The upbringing and beliefs of a character are represented by their culture, which provides skills, languages, and abilities they may have learned throughout their upbringing. At character creation, you gain the skills, languages, and traits listed under your chosen culture.

Hybrid Cultures

Sometimes, a singular culture does not accurately represent the upbringing of a character. Perhaps their childhood was split between two, or they joined another culture later. If such is the case, you can combine one or more cultures to create the culture unique to your character by selecting the Skills and Languages from one or the other, and any combination of two Major and one Minor trait from the chosen meshed cultures. Note that hybrid cultures are up to DM discretion.

Existing Cultures

Name Description
Aerial You have been raised amongst the clouds of the open skies, where the heights are as endless as the atmosphere.
Artistic You were brought up in a place that values the arts and creative expression above most else, and those ideals have remained with you.
Caravan You were raised on the road in a traveling group—perhaps a circus or entertainment troupe, or a family band of merchants. Either way, your home is where opportunity lies.
Collegiate You have been raised in a place of academia with the focus being on bettering the mind and pursuing knowledge.
Cosmopolitan You have been raised in a bustling, expansive city and are adept at keeping abreast of the newest social developments and curiosities.
Despotic You have been raised beneath the thumb of tyrannical rule, with the authoritarian rigidity that comes with it.
Drow You were raised in one of the cut-throat, dangerous cities of the drow of the Underdark, under the influence of the spider goddess Lolth.
Duergar You have been brought up amongst dwarves that dwell in the deepest places of the world, and have mastered the skills necessary to survive.
Dwarf You were brought up among the industrious and innovative dwarven clans, and are at home in their hearty and structured civilizations.
Enlightened You have been brought up in a culture of peace and enlightenment, where the focus is on the betterment of the people and spirit.
Feywild You have been raised in the whimsical, ever-changing wonderland known as the Feywild, and it has left a lasting mark on your very being.
Forsaken You have been brought up in the ruins of a former settlement or civilation—what may have been your home once is now destroyed, but its people continue on.
Frontier You were brought up on the open and expansive frontier, potentially on a singular farmstead or as part of a newer community that is starting to develop.
Githyanki You have been brought up amongst the ruthless pillagers and raiders known as the Githyanki, who have long warred from the Astral Plane against the mindflayers that had formerly enslaved them.
Githzerai You have been brought up amongst the monastic and introspective society of the Githzerai, who long ago broke free of the mindflayers that had formerly enslaved them.
Halfling You have been brought up amongst the close-knit, familial communities of halflings who live peacefully in-tune with the natural world.
High Elf You have been brought up amongst the high elven people, and have been exposed to their innate aptitude for arcane innovation and aristocracy.
Imperial You were raised in a large empire or kingdom that has made itself—and its leaders—known as a political power on the world stage.
Itinerant You grew up without truly having a home and have wandered great distances, integrating into various cultures without truly choosing one as your own.
Magitech You were raised around amazing examples of technical progress, tinkering, and innovation that have meshed magic and machine, and have learned to master such trades yourself.
Magocracy You have been raised in a place where mages rule, and magic is a natural and expected sight.
Natural You were brought up deep in the heart of the natural world—such as being part of a druid circle—and have learned to not only survive in nature, but exist within its very being.
Nomadic You were raised among people that migrate with the seasons or following the game that allows them to survive, meaning you are well accustomed to never calling one place home for long.
Rural You were brought up in the rolling farmlands of the country sides where small, close-knit communities band together to make a simple living.
Shadowfell You have been raised in the cold, unforgiving darkness of the Shadowfell and have developed unique traits that allow you to survive.
Theocratic You were raised in a holy place, such as a monastery or a temple, and have grown with the doctrine of your religion as your guide.
Undersea You were brought up deep beneath the waves of the sea and have learned to live in harmony with the creatures of the depths.
Warrior You have been brought up among those who seek glory and triumph in combat, and rarely back down from a challenge for fear of the stain cowardice would leave.
Wild You were raised in a wild and untamed world and have learned to live off the land in order to survive—after all, in the wilderness, nature provides, and you are either the hunter or the hunted.
Wood Elf You have been brought up amongst the fair folk of the wood, and understand the secrets to live in harmony with the natural world.