Race: Eredar
Gender: Male
34 35 -
Start (Apr 632) Current At Death
DoB: September 11, 597
Height 7'07"
Eyes Yellow-Green
Hair Black
Skin Red
Bard (Valor) 11
Known Languages
Common, Darnassian, Eredun, Orcish
Status Alive
Jaraxxus | Father
Erraa | Mother

The estranged son of Eredar Lord Jaraxxus.




Chapter Three: The Scales Tip

After the invasion of Azeroth, Azgadaan found himself primarily fending for himself, though he did enter into an agreement with the demoness Aracyra to serve as both her bodyguard and ally in her own machinations. In return, she helped him to refine and improve the elven manor he had claimed so that it could be leased out to the Shadowsword.

He was also visited by Samaara, who tested him by asking for the return of the ata'mal crystal, Spirit's Song. Much to her surprise, the eredar willingly handed the crystal back to her after simply asking her a question to prove that she was, in truth, who she said he was. Pleased that Azgadaan had shown his worth by being so willing to give the crystal back to those it truly belonged to, Samaara entrusted Spirit's Song to him once more, stating that it was safest in his care, and also offered to teach him draenic, the language of her people, and the language Azgadaan so wanted to know in turn.

During the time that followed, Azgadaan started to make payments on the loan he had taken out from the Tothrezim, and was present with Aracyra when she met with the representatives from the Nathrezim ruling council--Balnazzar, Detheroc (who he recognized as being present during the execution of his mother), and Varimathras. They were informed that their agent, Mal'Ganis, would be the one spearheading the recovery of the dreadblade Frostmourne, and while the negotiations ultimately went well, the dreadlords attempts to intimidate the two eredar by exsanguinating three high elven captives in front of them.

While Azgadaan was able to keep his composure about him, the conclusion of the meeting made it clear that Aracyra had been horribly shaken. However, he attempted to console her, an action that she genuinely was appreciative for, even if she ultimately refused his company.

The Fall of the Gronnmaster

In the weeks that followed, Azgadaan was called upon by Arthak to aid him in a gambit to cease the chaos caused by the feuding Thunderlord Clan, which involved challenging one of the three feuding brothers, Hatock the Gronnmaster and his pet gronn. While Hatock attempted to have his people kill the group, Arthak called upon his honor as an orcish chieftain to accept a direct challenge, and as a result, Arthak and Azgadaan were the two that fought Hatock and his pet gronn, Grulloc.

The combat was remarkably short lived, as Arthak landed many strong blows on the gronn itself, only for the great beast to be finished by a lightning bolt from Azgadaan, who then landed several strong hits on the gronnmaster himself--causing Hatock to be thrown beneath the beast as it fell.

A Night with Aracyra

Several weeks later, he attended Arthak's mating ceremony and had brought Aracyra along as his "plus one". She was quite easily convinced by Azgadaan's excitable explanation of the party that would follow, and they ultimately had a good time at the celebration itself. As the night wore on, Aracyra got a little bit tipsy, and she became a rather adamant fixture to Azgadaan's arm. Eventually, she asked him to talk a walk with her, an offer that Azgadaan accepted, and they found their way to a fish warehouse on the edge of the shore, where she and Azgadaan spent the night together.

Azgadaan was quite oblivious and flustered despite the good time, which Aracyra herself found to be incredibly endearing as she left him the following morning. However, soon after, Azgadaan sought out Samaara, who he asked about the consequences of what he had done. Samaara herself was also incredibly baffled by Azgadaan's obliviousness, but offered him what information she could given the differences between eredar and draenei after so many years. She also emphasized that Aracyra was a dangerous individual to consort with, as ultimately, she was not their ally, though Azgadaan confirmed he genuinely cared for her. Samaara reminded Azgadaan that he was nourishing his own light inside him, and eventually, he was going to be faced with a choice: either to leave this pursuit behind, or reveal to Aracyra a light that she would be unable to accept unless Azgadaan was able to get her to see what he had seen. The only option otherwise was that it would be a tragedy much like the one that had befallen Jaraxxus and Azgadaan's mother, Erraa.

The Clipped Wing Coalition

Several days later, Azgadaan accompanied Arthak to the mainland to take part in the first official meeting of the young chieftain's Clipped Wing coalition.

Chapter Four: Homecoming


6 Million Forms of Communication
Act as the Party Translator.

A Bird in the Hand
Get a worse result on a reroll.

A Blessing, Mayhap in Disguise
Get a Supernatural Gift.

Blue Falcon
Get your entire party dragged into trouble.

Don Quixote
Have a crit fail backfire horribly.

Fly, My Pretties!
Control 5 minions at once.

Heroic Heights
Roll a check with a total higher than 30.

I Choose You!
Kill an enemy with a summoned creature.

I Just Had Sex
Get laid.

I'll Just Go Home Now

Roll two 1s on an Advantage roll.

It's Not a Tumor
Get a permanent deformity.

Break someone (or yourself) out of a prison or dungeon.

Loose Ends
Kill a Nemesis.

Evade an attack while at critical hit points.

Never Tell Me The Odds
Succeed only because you rolled a 20.

Kill an enemy with a single attack.

Oh Yeah!
Burst through a wall.

Opportunity Knocks

Kill an enemy with an attack of opportunity.

Roll two 20s on an Advantage roll.

End a Combat Encounter without dealing damage or running away.

Hit an enemy in the long range of your ranged weapon.

Shrug It Off

Take damage from a source you are resistant to.

Sic Semper Tyrannis
Kill a beloved political figure.

Sure Plays a Mean Pinball
Be deafened and blinded simultaneously.

That Still Only Counts As One
Defeat a Huge or larger creature.

The Better Part of Valor
Flee from a Combat Encounter.

Think Smarter, Not Harder
Defeat an enemy using only skills.

Hit 0 HP twice in one encounter.

With Friends Like These...
Cause an ally to hit 0 HP.

The Bigger They Are
Defeat an enemy of CR equal to half your level in a single turn.

The Harder They Fall
Defeat an enemy of CR equal to or above your level in a single turn.

Trace, On
Craft a magic item of Uncommon or Rare rarity.

Cantrip Crafter
Create a Spell of 1st, 2nd, or 3rd level.


Defeat 10 humanoids.

[Retired] Arcane Addicts Anonymous
Recover from a Level 1 Corruption.

I Like This One
Force the GM to create a recurring NPC.

[Retired] Dark Secrets
Cast a Forbidden Spell of level 1-3.

[Retired] The Good Stuff
Gain Level 1 Corruption.

Appeared In

Chapter Three: The Scales Tip

Chapter Four: Homecoming