understand the complex intricacies of the arcane, Nirenn did her best to foster the interest her daughter had taken in it. The “tutoring sessions” that would quickly increase in frequency over the following years started with mere ventures to magical sites near Windrunner Village—locations where mana wyrms gathered—but eventually grew into the beginnings of practical application.

Gilveradin initially caught on to the uses of magic more quickly than his sister—much to Velameestra’s frustration seeing her brother did not seem to be particularly interested in the inner workings of the arcane. However, Velameestra was quick to show off every little thing she could do as the beginnings of a friendly and loving rivalry and close bond continued to grow between the siblings.

For a while, it seemed that Nirenn’s condition did not seem to be worsening, but nor did it appear to be getting any better. While she continued to mentor Velameestra and care for Gilveradin the time they spent together was frequently interrupted by necessary rests as Nirenn expended what little energy she had. However, the reality of her condition became fully apparent soon after the twins turned five.

While guiding her daughter in the conjuration of larger, flashier magical effects after Velameestra insisted on trying something more complex to show off to her brother, Nirenn was overcome by a coughing fit that ultimately spattered her hand with blood. Nirenn’s condition started to plummet soon after. While she had once been able to tread some distance from the Windrunner Spire provided she rested, she became restricted to bed rest and Lirath ultimately pulled himself away from his duties as a Farstrider to spend time with his fading wife and the young children she would leave behind.

Velameestra rarely left Nirenn’s side, and a stack of books began to accumulate in a corner of her mother’s room. Most of them were still well beyond her level of understanding, but still the child tried to read them with a vague hope that maybe there was something inside that would save her mother that (somehow) everyone else had missed.

Over the next several months, Nirenn continued to try and teach her daughter in what small ways she could manage, but most of Velameestra’s new knowledge ultimately came from the books she had read. She had come across several spells that she attempted to learn on her own with mixed results, though one inscribed in a scroll caught her attention in particular:

One that would bind a creature to her service.

Her thoughts had drifted to the mana wyrms, and immediately her young mind made a leap in logic that, in hindsight, probably made little sense. When her mother was overcome with another fit of coughing, she left to visit one of the sites where they tended to gather and, after several hours, managed to successfully cast the spell find familiar and bind one to her service.

Velameestra was ecstatic.

She hastily returned to the spire with the vague hope that the mana wyrm she now possessed would somehow be able to help. After all, if every living thing had mana in them, and the wyrms were effectively living mana, then perhaps it would help...somehow. In the light of her “revelation” it didn’t occur to her that, if that had been true, her mother would have already pursued it.

Unfortunately, her excitement faded as soon as it had come. By the time she returned, she had barely the chance to say good-bye. Velameestra and Gilveradin were six.

Her uncle, Rhonin, was the one that ultimately sought Velameestra out and comforted her immediately following Nirenn's passing so that Lirath could try and cope with the aftermath of his wife's passing. It was the start of an incredibly close bond.

Pursuit of the Arcane

Over the next several years, Velameestra buried herself in her studies. Initially, she had thought to dismiss her new familiar in a rage, but when she locked eyes with the serpentine creature she could not bring herself to do so even though she had not even intended to keep the creature for herself. In many ways, while it was a painful reminder of what she would ultimately come to view as her largest failure, it also served as a reassuring reminder of the time she had managed to spend with her mother. She named it Arkha’din, “of the arcane”.

However, uncomfortable tension began to grow between her and her father grew due to the resemblance she bore to Nirenn in her extreme interest in the arcane and the lack of advanced understanding Lirath had for the arts his wife, and now his daughter, so treasured. Gilveradin, who had always been closer to Lirath, did his best to traverse the rift, but Velameestra had focused her attention elsewhere. The distance was not due to Lirath's lack of wanting to nurture his daughter, but rather a loss at how to do it.

The absence of someone to relate to in magical studies was ultimately filled with Rhonin, who was the one that bought Velameestra her first spell book and suggested that she study at the Kirin Tor in Dalaran. She was noted as being incredibly talented in the magical arts, and she excelled in her studies.

