Lirath Windrunner

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Race: High Elf
Gender: Male
57 58 -
Start (Apr 632) Current At Death
DoB: September 08, 574
Height 5'11"
Ranger (Squad Leader) 8
Known Languages
Status Alive
Nirenn Windrunner | Wife
Gilveradin Windrunner | Son
Velameestra Windrunner | Daughter

Lireesa Windrunner | Mother
Sylvanas Windrunner | Sister

Sylvos Windrunner | Brother
Linore Windrunner | Sister-in-Law
Tylana Windrunner | Niece
Syvia Windrunner | Niece
Eretasia Windrunner? | Niece

Alleria Windrunner | Sister
Turalyon Windrunner | Brother-in-Law
Arator Windrunner | Nephew

Vereesa Windrunner | Sister
Rhonin Windrunner | Brother-in-Law
Giramar Windrunner | Nephew
Galadin Windrunner | Nephew

Lirath Windrunner is the youngest of Lireesa Windrunner's children, though he was also the first one to become a parent. He had been happily married to Nirenn Windrunner, though unfortunately their life together was cut horribly short by the hex she had taken during the Second Troll Wars.


Lirath is an attractive man with an angular face that possesses the distinct characteristics of his family. He has soft, sky blue eyes and long, medium blonde hair that is typically left in a loose braid thrown casually over his shoulder.


Lirath is a talented ranger, like many of the Windrunner family, though unlike his more confident sisters he lacks a bit in self-confidence. He is soft-spoken and cares a great deal for his family, especially his children, though he relied heavily on his sister Vereesa to help raise them as he was a bit lost without Nirenn's guidance.


Lirath became the father to Gilveradin and Velameestra Windrunner at the age of 37, which is considered to be incredibly young by elf standards and it was very likely that their conception was not something that had been exactly planned by he and his wife.

Chapter Three: The Scales Tip

Appeared In

Chapter Three: The Scales Tip


  • Lirath is able to play the pan flute quite well.
  • Lirath was given the nickname "Little Sun" by his eldest sister, Alleria, due to the golden blonde hair he shares with her.
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