Sacking of Silvermoon / Opening of the Dark Portal

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The Sacking of Silvermoon marked the beginning of the Horde's invasion of Azeroth on September 17th into September 18th of year 632. It started with the opening of the Dark Portal in the Sunwell, and ultimately came to an end when the majority of the remaining high elves fled their capital city to safety through magical portals, or into the surrounding lands of Quel'Thalas.

The traitorous warlocks on Quel'danas were able to temporarily open portals into the heart of Silvermoon itself using the arcane sanctums, giving the orcs a bridge across the sea and into the city.

Unprepared for the orcish horde that came pouring through the portal, and elves put up a valiant stand with the unexpected aid of the red dragon Tyranastrasz providing coverage from overhead. Unfortunately, the elves were forced to retreat from their homeland, and Kael'thas Sunstrider used the gathered moonkeys to erect the Ban'dinariel around Silvermoon and the surrounding lands of Quel'Thalas—penning the majority of the orcs inside the inner barrier to give his people time to regroup.

Named Casualties

High Elf Caleron Morningwhisper Slain by Grommash Hellscream during a final stand on Quel'danas.
High Elf Faltora Swiftheart Slain by orcs during the Sacking of Silvermoon
High Elf Merriel Swiftheart Slain by orcs during the Sacking of Silvermoon
High Elf Sylvos Windrunner Cut down by Arthak Saurfang during a final stand at Sun's Reach Harbor.
High Elf Commander Thalorian Dawnseeker Cut down by Arthak Saurfang during a final stand on Quel'danas.
Red Dragon Borel Skyfire | Tyranastrasz Throat crushed by Sinestra/Sintharia after he was shot out of the sky.
High Elf High Priest Vandellor Everpost Throat slit by Levia Wildflight after his capture and torture at the hands of the warlocks.
High Elf Zeen Slain by orcs before he could escape during the Sacking of Silvermoon.
High Elf Telina Mirthbrook Shot down by Velameestra Windrunner just before the opening of the Dark Portal, and ripped open by the escape of the demon Kathra'natir.
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