Fortunately, even in the mage-dominated city-state, she was far from isolated from her family. Rhonin, took an active role in encouraging the growth of her magical abilities and ensuring that she was taken care of. Velameestra had grown increasingly frigid in her mood and general demeanor as she sought to seal herself away from emotional attachment and continued to content with the ongoing hurt and personal blame of losing her mother at such a young age, though Rhonin had gotten to be incredibly good at reading - and understanding - his niece and was quite successful at carefully traversing the line that prevented her from pulling away.

While there was occasional bickering, and Velameestra would frequently seem to be fairly annoyed by a variety of her uncle's habits, it never went deeper than the surface. If Velameestra ever got particularly abrasive, Rhonin had a tendency to see right through it.

Her rapid completion of her training and her clearly astute mind and high intelligence ultimately caught the attention of many of her other tutors—particularly Kel’Thuzad—who seemed to indicate a desire for Velameestra to aim for a seat on the Council of Six due to her potential and the fact that, as Kel’Thuzad observed, she was not afraid to ask the questions others were afraid to answer.

Ultimately, Velameestra was considered a full mage of the Kirin Tor by the incredibly young age of sixteen.

Mage of the Kirin Tor

However, though she immediately delved into her own studies (which were speckled with brief visits to Quel’Thalas), Velameestra did not leave Dalaran. At least not initially. Her pursuit of mastering the arcane arts was intermingled with secret lessons on understanding death—and therefore necromancy—with Kel'Thuzad.

It was on Rhonin's suggestion that Velameestra turn her sights toward Lordaeron as word had gotten around that Queen Jaina Menethil was keeping an eye out for a tutor for her magically-gifted son, Uther. The opportunity to teach was, as Rhonin suggested, a good learning experience, and the fact that Velameestra was close to Uther's age may have offered more incentive for him to pay attention.

Out of curiosity (and admiration for Jaina) more than anything, Velameestra relented, and over the following years her relationship with Uther became something more akin to friendship mixed with a degree of mutual attraction. However, they were feelings that Velameestra never acted on out of personal emotional preservation, and a desire to shut down such emotions considering the drastic difference in anticipated life span between a human and an elf.

Considering how close Dalaran is in proximity to Lordaeron, Velameestra would still frequently return to her "home" to pursue her own studies in her own personal space, though the majority of the time she was typically found in the vicinity of the castle where she could teach Uther more readily.

Likewise, she accompanied the prince when he would be sworn in as an honorary Knight of the Silver Hand (where she was also reunited with her brother and cousin, Arator), and had intended on tagging along for the entirety of his celebratory tour of the Eastern Kingdoms with the intention of getting him caught up on any schooling that fell to the wayside while he was training to become a knight. Unfortunately, such intentions were interrupted.

Chapter One: Matters Of Life and Death

While stopping in the small village of Last Crossing, the town itself was attacked by a horde of undead that ultimately dragged a good many of the townsfolk into parts unknown. Considering the ominous tidings of the presence of such a large horde, and the peril the villagers were in, Uther insisted on pursuing them and Velameestra chose to remain in tow as her brother and cousin had also become heavily involved. The trail of the undead lead them to a small farmhold cemetery where the party was beset upon by a small group of undead trolls.

Arator was knocked unconscious when he magically took a blow meant for Velameestra, and he was taken by one of the trolls through a portal that materialized in one of the open graves. Soon after, a banshee—a creature supposedly just of myth—attacked the group and was disposed of. The spirit left only a ring behind, which Gilveradin was immediately able to identify as the engagement ring that belonged to their mother. In hindsight, they also realized that the banshee itself bore a distinct resemblance to the deceased Nirenn Windrunner. Initially, Gilveradin was going to keep the discovery of the ring from his sister due to the hurt it would stir up, but he ultimately told her and the ring fell into her possession.

