The biological traits of a character are represented by their ancestry, which provide the natural abilities a character is capable of due to the nature of their birth. At character creation, you gain the traits listed under an ancestry. When your character reaches 10th level, you are then able to choose a special, powerful ability that represents a pinnacle trait of your ancestry known as a Paragon Ability. Once you select your paragon ability, you cannot change it.

Mixed Ancestries

If your character comes from a mixed lineage (such as a half-elf or a half-orc) you may create a unique ancestry by selecting a mix of traits based on the two ancestries of your parents. You have a total of 4 points that you may use to select your ancestry traits, most of which have a cost of 1 or 2. The point value of each ability is normally listed next to the name of the ability, including if a trait has a negative value (such as Sunlight Sensitivity). Mixed Ancestry characters also get access to a special paragon page, which can be found on the Mixed Ancestry page.

Partial Ancestries

Some ancestries are unique in that they are not created in the normal ways. They are sometimes born to parents of different ancestries, created in a ritual or lab, or transformed due to the intervention of the supernatural. To play one of these ancestries, use the size and speed of one of your parents (or your previous ancestry). Then, you may choose some or all of the traits from the ancestry, or others from the ancestries of your character's parents (or from your previous ancestry).

Some of these ancestries do not have 4 points worth of traits. If you choose one of these ancestries, use additional traits from the ancestries of your parents (or your previous ancestry).

