Race: Half Troll
Gender: Female
Start (Apr 632) Current At Death
Height 6'06"
Druid (Moon) 10
Known Languages
Status Alive
Riff | Adopted Son

Kala | Mother
Taldaram Evenstar | Father

Seria is a half-elf, half-troll who was conceived around the time of the Second Troll Wars.


Seria appears to have a pretty even blend of both her elven and trollish heritage. Her skin is a light teal, and she has small tusks and three fingers on each hand like a troll, however, she has five toes, slender pointed ears, and a general build more akin to that of an elf. She's rather tall, easily towering over most of the spoken races of the Eastern Kingdoms aside from others with trollish blood.

She has long black hair with streaks of blue in it, and her body is adorned with a variety of tribal tattoos—most notably a thick band over her eyes, and an ornate tribal sleeve along her right arm.



Early Life

Chapter Three: The Scales Tip

Seria had been wandering the regions of Khaz Modan for some time, looking for something, when she happened upon a small group of travelers. She approached them under the guise of a black fox, and was quickly found by the high elven Farstrider, Gilveradin Windrunner. Much to her surprise, he seemed to be able to speak with animals, and he was accompanied by two human girls, Lieran and Loania, as well as their mounts, a dragonhawk named Summerflight and a gryphon named Graysoar.

However, before Seria could really assess the group, they were attacked by two fen stalkers that had been lurking in the muck. Identifying the need for aid, Seria attacked after Gilveradin had been enveloped in one of the fen stalkers, and transformed into the form of a raptor so she could rake into the plant beast. The group emerged successful from the combat, but given she was now in the form of a raptor, it was quickly realized that the small fox was not what it initially appeared to be.

Thus, Seria took her true form, and introduced herself cautiously. The group welcomed her to accompany them if she didn't have anywhere else to go, and she hesitantly agreed, taking the form of a raven so that her true form remained veiled as they headed deeper into dwarf territory. When Gilveradin broke off to speak with Falstad Wildhammer in private once they arrived in Grim Batol, Seria stayed with Lieran and Loania at a tavern inside the fortress.

Chapter Four: Homecoming


A Bird in the Hand
Get a worse result on a reroll.

Danger Magnet
Be crit twice in a row.

Evade an attack while at critical hit points.

Oh Yeah!
Burst through a wall.

Never Tell Me The Odds
Succeed only because you rolled a 20.

That Still Only Counts As One
Defeat a Huge or larger creature.

The Better Part of Valor
Flee from a Combat Encounter.

Demon Hunter

Defeat 10 demons.

Demon Killer

Defeat 25 demons.

Skeleton Smasher

Defeat 10 undead.

Ghost Buster

Defeat 25 undead.

The Bigger They Are
Defeat an enemy of CR equal to half your level in a single turn.

I Like This One
Force the GM to create a recurring NPC.

[Retired] Dark Secrets
Cast a Forbidden Spell of level 1-3.

[Retired] Dark Truths
Cast a Forbidden Spell of level 3-6.

Appeared In

Chapter Three: The Scales Tip

Chapter Four: Homecoming