Given the involvement of trolls, the group set their sights towards Quel'Thalas in order to warn the Farstriders in the area. They stopped at Quel'Lithien Lodge, where the involvement seemed to only be more dire as there was a heavy speculation that someone was actually letting trolls into the borders of the elflands. Several troll artifacts had been brought back, including a sacrificial dagger and a troll fetish, which a magister had been sent to examine. However, the magister ultimately ended up dead after the dagger was stolen by one of his students and she fled after she ripped open a portal to the Twisting Nether.

However, that was not the end to the mysteries of Quel'Lithien Lodge as, that night, Velameestra was temporarily possessed by the undead troll-king Zalazane and he attempted to use her in order to kill Uther. Tess was able to break her free of the mind control before she was successful, though Uther received a permanent scar on his chest from the puncture wound of the ice knife she had used.

The fetish that was placed into her hands to possess her burst into flames, and Zalazane proceeded to taunt the group through the magical image-focusing on the fact that he had been the one to curse Velameestra and Gilveradin's mother and had managed to turn Velameestra into a temporary servant as well. The fetish was destroyed by Gilveradin, and Uther's injuries were able to be tended to, though Velameestra sought to be alone after being overwhelmed with guilt for allowing herself to be possessed despite it not being her fault. Gilveradin sought her out, and she was talked into returning to the lodge for the evening, though her sleep that night was plagued by a nightmare sent by Zalazane. She awoke and found that her mother's engagement ring had somehow gotten on her finger, and when she removed it again two tiny red marks-like a spider's bite-were on her finger.

Before they left Quel'Lithien Lodge, it was discovered that the lodge's quartermaster, Satren, had been the one placing the fetish into other's hands under the effect of sleepwalking. The situation uncovered, the group left the lodge and continued toward Silvermoon.

In the process, Tess ultimately came out with her status as the princess of Gilneas, and the knowledge that she was, in fact, a worgen—something she decided they should know as the full moon was rapidly approaching. Velameestra and Ashwynn shared similar sentiments of suspicion and irritation that such dangerous information had been kept from them. However, Tess provided Velameestra with the notebook of her previous companion, Krennan, which had all the information he had uncovered on the worgen in the hopes that the mage could potentially make further breakthroughs.

Trouble in the Pass

Upon arriving in the small elven town of Tranquillien, Gilveradin received a missive from their aunt Vereesa explaining that their aunt Alleria had entered a warpath in pursuit of her son, Arator. Simultaneously, Velameestra had received a letter from Talath Dawnsworn, and Uther had received a notice from Kael'thas Sunstrider. During the brief visit in the town, it was ultimately decided they would head towards the Farstrider enclave to the east to meet up with the Windrunners in the hope that they may be able to fine-tune their approach to finding Arator.

However, during their preparations, it was also discovered that there had been gnoll attacks in the pass that lead to the enclave, and it was ultimately decided they would investigate the trouble on the way there. As they entered the pass, the party was beset upon by gnolls after a Farstrider came running out of the mountains. The gnolls were easily dealt with, though Velameestra had called upon forbidden magics to ensure she could readily protect her brother after he was temporarily incapacitated by large spiders.

No one had noticed.

Upon reviving the Farstrider, he was able to explain that the rest of his unit had been taken, and the party immediately set off to find a lead. The rest of the Farstriders were found within a large cavern that was the nest of massive spider. The spider and it's kin were successfully eliminated and the Farstriders freed. They were able to organize with the freed rangers to then plan an assault on the gnoll encampment further up the pass where it was speculated several prisoners were being held—some of which possibly having been from Last Crossing.

Velameestra ultimately managed to obliterate one of the gnoll watchtowers with an explosion of thunderous energy during the assault, and thanks to the combined efforts the gnolls were beat back. However, before they could be completely eliminated, several trolls lead by one of the undead troll necrolytes materialized and brought several of the gnolls back as undead. They were also defeated.

