Elissa Cross

Race: Half Elf
Gender: Female
17 18 -
Start (Apr 632) Current At Death
DoB: April 14, 615
Height 5'04"
Paladin (Ancients)
Known Languages
Status Alive
Calvin Cross | Father
Morra Starbreeze | Mother

Elissa Cross is a half-elf from the town of Last Crossing. After the town was attacked, she left the town with Prince Uther to help rescue her father and the others who were taken by the undead and their troll masters.


Elissa is a somewhat plain, but pretty half elf with wispy, naturally straight blonde hair. She is stronger than she looks, however, and years of helping move inventory with her father has given her a wiry, lean strength. Her active lifestyle has helped her keep in great shape.


Elissa is bubbly and kind. If someone needs help with something, it is not uncommon to see her jumping to their aid - even if she doesn't know what she's doing. Nevertheless, she has a kind heart, and appreciates the simple beauties of the world more than most. She is a firm believer in the fact that the world would be a better place in it if it had more flowers and more laughter, and does what she can to spread joy to those she meets.

Elissa is also a gifted artist. Though she specializes in paints, she is growing her talents with sketching with graphite and charcoal as well. She has rudimentary swordplay skills that she learned from her father, who was a soldier of Lordaeron, so that she might be able to protect the town from bandits with the militia.

During the attack on Last Crossing, she discovered that she can cast magic - a feat she had never performed before - when she healed Gil on accident when he healed her.


Elissa's life was a simple one. She never knew her mother, so she lived happily with her father, who owned the trading post in town. She was content to live there her entire life, and eventually inherit and run the Crossing Trading Post when her father's injuries became too encumbering as he aged.

Everything changed on April 20th of the year 632, when Last Crossing was attacked.

The day was relatively normal before the attack. The village was busier than normal, since Prince Uther's entourage was heading towards the town. The day before the attack, she had met Zap and Tess, and through a series of events, the two stayed at her father's trading post, which doubled as an inn.

That night, the undead attacked. The town was set ablaze and villagers were drug from their homes. She joined the fight along with the Tess, Zap, the militia and the King's Army. They fought hard and repelled the walking dead. However, her father Calvin, Bryce, and many other villagers were missing. The next day, when Uther departed from the main entourage, Elissa asked to company them to help bring her friends and family back.

Chapter Three: The Scales Tip

Elissa accompanied Uther and the Lordaeron entourage to the war summit in her hometown of Last Crossing. On the way there, she gleefully participated in the Hallow's End wickerman ritual at Hearthglen--a tradition that she said she had never missed in her life.

A few days after their arrival in Last Crossing, she also set out with Uther to Light's Hope Chapel when Arthas's horse, Indomitable, arrived without a rider, in hopes of uncovering what happened to the missing king. She served primarily as support during the initial investigation, though during the night they stayed at the chapel, she talked to Velameestra about considering potentially joining the royal guard so that she would be able to help Uther more--an idea that the mage was in support of.

Chapter Four: Homecoming

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Chapter Three: The Scales Tip

Chapter Four: Homecoming