Existing Ancestries

Name Description
Aasimar (Partial Ancestry) Aasimar come from many different ancestries and many different walks of life, but they have all been touched by celestial influence and are believed to be the chosen of gods.
Animal Hybrid (Partial Ancestry) Animal hybrids are created by genetically or magically splicing parts of other creatures onto an existing individual, creating unique combinations and adaptations in the process.
Avian Avians encompass many different feathered humanoids that resemble anthropomorphic, winged birds such as aarakocra, or combinations of bird and man such as harpies—each with their own unique traits and cultures.
Bugbear Bugbears are hairy goblinoid that possesses traits that are reminiscent of bears and are known for their strong and lanky builds.
Catfolk Catfolk encompass many different furred humanoids that resemble anthropomorphic felines such as leonin or tabaxi—each with their own unique traits and cultures.
Centaur Centaur possesses the upper bodies of humanoids and the lower bodies of powerful horses, which enables them to have the abilities of horse and rider both.
Changeling Born of a doppelganger parent, changelings are able to mold their appearances as easily as they breathe—allowing them to blend into whatever society they see fit.
Dacelan Dacelan are a nomadic, survivalist people native to the Plane of Air that resemble flightless, anthropomorphized kookabura.
Dhampir (Partial Ancestry) Born of a vampiric parent and a mortal, dhampir tread the line between life and death while not truly existing in either realm.
Dragonborn Dragonborn are a militaristic people created in the image of dragons, bearing abilities similar to the makers whose control from which they broke free.
Dwarf Dwarves are stout folk who live in complex mountain societies built upon fine craftsmanship and old traditions.
Dwarf, Deep Deep dwarves live far deeper than their surface-adjacent kin, and rarely emerge from their subterranean forges to set eyes upon the sun.
Elf Elves are pointy-eared fair-folk that track their lineage back to the enigmatic fey. They exist intune with both magic and nature.
Elf, Dark Dark elves are elven-folk that inhabit the deep, dark corners of the world; places untouched by sunlight and where monsters hide in the shadows.
Elf, Sea Sea elves are elven-folk that inhabit deep seas and rivers, leaving them perfectly adapted to an existence in a watery world.
Elf, Sky Sky elves are elven-folk that inhabit the open skies and have grown magnificent wings upon which they soar.
Fairy Fairies are small fey-folk that are known for their insect-like wings and their fondness for trickery.
Fetchling Fetchlings are a people that have been long-warped by the Shadowfell, resulting in entities perfectly adapted for life in cold, unforgiving shadow.
Firbolg Firbolg are large, but gentle, giants of the wood, who live in peace with the natural world around them.
Fishfolk Fishfolk encompass many different aquatic humanoids that resemble anthropomorphic fish, such as locathah or kuo-toa—each with their own unique traits and cultures.
Frogfolk Frogfolk encompass many different amphibious humanoids that resemble anthropomorphic frogs, such as bullywugs, grippli, or grung—each with their own unique traits and cultures.
Genasi, Air (Partial Ancestry) Air genasi have been touched by the Plane of Air, giving them traits belonging to the winds and open skies.
Genasi, Earth (Partial Ancestry) Earth genasi have been touched by the Plane of Earth, resulting in a sturdy people that are as unyielding as stone.
Genasi, Fire (Partial Ancestry) Fire genasi have been touched by the Plane of Fire, resulting in a people whose bodies alight with an inner flame.
Genasi, Water (Partial Ancestry) Water genasi have been touched by the Plane of Water, resulting in a people who are perfectly at one with the oceans and streams.
Giff Giff are a people that resemble anthropomorphic hippos and are capable of great feats of strength.
Gith Gith are a people native to the Astral Plane who have evolved a natural resistance against their primary, hated enemy: mindflayers.
Gnoll Gnolls resemble vaguely humanoid hyenas that run in expansive packs. Together they are capable of rapidly overwhelming their foes..
Gnome Gnomes are small humanoids that are known to be innovative tinkerers with a penchant for trickery.
Gnome, Deep Deep gnomes are born deep beneath the earth, far away from the light of the sun, and have unique adaptations to suit their lives in the shadows.
Goblin Goblins are small, gangly humanoids that frequently gather in large groups in order for their numbers and cunning to make up for their small stature.
Goliath Goliaths are large humanoids that trace their bloodlines to those of giants and frequently inhabit mountainous regions where they travel in nomadic tribes.
Hadozee Hadozee are simian-like people who have adapted to live high amongst the tree tops and glide from branch to branch using flaps of skin that serve to keep them aloft.
Halfling Halflings are diminutive humanoids that are known for their light step and affinity for close family ties.
Harengon Harengon are humanoid rabbitfolk that originate from the Feywild. They are known to have free spirits and a desire to travel.
Hexblood (Partial Ancestry) Hexbloods are born of a hag parent, which gives them some of the abilities of the hag that helped spawn them.
Hobgoblin Hobgoblins are a militaristic type of goblinoid that is easily identified by their deep red skin. They are known for their strict military hierarchy, fearlessness, and organized tactics.
Human Humans are known for being adaptive and quick-learned, making them incredibly versatile and resilient.
Kalashtar Kalashtar are a people that live in symbiotic harmony with spirits that belong to the plane of dreams and are known for their compassion and telepathic abilities.
Kenku Kenku are a people that resemble anthropomorphic corvids that are well-known for their talent for mimicry.
Kitsune Kitsune are known to be magical tricksters and shapeshifters, and can appear as either a fox, a person, or something in-between.
Kobold Kobolds are small, draconic creatures that create expansive communities in their underground tunnels. While frequently skittish, they are quite cunning, and capable of unconventional innovation.
Lizardfolk Lizardfolk are scaled, lizard-like people that resemble anthropomorphic lizards of many varieties. They are frequently accomplished hunters and ambush predators, and are known for the fearsome bite of their jaws.
Loxodon Loxodon are a people that resemble anthropomorphic elephants and are capable of great feats of strength.
Merfolk, Ceceaelia Ceceaelia are a unique type of merfolk who have the lower halves of an octopus instead of a fish, giving them far more maneuverability on land than their fish-tailed breatheren.
Merfolk, Merrow Merrow are a variety of fearsome, bestial merfolk that are easily identified by their large size and pronounced teeth and claws.
Merfolk, Siren Sirens present the image that one would think of when they hear the term "merfolk"—they possess the upper bodies of humanoids and the glistening tails of various beautiful fish.
Minotaur Minotaur are massive creatures that resemble anthropomorphic bulls. They are known for their fantastic memories for direction, which makes them innately adept at navigating mazes and natural labyrinths.
Mixed Ancestry Some people are born from parents of different ancestries, resulting in an individual with characteristics of both.
Orc Fearsome people of great natural might, orcs are renowned as enduring warriors that are capable of great feats of war.
Plasmoid Plasmoids are sapient oozes that are capable of manipulating their form to better traverse a humanoid society.
Reborn (Partial Ancestry) Those with the moniker of "Reborn" are not truly alive—whether they have been returned from the dead or created as some sort of Frankensteined monster, they exist on the periphery of the living.
Satyr Satyrs are mischievous fey-folk with the upper bodies of humanoids and the lower halves of goats. Known for revelry and trickery, chaos normally follows in their wake.
Shifter Shifters are people capable of taking on a more bestial form, much in the same manner as lycanthropes, though possess more control due to their less-complete transformations.
Thri-kreen Thri-kreen are vaguely humanoid, four-armed insects that resemble giant praying mantises. They are naturally psionic beings and are capable of simple telepathy.
Tiefling (Partial Ancestry) Tieflings have been touched by the fiendish influence of the Nine Hells or the Abyss—giving them traits that some may consider a gift, and others a curse.
Tortle Tortles are humanoid tortoises that walk upright with a purposeful, but slow, gait. They have thick shells on their backs, which serve as their primary means of defense during their expansive travels.
Triton Tritons an aquatic people that originate from the Elemental Plane of Water and guard the depths of the oceans. Frequently, they build settlements near deep trenches, far from the eyes of the land.
Vedalken Vedalken are tall, blue-skinned, semi-amphibious humanoids that are known for the passion the hold for everything they do.
Warforged Warforged are sapient, semi-organic constructs that have been built for a variety of purposes, each with their own specialized tools.
Yuan-Ti Pureblood Yuan-Ti are a people graced with snake-like traits due to their worship of corrupted, serpentine gods. The purebloods are among the most humanoid amongst them, but still their heritage is distinct.