Gilveradin and most of the others went to check on the captives while Velameestra examined the corpses of the trolls for any information. She was able to find a stone tablet which seemed to be the troll-equivalent of a spell scroll, but it was blank and, thus, clearly used. However, before she could reconvene once completely, she was intercepted by Uther who promptly asked her if she "wanted to find Arator more than she hated trolls." Upon her confirmed that was the case, Uther revealed one of the captives had been a troll that Gilveradin had previously encountered, and he may be able to provide some information.

Angry, but checked as the troll—Rai—may be their only lead, Velameestra threatened that she would ensure his blood was frozen in his veins if he dared to cross the party. With how easily he cowered, it was clear that the chance for that was fairly slim.

The group continued on to the Farstrider Enclave, and Elissa was rejoined with her father—who was found among the human captives. He was able to inform them that another blonde half-elf had been held with them, but he had been moved fairly recently. It was likely Arator. Once they arrived at the Enclave, they were greeted by Gilveradin and Velameestra's twin cousins, Galadin and Giramar, but then met with their aunt Vereesa. Vereesa informed the group that Alleria had gone out ranging, but she would likely return the next day. However, she and another Ranger-Captain exchanged words with the group as Gilveradin expressed his intention to use Rai as an ally to hopefully locate Zalazane and, therefore, Arator.

Ultimately, it was a situation that was up to the jurisdiction of the Convocation of Silvermoon, and Alleria would, likewise, have to be alerted when she returned—a task that was ultimately left up to Vereesa as the group decided they would leave sooner rather than later.

Later that night, Elissa announced that she may be leaving the group to return with her father, and Uther, in response, chose to knight her and promised her that they both would be given an estate of their own as soon as he was able to provide it. Calvin overheard the exchange, and after exchanging some words with his daughter, she instead chose to stay with the party while her father was escorted safely back to Last Crossing with the rest of the captives. However, Calvin caught Velameestra in private and requested that the elven mage look in to the source of his daughter's magic as she, and, likewise, he, had no real memory of her mother.

Velameestra relented, and then turned in for the night.

However, that night, she was awakened as the engagement ring she had left in Gilveradin's possession had reappeared on her finger alongside deeper bite marks. Perturbed by the fact the ring seemed to be capable of teleporting somewhat substantial distances via its own means, she opted to go speak to Rai to see if he was able to provide any information as her leading hypothesis was that there was some sort of hex at work. Rai was terrified when she showed him the bite marks, and he referred to the curse as the Hungering Hex—a very powerful curse that was incredibly difficult to remove.

Unfortunately, he could not provide any other information on it, much to Velameestra's frustration. Gilveradin, who had remained close to Rai's cell while they stayed at the Enclave, attempted to reassure his sister, but she quickly returned to try and pick apart any notes she had on the situation and the multitude of other research topics she had amassed.

The next morning, Vereesa saw the group off and provided them with dragonhawks that would be able to carry them swiftly to Silvermoon.

Silvermoon Intrigue

They arrived in Silvermoon after a substantial amount of flying. Coming soon.

To the Hinterlands

Coming soon.

Zalazane's Defeat

Coming soon.


With Zalazane defeated and Arator rescued, Velameestra was able to return to Lordaeron with the rest of the party, though she was now suffering from the latent effects of arcane corruption. Soon after she returned to Capitol City, she received word via the sending spell from her mentor Kel'Thuzad asking her to visit him at his manor in Dalaran as soon as she was able. She set off for Dalaran later that day.

Upon arriving at Kel'Thuzad's manor, he invited her to partake of his library as silent study seemed to be something she was "in need of." However, several days later, Velameestra was once again attacked by the hex, and awoke to her mentor standing over her, keeping the spectral spider of the hex at bay. He asked that she trust him, and upon agreeing, she promptly fell unconscious.

