The biological traits of a character are represented by their ancestry, which provide the natural abilities a character is capable of due to the nature of their birth. At character creation, you gain the traits listed under an ancestry. When your character reaches 10th level, you are then able to choose a special, powerful ability that represents a pinnacle trait of your ancestry known as a Paragon Ability. Once you select your paragon ability, you cannot change it.

Mixed Ancestries

If your character comes from a mixed lineage (such as a half-elf or a half-orc) you may create a unique ancestry by selecting a mix of traits based on the two ancestries of your parents. You have a total of 4 points that you may use to select your ancestry traits, most of which have a cost of 1 or 2. The point value of each ability is normally listed next to the name of the ability, including if a trait has a negative value (such as Sunlight Sensitivity). Mixed Ancestry characters also get access to a special paragon page, which can be found on the Mixed Ancestry page.

Existing Ancestries

Partial Ancestries

Some ancestries are unique in that they are not created in the normal ways. They are sometimes born to parents of different ancestries, created in a ritual or lab, or transformed due to the intervention of the supernatural. To play one of these ancestries, use the size and speed of one of your parents (or your previous ancestry). Then, you may choose some or all of the traits from the ancestry, or others from the ancestries of your character's parents (or from your previous ancestry).

Some of these ancestries do not have 4 points worth of traits. If you choose one of these ancestries, use additional traits from the ancestries of your parents (or your previous ancestry).