Chapter Two: Casting Dice

Velameestra returned to Lordaeron to participate in the festivities surrounding Uther's knighthood as a member of the Silver Hand, during which time she ultimately confessed to Rhonin about her involvement in the prison break at Durnholde. While she had been seeking reassurance and ultimately a lie that it would "be okay," Rhonin instead promised they would handle the situation and heavily implied that such handling may involve murdering Camrus Bloodstar, the Syndicate member that had been recaptured. He also made her promise not to tell anyone else about her involvement.

Several days later, Velameestra was visited by Vittoria, who apologized for her show of affection toward Uther as it had been unfair to the elf given her other feelings for him. Vel, however, denied there were any such things, and that ultimately Vittoria was better for him.

She attended the ball in Uther's honor, where she danced with her father to fulfill the promise she had made to her brother about dancing with one person before leaving. However, before she could leave, Uther intercepted her and asked her for a dance. Before the gathered crowd, he kissed her hand, and quietly confessed his feelings for her--feelings that Velameestra refused to reciprocate, citing every excuse she could think of, before eventually noting that, as a human, he would ultimately die well before she would, and she would be left alone. Uther was insistent, though left her go as Vel grew increasingly uncomfortable.

She later walked with her father to seek out some form of comfort in his companionship, during which she and Lirath both saw Uther walking with Vittoria.

Summons from Durnholde

The next morning, Gilveradin and the other Farstriders were summoned back to Silvermoon to address the growing warlock threat, and Velameestra ultimately planned to set off with her uncle Rhonin and two cousins, Giramar and Galadin, to return to Dalarn. Upon saying goodbye to Arator, he gave her a new bracelet woven with jade as a thank you for saving him, and ultimately preserving his hand.

She also received a letter from Victor Prestor of Alterac, in which it was revealed the recaptured Syndicate elf, Camrus Bloodstar, was refusing to cooperate unless she was present. He had requested her by name, and Victor was intensely curious as to why such a man knew of her, and asked that she come to Durnholde as soon as able. She showed the letter to Rhonin, and he said they would leave for Durnholde as soon as his children were enrolled and settled in at Dalaran.

When they arrived in Dalaran, Vel mentioned her new living arrangements and just how she had acquired Kel'Thuzad's mansion when Rhonin pressed for details. Amazed by such a situation, he asked if they could see it, and she ultimately showed him and her cousins her new quarters. Giramar immediately took to Kel'Thuzad's cat, Mr. Bigglesworth, and Velameestra relented to allow him to take care of him until the man she had arranged to be his caretaker arrived. She entrusted Giramar with the key to give to Talath after making him promise he wouldn't touch anything.

She and Rhonin then set off for Durnholde.

Just outside Hillsbrad, they found a strange tunnel, and upon investigating further with Arkha'din's help it seemed to have been made by a scaled, reptilian creature that was burrowing beneath the surface. On Velameestra's urging, given the structural instability the creature may cause for the nearby town, Rhonin and the young woman engaged the monster and successfully killed it.

They then took evidence of the creature's demise to Hillsbrad, where they were thoroughly thanked and rewarded by the mayor of the town (who also recognized Velameestra thanks to her aid previously).

They continued to Durnholde where they were greeted by Victor himself, who ultimately accompanied them to meet with Camrus. Velameestra was given access to Camrus's holding cell alone, where Camrus informed her that he wished for her to help him escape a second time. Namely, he wished for her to arrange for a prison transfer for Dalaran, given her status as a Kirin Tor mage, at which point fellow members of the Syndicate would hit the caravan and allow him to escape, leaving her alive.

Velameestra countered that he was greatly overestimating her connections, but he was insistent, and stated that, if she was unwilling to comply, he would simply use his knowledge of her own involvement as a bargaining chip. At the end of their discussion, it seemed that Velameestra had agreed to aid him, and he settled in to away news of his transfer.

However, upon leaving the cell, Velameestra promptly met with Victor in private, where he revealed what Camrus had asked of her. She continued into confessing to her involvement with Durnholde, stating that he couldn't use the information as blackmail if Victor was already aware of it, and that she would rather be indebted to Victor than a criminal. In addition to the fact that, secretly, she was seeking a way to ensure that her uncle would not get himself involved further in her mistake.

Victor was furious, and stated that she should be tried and executed as a criminal, to which Velameestra stated he was in the right, as she had made a grave mistake. However, despite his anger, he ultimately told her to leave, cursing his cousin in the process and the fact that the group as a whole had previously aided him.

As Velameestra and Rhonin left, they witnessed Camrus being taken to his execution, during which Victor smashed the man's face in with a gauntleted fist when the Syndicate member attempted to reveal her involvement. Camrus was dead before they left the keep.

On the way back to Dalaran, Velameestra revealed her motivation for confessing to Victor to her uncle, at which point Rhonin countered that, had Velameestra been imprisoned and sent to her execution, he wouldn't have simply stood aside and would have gotten himself involved anyway. After all, when she placed herself in danger, all she accomplished was causing those that cared for her to try and help. She briefly touched upon her fear of losing those she loves too soon, asking him to please not make her say goodbye sooner than she already had to.

He countered that he would agree only if she promised to not make him do the same.

They returned to Dalaran safely, where Rhonin went to take care of his sons while Velameestra continued making her own plays in the mage city.

Grant for Necromancy

Warlocks in Silvermoon

It was queen Jaina Menethil that messaged Velameestra through the use of sending to inform her that her brother, Gilveradin, had been attacked by a warlock cabal in Silvermoon. Ultimately her brother had been fine, but the increasing threat of the warlock activity had resulting in king Kael'thas Sunstrider approaching Jaina for further aid. Jaina had decided for Velameestra to accompany her.

Coming soon.

The Sacking of Silvermoon

Chapter Three: The Scales Tip

Velameestra left Scholomance on the same day that Uther's entourage had arrived at Last Crossing and, to her surprise, she was seen off by the young Nem'aen, who wished to see that their best friend set off safely (and also wished to look for buried treasure in the waters around Caer Darrow anyway). Velameestra made quick time thanks to the use of the phantom steed spell, and she arrive a mere few days after Uther and his group did.

Upon arrival, she was able to coordinate with the primary representative of the Kirin Tor, Lan'dalock, who provided her with updates on the status of the ban'dinoriel as well as the effects that had been observed in fellow elves as they drew closer to the barrier, as well as meet up with other family and companions she had not seen in several weeks.

However, with her arrival came a reunion with Victor Prestor, and it became obvious very early on that there was some definite tension between the pair of them.

Chapter Four: Homecoming

Chapter Five: Civil War


Velameestra is frequently accompanied by her familiar: a blue mana wyrm she refers to as Arkha'din (Thalassian for "of the arcane") which has been in her service since the age of six. While he is bound to her due to the use of a scroll containing the spell find familiar, he was a wild mana wyrm originally and was not exactly "summoned" in the conventional sense.


Arkha'din is a fairly typical mana wyrm specimen. While he is slightly larger than average mana wyrms due to the incredibly magic-rich diet he exists on (and the fact Velameestra frequently offers excess magical energy for his consumption), beyond the size there is not much that would distinguish him from other mana wyrms. He is primarily blue in color, and his eyes always burn a brilliant cyan that is similar in shade to his master's.


Arkha'din is very much a beast of his master's as Velameestra is the only individual he readily shows true loyalty towards - as is to be expected as he was magically bound to her. Other people, notably Velameestra's uncle Rhonin, have taken to calling him "Snarkha'din" as he is prone to becoming a bit of a nuisance given his tendency to feed on magic and, by extension, magical items. Given his intelligence he is more than capable of figuring out basic restrictions put in place to keep him out, and he has on more than one occasion gotten into something that had been intended for him to stay out of.

He is incredibly protective over Velameestra, and has been since he was originally bound to her. However, he also has shown tendencies that mirror those of a typical house cat as he is particularly fond of curling up near sites of powerful ambient magic.

Appeared In

Chapter Three: The Scales Tip

Chapter Four: Homecoming

Chapter Five: Civil War


General Achievements

Heroic Heights
Roll a check with a total higher than 30.

I'll Just Go Home Now
Roll two 1s on an Advantage roll.

A Bird in the Hand
Get a worse result on a reroll.

Why Did I Roll Again?
Succeed on a saving throw or ability check by rolling a 1.

Never Tell Me The Odds
Succeed only because you rolled a 20.

Character Achievements

A Blessing, Mayhap in Disguise
Get a Supernatural Gift.

It's Not a Tumor
Get a permanent deformity.

Flaw is Such a Strong Word
Have two Ability Scores at 8.

Too Smart for your Own Good
Increase your Intelligence to 20.

Limit Breaker
Increase an Ability Score above 20.

Learn 10 languages.

Combat Achievements

Lightning Rod
Prevent damage from a source you are immune to.

Shrug It Off
Take damage from a source you are resistant to.

Evade an attack while at critical hit points.

The Dice Have Spoken
Have an enemy reroll a critical hit into a critical hit.

Don Quixote
Have a crit fail backfire horribly.

Clever Girl
Kill a surprised enemy.

Kill a single enemy with exact damage.

Kill an enemy with a single attack.

Think Smarter, Not Harder
Defeat an enemy using only skills.

That Still Only Counts As One
Defeat a Huge or larger creature.

Bedside Manner
Stabilize a party member by healing them above half hit points.

Hit 0 HP twice in one encounter.

Not Today
Critically fail a death saving throw and survive.

Mmm, What You Say

End a Combat Encounter without dealing damage or running away.

The Better Part of Valor
Flee from a Combat Encounter.

Y'za Noq Mah
Defeat 10 aberrations.

Beast Hunter
Defeat 10 beasts.

Beast Killer
Defeat 25 beasts.

Defeat 10 constructs.

Demon Hunter
Defeat 10 demons.

Demon Killer
Defeat 25 demons.

Giant Hunter
Defeat 10 giants.

Defeat 10 humanoids.

Killer of Men
Defeat 25 humanoids.

Mage Hunter
Defeat 10 mages.

Monster Hunter
Defeat 10 monstrosities.

Monster Killer
Defeat 25 monstrosities.

Skeleton Smasher
Defeat 10 undead.

Ghost Buster
Defeat 25 undead.

Defeat 100 enemies.

Dynasty Warrior
Defeat 250 enemies.

Crafting Achievements

Trace, On
Craft a magic item of Uncommon or Rare rarity.

Cantrip Crafter
Create a spell of 1st, 2nd, or 3rd level.

Makin' Magic
Create a spell of 4th or 5th level.

Story Achievements

6 Million Forms of Communication
Act as the Party Translator.

Angel on the Shoulder
Stop a party member from making a very bad decision.

Blue Falcon
Get your entire party dragged into trouble.

Let someone down easy... or not.

Did That Sword Just Talk?
Attune to a cursed item.

I Just Had Sex
Get laid.

Break someone (or yourself) out of a prison or dungeon.

Surprise, Bitch
Participate in a major scene while not an active character.

Peace Be With You
Reconcile differences between mortal enemies.

Touch Nothing But the Lamp
Steal an artifact.

Loose Ends
Kill a Nemesis.

I Like This One
Force the GM to create a recurring NPC.

Can We Keep Them
Force the GM to create 3 recurring NPCs.

Retired Achievements

[Retired] Cold Turkey
Return your Corruption score to 0 naturally from at least a week without further corruption.

[Retired] Fly, My Pretties!
Control 5 minions at once.

[Retired] The Good Stuff
Gain Level 1 Corruption.

[Retired] I Can Quit When I Want
Gain Level 2 Corruption.

[Retired] Do the Twist(ing Nether)
Gain Level 3 Corruption.

[Retired] Dark Secrets
Cast a Forbidden Spell of level 1-3.

[Retired] Dark Truths
Cast a Forbidden Spell of level 3-6.


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